I love him

I'm sure of it

But I'm not sure if he loves me back

I say I love him everyday

He just nods his head and smiles

But I don't always get an answer back

I ask him sometimes if he loves me

He just says "Mattie what kinda question is that, of course I love you." Most of the time

Other times, like most, he doesn't answer

People tell me he doesn't love

I love him, but

He'll never love me back

Sometimes I believe them

Sometimes I believe there words

Alfred calls them lies, but…

I'm not sure

I'm confused, but

I'm just plain sick and tired

Alfred F. Jones, I love you

But do you love me?

I love him

I'm sure of it

And I'm sure he loves me back

He says he loves me everyday

I just nod my head and smile

I feel happy when he says that

I don't say I love you everyday, I shouldn't have to

He knows that I love him, right?

He asks me if I love him

I'm appalled that he would think otherwise. He knows I love him

He should know

People tell him things. Lies

But I know he believes them sometimes

He believes lies

It kills me inside

I love

I try, but

I'm just plain sick and tired

Matthew Williams, I love you

But you know that…Right?