So I got this review today.

'don't take this the wrong way, but I'm pretty glad that she stole your story.if it weren't for her, you'd probably wouldn't even pay attention to this story anymore and now that she stole it, you came back. and i think you planned this all out, you probably knew that people would want you to bring this story back, so you completely acted childishly and did all whole bunch of ** and people threatened the girl and you brought everything back. HA! i think you really did plan this all out so you'd get attention and so you could feed on people's pity. and just bring up all the chapters already, everyone knows what happens anyways. let me guess, you're trying to get more attention from this too huh? And stop acting like you're a victim of something life threatening, we all get the point that your story got plagarized. you can stop acting like you're some sorta charity case'

And it completely caught me off guard because WHO THE HELL WOULD FAKE A PLAGIARISM.

Let me tell you a few things, anon.

First of all, you're "glad" that she stole my story, because (as you implied) I hadn't been paying attention anymore to Heartbreaker, Playmaker. You basically just said that you're glad she plagiarized because now I'm back.

But then, you went on to say how childish I acted for having my work plagiarized. The only thing I did was tell my readers that my story was stolen and, like most authors on this site, I took it down to prevent further plagiarism.

By your review, I'd estimate that you were about 13-16 years old. Well, let me tell you something, kid. In the real world, plagiarism is a BIG thing. You think in college if you plagiarize someone else's work, they'll let you slide? NO. They'll kick your sorry butt out of campus. No one likes thieves. So don't tell me that I was overreacting because someone had copied and pasted my story and claimed it as theirs.

First and foremost, I would have never have known if it weren't for TrylanAire who had PMed me about it. The plagiarizer took my story and posted it back around February, and it took me until June to even find out she had stolen it. SO IF I'M THE PLAGIARIZER, WHY THE HELL DID I ONLY WAIT UNTIL NOW TO NOTICE.

Second, my readers didn't "threaten the girl". They merely told her what she did was wrong.

And regarding your request to bring up all the chapters, did you ever consider thinking that I was EDITING them before putting them back up? Re-reading work that I had done months ago, I found some mistakes on syntax that I wanted to fix. Oh, and I also have a life going on too.

Lastly, I'm not acting like a charity case. I'm acting like a pissed off writer who had their work plagiarized. But I got over it, since ultimately she did take it down.

Also, if you have personal things you want to take on with me, why don't you do it off of anon and we can talk like mature teenagers. FF also has this snazzy feature where I can delete anon messages or block them completely.

Either way, anon. You can't win.

And I'm unsure what the purpose of your message was, but it doesn't matter because I'm going to post whatever I want, when I want.

And you gotta deal with it!