The children of Gotham loved Halloween. They waited all year for October to arrive. On the last day of the month, they donned their costumes. A good majority of them were dressed as their favorite superheroes, but others wore more traditional outfits. They paraded down the streets, guided by their parents. Their bags would be filled with candies of different flavors and textures. When they returned home, Gotham's children satisfied their hunger for the sweets.

One particular house created quite the stir for the children.

"The house at the end of the street, you've got to go there for candy!"

"They've got the best candy there!"

"At that house, they give out regular size candy bars!"

"Sometimes they ask you to do a trick first. I showed off my karate skills and got an extra piece of candy!"

This was the house of an eccentric looking man. He wore a pink suit, and his hair was powder blue. His lips were also blue, and his teeth were dazzling white. He carried a large candy cane, and his personality dripped with charm.

"Trick or treat!" the children greeted when the man opened his front door.

"Ah, Happy Halloween!" He said with a smile. "Before I give you the candy, could you perform some Twix?" He pulled a Twix bar from his pocket and waved it above his head.

The children nodded with excitement and performed various tricks for him. "That's the spirit! Luckily for you kids, there's a Zero-" a Zero bar was extracted from another pocket- "percent chance that I'll run out of candy. Have a happy Halloween!"

The children each took a candy bar, and, after being prompted by their parents, said 'thank you'. After they left, Sweet Tooth shut the door and grinned. If he could appeal to the city's children, then taking over would be a cinch.