My name is Luna Cynthia Lovegood, daughter of Xenophilius and Maybelle Lovegood. I am 11 years old, just. I recently received my letter to confirm my attendance at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, hopefully one day i can fulfill my dreams and become an Auror. I have long, blonde, curly hair and silvery grey eyes.

I suppose i had better tell you the worst part of my life so far. The part that has scared me mothers death.

I was only seven, i could barely look after my self. I knew i was a witch, but i couldn't control my magical powers back then. My mother was an avid experimenter. She was amazing at creating potions and casting spells. But one day she said the wrong words, messed up the spell.

The next thing i knew she was lay there, motionless on the cold, creaky, contaminated floor. Surrounding her was the shattered glass from the chemical tube she was holding.

It destroyed my father so much seeing her like that. He has never been the same since. I took care of him after that, we became really close. He's my best friend. My only friend.

He is the reason i am doubting going to Hogwarts. Incase he gets too lonely again. I suppose he could stay with Molly...her son Ron Weasley and daughter Ginny Weasley are going to be in the same year as me, so i might have someone to talk to.

I've already got the things i need for school, my wand is a 11.3 inch Cherry Wood and Unicorn hair and i have a grey tabby kitten named Tobias. I have all my books too, but they are too boring to think about. School Starts in two days... my father is taking me to the Weasley's house so i can go with them. I like , shes like an auntie to me, she went to school with my mother, so she was there for my father as well.

I have packed all my things in my case and I am ready to go in the morning. Its what to do now that is the father has gone out to the office, he is the editor for The Quibbler, and he is brilliant at his job. I probably wont see him until tomorrow morning, so i shall go to sleep now.

All that i could think about that night was the day ahead of me, and the next. People were definitely going to stare at me and call me, but i was used to that anyway, everyone did it when i went getting my school stuff. Personally, i find it very rude. But that's just me. I am not your average witch, i prefer to be unique. I often find myself talking to myself, i like my own company. I dont trust people easily, it takes a while, but eventually i will, unless the person has a bad aura, then i stay well away.