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Jill burst into the hospital room, panting slightly, and caught Sabrina's startled expression as she had just walked out of the bathroom.

''Have you ever considered knocking?'' she said, smiling wryly.

''Oh, sorry...'' Jill mumbled, her expression guilty. Sabrina shook her head.

''At least I'm not the one walking around without clothes on. Something happen?''

''No, nothing... Just wanted to check on you...''

''Checkon me, mom?''

''Yeah! You shouldn't be on your feet yet!'' Jill exclaimed, pointing a finger at Sabrina.

''I'm fine,'' Sabrina replied.

''And bouncy. As always.'' Jill added, now shaking her head.

''That too.'' she said, and sat on the bed.

Jill took a step forward and jumped onto the bed next to her, the bed creaking slightly under the weight.

''So... what are you going to do now?'' she asked, curious.

''Learn how to walk again maybe?'' Sabrina answered, a hint of sarcasm colouring her voice.

''No! Will you go to your family?''


''Have you called your mother?''

''Jill, my mom's dead. I don't think I can make such a call. They don't allow long distance calls in here. The bill would go off the roof'' Sabrina snapped.

She turned abruptly. ''I... didn't... I'm sorry.''

''It's okay. It's been a long time. Soooo, what are youdoing?'' The sudden change in topic caught Jill off guard, but she didn't comment on it.

''I'm gonna go home with my family. Spend some weeks there. Wanna come meet them? And you can stay as long as you like.''

''Jill... er...''

''Not really,huh?''

''Yeah... kinda.''

Jill got up and paced nervously across the room. She stared at the crutches in the other corner and sighed sadly. She had hoped she would say yes.

''So, how's Kelly doin' ? She asked nonchalantly, causing Jill to stare at the floor for a while, before realizing who was talking.

''Oh, just fine," she replied, her airy self back. "She's considering staying with me for awhile, I hoped you would too," The hope in her voice was hard to miss.

''Sorry Jill... I have some things to... figure out first," Sabrina began, hesitating, before adding quickly "I'll be calling you.''

''Are you telling me to leave?''

''No, no. I'm leaving. Sorry.''

''Going where?''

''Look... I'll... call you. Okay? I just... feel kinda weird with all of this.''

''Sabrina?'' Jill asked, concerned.

''Uh huh?''

''Are you sure we shouldn't say anything to the cops?''

She smiled and took the crutches. ''I have a feeling Charlie-dude already took care of it. It isn't good to have our names on something bad. Your names anyway. Mine... well that's another story. Thanks for visiting.'' She climbed out of bed, and wobbling slightly like a dancer who wasn't sure of what they were doing to get her balance back, she started packing.

Jill stared at the contents for a little. There wasn't much to pack. Everything she owned could fit into that battered backpack of hers, leaving enough space for twice as much. Sabrina stared at her feet and then tossed the backpack on a chair. She sighed and lay down on the bed again, shutting her eyes.

Jill glanced at her. ''Do you feel okay?''

''Me? Yeah, why?''

''You look tired.''

''I am tired. I just want to get this over with.''

''Then I guess... I'll be seeing ya.''


She turned her back and left. Sabrina closed the door, happy to be left alone at last. She took her backpack and was ready to step out of the room when a man came in.

He was smiling and holding a large briefcase.

She felt uncomfortable. ''Er... I think you've got the wrong room sir...''

''I don't think so. Are you Sabrina Martinez?''

''I think. How can I help ya?''

''I am Bosley. John Bosley.''

''So?'' Sabrina shrugged.

''I think you are in a need of a job at the time, aren't you?''

''Kinda, but...''

He cut her before she finished.'' My boss has an offer for you.''

''Your boss?''

''Charles Townsend.''

She wont take it, I'm tellin' you!