Heartbreaker, Playmaker

Hey guys! So this is my very first "Legend of Korra" fanfiction and after watching the show I just knew I had to write about it. I planned on writing a little a bit after more was revealed, but I just couldn't wait ^^ I fell in love with all the characters and their distinct personalities and c'mon, Mako's pretty damn sexy. But first here's some background info to clear some things up: 1) they are in college—ages will be revealed later, 2) this is an ALL HUMAN fic, 3) characters will be a bit OOC. That is all (:

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Just One of the Guys

"No way," Mako replied, giving it no second thought.

"Why not?" Bolin whined, his arms thrown up in exasperation. "You haven't even seen her play. This is pretty sexist of you to deny her just because she's a girl!"

"Bo," sighed his older brother, "we have a decent team this year. We can't screw it up by letting a girl onto the team. Sides, I bet she doesn't even play soccer. She's probably just another girl trying to impress you." Mako continued juggling the soccer ball on his thighs, ignoring the pout on Bolin's face. "Tryouts ended ten minutes ago, she's was too late anyways."

Minutes passed, and when the trademark pout never faded, Mako knew that Bolin wasn't going to give up until he gave in. He let the ball fall to the ground before kicking it into the net, his thumb and index finger coming up to pinch the bridge of his nose. If anyone would be able to even recommend adding a girl on the team to the coach, it would be Mako. And if anyone would be able to convince Mako of letting a girl even try out, it would be Bolin. Mako sighed again, "Fine, what's her name, what position does she play, and how old is she?"

Bolin opened his mouth to respond, but a different voice answered. "Her name's Korra, she usually plays forward, but has experience playing everything, and she just turned eighteen this summer. She's also a huge fan of the Fire Ferrets and Ma—"

Mako groaned inwardly. Great, what have you gotten yourself into? "Can you even kick a ball?" he interjected sharply.

"Oh—," Korra blinked, "well, yeah. Like I said, I play forward." She shifted uncomfortably, not sure if confidence would play off as arrogance in this type of situation. She decided in swallowing her pride, just this once. The last thing she wanted to do was get on the wrong foot with the captain of the Fire Ferrets.

"Sure," was Mako's quick response, a hint of condescension evident in his tone. He paced in circles around the girl, scrutinizingly. Slowly, he walked over to the nearest ball and bent down to scoop it into his hands and then kicked it in the girl's direction, hitting her square in the upper thigh. The sound of leather slapping against flesh was painful in itself, but the jeering expression on Mako's face made it hurt even more.

Green eyes widened to the size of dinner plates, Bolin's jaw dropping to the floor. "Excuse my brother," he apologized profusely, smiling nervously. "The proper etiquette lessons never really penetrated through his thick noggin." As unsubtly as possible, Bolin pulled his brother off to the side by his collar. "Dude, what are you doing?" he whisper-shouted, pointing at a very confused looking Korra. "You don't just . . . you don't just hit a girl like that!"

Mako shrugged. "I didn't hit her."

"You freakin' kicked a ball at her!" Frustrated, Bolin threw his face into his palm. "And I thought I was awkward with girls," he muttered.

"And you told me she could play soccer," Mako retorted angrily, pushing an accusing finger into his brother's chest. "Bo, why do I have to keep telling you to stay away from these kind of girls? They're nothing but trouble."

Korra frowned, overhearing their conversation. "What do you mean 'these kind of girls'? What kind of girl do you think I am, huh, pretty boy?"

Pretty boy? Did someone just really call Mako that? Oh, hell was definitely going to break loose. Mako couldn't stand a lot of things, but one of his biggest pet peeves was definitely the usage of clichéd nicknames.

He whirled around furiously, this time finding himself not looking at another girl chasing his brother around, but at a toned and lean athlete. From her designer Nike cleats all the way to the blue elastic band that kept her brown hair in place, Mako came to the conclusion that Bolin hadn't been lying. The area where the ball had hit her was still red, but she showed no sign of injury with her smooth, clean stride. Fists clenched at her sides, Korra made her way over to the brothers until she was practically nose to nose with Mako, glaring him in the eye—ice blue clashing with fiery amber.

"Throw me a ball," she snarled. "And I'll show you just what kind of girl I am."

So much for swallowing her pride.

A smirk crossed Mako's lips. He couldn't wait to put her ego into place. Picking up the ball he'd previously kicked at her, he glanced at his younger brother who was shaking his head so violently in disapproval that it could have just fallen off. But it was too late. This newcomer had pushed his temper to the limit. He hadn't known her for more than 5 minutes and she already made his blood boil. And not in the good way.

He stood directly in front of her, soccer ball in hand, and deftly tossed it to her. His eyes narrowed, watching the ball carefully, and then watching as a tan leg kicked it with such precision that it was sent flying into the goal. Perfectly.

