11. Choice - Death (A/U)

"Xion!" Roxas called, desperately looking for the girl. "Xion! Where are you? Answer me, please!" Xion had recently gone to the store to buy some groceries, when Vanitas, her old boyfriend, had come out of no where and kidnapped her. Roxas had gotten a call from the raven haired man saying that if he hadn't made it to the warehouse where he was keeping her in one hour, he would kill her.

It had taken Roxas an hour just to find the warehouse. Vanitas had told him what town it was in, but he didn't tell him the street or location. It had been an hour and five minutes since the phone call.

"Xion!" Roxas called, slightly more quiet than before.

"Looking for her?" he looked over and found Vanitas sitting on the railing, dangerously close to falling off. "I assure you it's worse than you think it will be. The police are already on their way. But they won't catch me!" with a smirk, Vanitas threw himself off the railing and hit the concrete floor. Blood pooled out around his head, his body twisted in a way that showed he had broken a lot of bones from the impact.

Roxas stood there for a moment, staring at the man's dead body, before hearing a soft groan coming from the top of the stairs where Vanitas had been.

"Xion!" Roxas ran up the stairs. Seeing her form just laying there for a moment, he smiled to himself. Thank god she was alright.

But then in the dim light he could make out a puddle of liquid that had already formed around her. Roxas walked over, collapsing on his knees in the blood. He turned Xion over. A strong pain sliced through him as he saw the knife buried inside her Heart. Her eyes were still wide open with fear, but they were hazy, and it was obvious she was already gone.

Roxas didn't try to rouse her. He gently pushed the hair off of her very white face, shaking as he kissed her forehead gently.

"You're safe now, Xion," he whispered. He closed her eyes and held her close, watching silently as he could see the blue and red lights in the windows.

This. Story. Is. Complete! I know, it was short, but the challenge only had eleven themes in it. Next time I do a challenge, I'll probably do RikuShi again or RikuKai. Or maybe I'll do RokuShi again. I don't know at the moment.

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