There was very little that happened after that. Jim denied the medal offered as much as he could only delay receiving it until graduation. Gaila went to the Vulcan Embassy with Amanda to prepare for the end of term formal. Jim's adoptive family seemed to take quite well to Gaila. They loved her. Sarek pulled his youngest son to one side for a few minutes. They whispered secretively for a time. Gaila looked on curiously before she was lead away to prepare for the formal. Jim and Sarek watched Spock and Aquamarine carefully. Neither knew that the Spock and the Amiran was an item. This just raised many, many questions. How the hell did he meet this rare immortal?

An hour later, Jim and Spock retired to their apartment to prepare for the formal. Their respective dates were to meet them at the formal. It had taken this long to escape the cadets clamouring for Jim to tell what had happened and detailing his opinion on the betrayal committed by his supposed best friend. To escape was a relief to them both. This was one of the reasons that Jim kept his past quite. He hated the attention. When they arrived at the apartment, Jim turned to his brother.

'Your mate is Aquamarine?' asked Jim 'I was unaware that you even knew her

'I met her a few months ago.' Said Spock 'we have a T'hy'la bond' Jim smiled.

'I am happy that you found your soul-partner' said Jim 'If only because I hated your previous betrothed, T'Pring, she was so uptight'

A few hours later, the brothers were waiting at the entrance of the hall where the dance was being held. They awaited the presence of their dates. Soon, a Vulcan Embassy car pulled up. The door opened and Gaila and Aquamarine stepped out. Gaila wore a deep red dress embroidered in gold. Aquamarine wore a vivid blue dress embroidered in silver. They looked sunning. The two brothers offered an arm to their dates and entered the hall. Tonight was to be about fun and laughter and not the drama of the day.

The night was fun. Until Uhura decided to talk to Aquamarine. She wore a black dress with black sequins.

'Aquamarine?' said Uhura while Spock was speaking with some Admirals. 'My name is Uhura'

'Nice to meet you' said Aquamarine in a disinterested tone. It angered Uhura even more.

'I understand that you are Spock's mate' said Uhura 'It won't last between you and him.'

'Why is that?' asked Aquamarine coldly. Uhura smiled smugly.

'I am Spock's soul mate' she said 'I'm just waiting for him to claim me. So you see when he drops you, because it is obvious that he is only dating you to make me jealous, he will come running to me. It is best for you to just leave him before he breaks your heart.'

'Uhura, right?' asked Aquamarine 'Do you know what my race is mast known for besides dying out? Telepathy. So, I know that you are just trying to convince me to leave Spock so that you can act out your plan of comforting him, before seducing him. The idea you know having of killing me? Won't work either. Don't mess with me or Spock, last person who tried to do something like this is in an insane asylum after I broke their minds. So, I will give you one warning. Back off or I will make you. Okay?'

Spock approached, sensing the agitation of his mate.

'Is there a problem Aqua, Cadet Uhura?' he asked gently. If one had studied Vulcan's closely, they may have detected a note of love in his voice when he said Aquamarines name.

'I'm just informing Aquamarine here of how things go' said Uhura 'and her place in it all.'

'Translation' said Aquamarine 'She was telling me how you are just using me to make her jealous and that she is your soul mate.'

Spock's response to that was simple. He kissed Aquamarine, in public, surrounded by people who knew that Vulcan's did not do such things in public and not with someone they were not serious with. When they broke apart, a lot of people were staring at them. It was not every day you saw a Vulcan show emotion.


Jim stared at Gaila as she laughed with some of her friends. He knew that he had never felt like this for anyone and truly cared for her. He couldn't imagine a future without her. It was a good match. After all, she was from a different planet and he was born in space. They both wanted the stars. Jim had many names; most were given to him by Vulcan's, other by fellow humans. He used many aliases for publishing his various papers. No one had ever truly known him. The man behind the names and the fame. Not even his family could claim to know the real him. But this one woman, the one Orion knew him inside out. Sure, she didn't know all his secrets, but she knew him enough to be able to see through his happy go lucky mask. His no emotions mask. He could rival a Vulcan in hiding and suppressing emotions and she could see right through him. When she noticed him watching, she smiled at him. It was in that moment that he knew he was making the right decision. The knowledge actually made him less nervous about the whole situation. He now only had to wait for the right moment.

Close to midnight Jim took Gaila out onto the balcony. No one was there. There was a hull moon and the sky was clear, revealing the diamond like star that they both so loved. They could see the bay from where they stood. It was truly a romantic spot. Perfect. Jim turned to Gaila. This was it. The moon was reaching the perfect position.

'Gaila,' started Jim in Orion 'you know I love you more than anything I the whole universe?'

'Jim..' started Gaila, but he shook his head.

'These past weeks have proven our love' said Jim in Orion 'Many women would have ran once they found out about my past. But, not you.' He pulled something out of his pocket. It was a velvet box. He knelt on one knee. He opened the box. Inside was a ruby ring surrounded by diamonds.

'Gaila,' started Jim in Orion 'Will you make my life, my soul, complete and do me the honour of marrying me?'

'YES!' screamed Gaila. Jim slid the ring onto her finger, stood and kissed Gaila passionately.

. . ... . . .

Some say that James T. Kirk spoke Vulcan and Orion better than English. Everyone knew that Jim and his fiancée belonged in the stars more than on Earth and knew that they would make history together. Side by side with Spock and Aquamarine close by.