Stella: So...if you haven't guessed yet...I just got my wisdom teeth out. My cheeks are big...and they hurt. TxT But...I think I had a dream about Lavi while I was unconcious xD Thus, I finally got this little plot bunny!

You sat down at the cafeteria, idly swirling your spoon in the bowl of soup in front of you. Komui decided to play dentist and told you that you needed to get your wisdom teeth out. It didn't feel the greatest, but you supposed it wasn't as painful as getting thrown around by akuma or a member of the Noah family.

Lavi snickered and snuck up behind you and poked your sides.

As you turned around, you felt something soft touch your cheek, causing you to wince at the slight pressure.

"Owww…" You whimpered, rubbing your face.

He laughed and ruffled your hair, "Sorry, (Name)-chan! Your cheeks are so big, I couldn't resist!"