Like it says in the summary, this is Wishing-Fire's Memories challenge, the couple will be Roxas/Xion. If you're up for something else at the moment, then you may leave and come back. If not, let's continue.

1. Curiosity

Xion fidgeted with her hands when she was sitting in her chair. The Grey Area was quiet except for the broken notes being played Demyx's sitar.

"Xion, go on your mission with Roxas," Saix told her.

She looked around and found Roxas standing away from her, his arms crossed, talking to Axel. Those two were pretty close. But then Saix went over, took Roxas by the shoulder and opened a dark corridor. He told the young boy something, then he walked over to Xion.

"Hey Xion," Roxas said. "Ready for another day?"

She nodded, but didn't dare say a word to him. Roxas lead her over to the dark corridor and both of them disappeared into it to Twilight Town.

If he saw my face, what would he think? She thought. Would he think I was pretty? Ugly? Or would he have no reaction at all?

"R-Roxas," Xion said, gathering her courage. He turned to her, and she pulled her hood off her face, revealing the raven black hair and ocean blue eyes to him. "Good luck today."

Roxas gasped slightly, but nodded. "T-thanks…" but then he smiled warmly. "You too, Xion." Then both of them started to walk further into the town. But only one thing was on Xion's mind.

What did he think?

She was curious what effects it would have on Roxas if he was the first to see her face. Well, that's all I'm doing for this story today, I'll hopefully be back soon to update. Feel free to review and help yourself to the virtual popcorn stand. :D