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Sabrina opened her eyes. She found herself inside a room she couldn't recognise with no idea of the time lapse. There was a small light flicking on and off with the rhythm of her heartbeat. She kept her eyes closed even though she felt like shutting the world out. She had to learn more about her environment.

The door open and Jill walked in cheerfully. Sabrina turned her head slowly to inspect her but the oxygen mask blocked her vision. Jill sat on a chair next to her and brushed a strand of hair of her eyes.

Sabrina opened her mouth to say something but she had to choose between it and breathing. Jill pushed her to do the second.

''Shhh, don't say anything. It's okay now.''

Her eyes wandered around the room and came into a rest on Sabrina's. ''They found a small hematoma that wasn't visible in the tests. It's alright now.''

She put a gentle hand on her eyes. ''Sleep now.''

And Sabrina was very eager to follow orders for once.

Two days later a small crack at Kris' room door revealed a dark from. Kris raised her head from her book and studied the figure. The light behind it made it difficult to make out a face. The form took a step and suddenly Kris recognised the limping.

''Sabrina...'' she said in a low voice.

''Yes.'' came the steady answer.

''Why are you here? You should be in a bed somewhere in the hospital.'' She said rising from her seat.

''I run away.''


They stood face to face now, staring intensely.

''Because I had too.''

''Yes but-''

''Shhh... I'm leaving tonight. None of you will probably see me again.''

''So you're... running away.''



''Because I've known you for too long.'' She paused. She knew she was just running away. She knew she was damn scared of being close to someone. So close.

''Sabrina I just wanted to say...''

''I know. Goodbye.''

She turned her back and came into a halt. ''Tell them goodbye, will ya?''

Without waiting for an answer she paced to the staircase and outside Kris' field of vision.

The only thing she could do was race at the window and watch her leave. The tall figure,the backpack, the small limping, the all too familiar form of Sabrina Martinez until it disappeared under the horizon.

Two years later.

Kelly pushed Jill playfully.

''You idiot, when will you learn to stop when you bump into somebody?''

''You're an idiot! Not me!'' She protested. ''Ouch!'' she cried out as she bumped into someone running.

She smoothened her academy sweatshirt and looked at Kelly. ''Wasn't my fault!''

''Yes, I know. Guys are crazy in this place! Looks like they have years to see women.''

Another young man bumped into her holding his nose with his hands. She steadied him from falling.

''What's wrong with you people?''

He shook his head. ''I'm telling you this chick is crazy!''


''Oh, come on, the new one! She... I... I just wanted to kiss her! She... she freakin' punched me!''

''Oh.'' She stepped away and let him pass. She stopped and turned around.

''Hey!'' she yelled. ''Hey you!''

''Yes?'' he turned and smiled behind a bloody tissue.

''This new one. Is she tall brunette?''


''Small limping on the left?''

''How do you-''

''Let's go Jill. Seems like this is a very specific newcomer.''

They both laughed and raced at the room they saw the men come out. It was just another day inside the Los Angel(e)s Police Academy.