He was even considering giving her a compliment, until he saw the smug look on her face. Aggravated, he shouted, "Beginner's luck!" She didn't seem to hear him as her smile never faltered.

Then, another ball was thrown in her direction. And another ball made it into the goal. Mako tried all different types of throws, lower hand, upper hand, and even just plain chucking the damned ball at her . . . and each one she effortlessly kicked into the net.

After several balls had been thrown, and no girly cries or shrieks had been enjoyed, Mako's shoulders finally slumped in defeat. "Fine," he grumbled, knowing that his little brother had been right for once. They needed this headstrong girl on their team, because in all honesty, she could kick better than half the guys on the team.

Bolin's eyes lit up, "What was that Mako?"

"Fine, she can be on the team," he said, rushing his words, "but only if she learns to keep that temper of hers in check."

Korra's entire face heated with annoyance (despite the fact that she was jumping with joy inside) and as much as she wanted to tackle the jerk to the ground, she kept her composure, though she couldn't quite keep her right eye from twitching angrily at Mako . . . her new captain.


"This is the Fire Ferret locker room," Bolin said smiling at Korra, pushing the door open dramatically as if it were some big revelation. "You might wanna stay out here so that we can introduce you to the guys."

Mako grinned. "She's part of the team now, Bo. Let her see what she's really getting herself into," he taunted as he walked past them, his warm breath lingering at the nape of her neck.

In front of Korra, at least a dozen soccer players stood . . . half naked. She'd seen men like this before, in much more . . . precarious situations, but she'd definitely never blushed like this before. Maybe it was because Bolin was standing next to her, grinning like an idiot. Maybe it was because that at least twenty-four eyes were looking at her all at once. Or maybe it was because Mako was in the back of the room, lifting his jersey over his head with one deft tug, revealing tightly toned abs.

"Hey Bolin," Korra murmured quietly, "you wouldn't happen to know where a girl can catch a shower around here would ya?"

And as if Mako had heard her from all the way across the locker room, she heard him shout, "Part of the team means being a team player. You have to shower in here like the rest of us . . . in communal showers."

The word "communal" struck Korra particularly hard. She was confident, but she didn't exactly want to be thrown to a pack of wolves—or ferrets she should say—like a piece of meat. Communal meant that she would be able to see everything, with no barrier, nothing. And vice-versa. She felt her cheeks heating up again and began a fit of coughs.

Bolin patted her back awkwardly, adding more unwanted attention to the mix. "Nothing to see here, boys. She's just one of the guys," he blurted loudly. Korra glared at him.

Mako raised an eyebrow at them and smirked, lifting a foot onto a wooden bench to untie his shoelaces. Korra wanted nothing more in her life than to smack that stupid smirk off his face. So she decided that she would.

Taking a deep breath, Korra began preparing herself for the unthinkable, but that Mako guy really, really pissed her off like no other. And then she was sauntering towards the team's captain, hips swaying in a way that made the males in the room stare—or rather ogle. It also didn't help that right now they were the ones who were vulnerable, seeing as though only towels wrapped around their waists were the only things shielding them from the predator in the room.

I'll show them that I'm not 'just one of the guys', Korra thought bitterly. Then, just as graceful as her soccer moves had been, her hands reached down to the hem of her shirt and, teasingly, pulled it over her head. To her honey colored skin that looked so soft and touchable all the way up to the bra that supported her round breasts proved that she was definitely not one of the guys.

Bolin's feet remained glued to the doorway, a dumbfounded look on his face as his mouth hung wide open. "Korra, w-what are you—" And then she was shimmying out of her shorts, causing Bolin to shut his mouth and look away shyly.

Mako had been completely unaware of anything going on in the locker room. He didn't notice the sudden silence of his teammates, nor did he acknowledge the fact that while he was mindlessly untying his laces that a girl had made her way to him and was now standing in nothing but a bra and panties. When he looked up, the first thing he saw was Korra's taut stomach and as his eyes traveled upwards, he saw her arms crossed over her chest and then that foolish, arrogant smirk on her face.

"Well," she began, "you said that if I was going to be a part of this team that I had to shower in here." Her eyes flickered over to the communal showers and then snapped back at Mako, challenging him. "I'm game if you are," she whispered into his ear, walking past him as a hand came up to unhook the wire clasps of her bra.

The smirk on Mako's face had definitely vanished by this point, because this was the first time someone had actually gotten him to shut up. And then he was yelling at his teammates to get out of the locker room, leaving a smirking Korra to shower in peace.

"You were so whipped back there," Bolin teased the minute Mako stepped out of the room.

Mako glared at his brother. He hated not being in control, and he knew that by allowing this girl (whom he had already dubbed as stubborn and hotheaded) onto the team would only cause him to lose a great amount of said control.

Guess he would just have to make sure that joining the Fire Ferrets would be the greatest mistake of her life . . .

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