A small summary : While watching the first UnderWorld movie, a few ideas attacked my mind. So, i put them on paper and few of my friends liked it, so i thought - if they liked it, why not share it ? If you don't like something, please, be sure to let me know. I won't change the story but, i will be glad to know your opinion. Doesn't matter if its bad or good. I took some ideas from different tv shows and animes, like Blood+ or Legend of the Seeker. I will add more stories later, right now, its just these two. This story contains Lemons, Bad language and one rape. So if something of the named offends you, please leave. I changed the plot to my liking so if it bothers you, again, please leave. Also, note that English isn't my first language, so of course there will be mistakes. I noticed that words are sometimes missing, for that i apologize, but i can't do anything about it. Since this is my longest story yet, and i FINALLY have a decent english teacher, i decided to make a little spell check and update so, stay tuned for changes. It still wont be perfect, but a lot better. Well, i guess that's everything. Now for the plot...

The Symphony of Love and Pain follows mainly Selene, Michael and my OC, Alexandra, now known as Tisiphone. Some of the main chars. from the movie also appears. Name was taken from the Greek Mythology. Tisiphone, means Justice, just so you know. Her family is dead. Mother died years ago and her father was killed by humans. Selene finds Alexandra nearly dead and turns her into a vampire. She train her in the way of revenge and justice, so Alexandra takes her new name. Tisiphone. Selene later discovers the truth about her family, and swears revenge on Viktor and on the whole Coven. A well known ally joins her fight as she fall in love with him. Time and trust will test this relationship, because various characters will try to end it. Both by lies and strength. Will Selene finally have her revenge, a good friend by her side and a lover worth dying for ? Read to find out.

ACT 1 - The Deadly Gaze

Life was so easy. Routine of the killing and surviving made her life so easy, but also empty.

Amount of bodies lying on the floor every night was growing, counting them was useless, blood everywhere. It was easy. Easy to survive, easy to kill each one of them, easy. Then the life changed.

She changed. Unwillingly, but changed. He changer her, her whole nature, her behavior. He changed her whole life in a blink of an eye. Walls that surrounded and defended her hearth from random strangers and feelings of guilt and compassion, walls she build inside of her as a protection from outside world, walls she spend centuries to build, were gone. All gone by one simple gaze, simple touch. Emptiness was no more present, thanks to one an only gaze they exchanged. One strange, alien feeling was now present. It was warming her cold, centuries old hearth. Then the emptiness returned, as her mind ordered to her body, to look in another direction.

Away from his hypnotizing gaze, away from his mesmerizing eyes, away from him. This feeling was something, she didn't wanted, didn't need it. There wasn't time for Love, only Revenge.

Night is young, Lycans needed to be slain, her unholy revenge was the first and only thing in her mind. But her hearth told her otherwise. The time will come for her to perish, she knew that.

She was ready for that, yet this single human changed this fact. All she wanted was to get out of there, get some air, get away from him. But she couldn't. Her duty called for her brutality, her rage and her cruelty. Night is young and the damned beasts will fall under her unholy vengeance. Blood will be shed and bodies will be, yet again, lying on the very floor she steps on. The fight was on.

As the nights passed, the feeling returned. Elune was yet again in her full state, like the time she saw his full, azure blue eyes. She pleaded,wanted to yet again share that moment of pure ecstasy.

The simple gaze that started all of this. She wanted to see him once more, before she would perish.

Feeling of the Dead Angel coming for her was every day more and more intense. Few years ago, she would gladly accept his gift, and would die peacefully, knowing she did everything to avenge her long lost family. Now the one and only desire, maybe stronger than revenge itself, was to see him once again. To have his taste on her lips, to bury her hands in his wild,raven hair. Feel his soft and warm touches all over her long dead and cold body, to warm her long dead hearth with passion and thought driven her crazy. She wanted him, there was no doubt, every being has its needs. But this, this was more then a mere desire for a fresh flesh. This was intense and pure. Amazing and beautiful. In her entire immortal life she never imagine anything like this. Revenge and pain was all she wanted to feel. Yet this desire, this craving she had in herself, felt so much better then anything else. Elune granted the night with special meaning. Meaning of pure passion and desire. The night was young and pure, almost asking every night creature to go out and hunt. Her hunt started as she realized that her inner self was pleading her to go, to find this man, to claim him as hers. And when the Dead Angel allows it, stay alive long enough to claim him again, and again, and again. Revenge can wait one night. This night, this special night, Elune granted her with enough strength and desire to fight even the Dead Angel itself. Nothing, no one, could stop this hunt. Grabbing her coat, and guns, she walked out of the mansion, ignoring the faces her fellow vampires given her. The hunt was on.

Streets were clean, no humans, no vampires, no lycans. Just she and her desires, and Elune lightening her path. Purpose of this night was clearer than the night itself. Hunt him, claim him. Make him hers. No matter what may happen. Her inner senses sending her straight to her goal.

Her hearth beating wildly at the thought of seeing him again, seeing those mesmerizing eyes of his.

Going forward she hoped, pleaded the spirits to see when there wasn't nowhere else to go, she remembered the place where their eyes first she got there, to her surprise, he looked straight at her, waiting for her. It was fate,it must have been. She stood there, unable to move, paralyzed by his pleading gaze. Both staring at each other for what seems like hours, maybe eternity. World around them stopped, and they never stopped to stare at each other. Slowly, he started walking towards her, never taking his eyes from hers. Her mind was screaming at her to go, to leave, but she listened to her hearth, which was whispering her to go to him, to claim him.

He stopped, few steps away from her, in his gaze was an unanswered desire and need. She understood, and nodded to agreement, pointing her head on an empty back tunnel, not far away from them, glaring back at him and started walking towards it, taking him by hand, slowly led him. She did know the tunnel far too good for her liking. Too many lycans were slain, so were her fellow was abandoned, well hidden from human eyes. Perfect place for them and their undiscovered desires. He silently followed her lead, never taking his eyes from her. When they were away from human eyes, slowly reaching the tunnel, her grip on his hand strengthened. Lust was clouding her mind, too soon was not soon enough. Finally reaching their goal, she grabbed him by his shirt, slamming him against the nearest wall. He looked at her with surprise, but soon was attacked by her lips on his. Since it was their first kiss, she tried to control it, to be gentle with him. But this was something she desperately needed. And by his acting, she knew he wanted it too.
His lips were so warm and soft, his tongue was slowly trying to get into her mouth, desperately wanted all the touch he could get. The time they spent kissing each other, seemed started to feel like hours, hours like days, days like eternity. When they finally broke the kiss, both from the lack of air, he looked at her, her eyes sapphire blue. Fascinated by this rare look, he slowly brought his hand to her face, gently caressed it. She was hypnotized by the feeling of warmth, spreading inside of her, surrounding her hearth. He took advantage of it, changed the position they were in. Now it was her, who was slammed against the wall. She lightly moaned at the sudden turn of events. It was she who wanted to claim him, not the opposite. Her hands started to wander under his shirt, he moaned at the feeling of her cold hands all over his body. It was feeling very well, but it would have to wait. At least till he knew her name. He griped her hands above her head, his mouth reaching her ear, slowly whispering to her ear, she closed her eyes, listening his voice.

"Lets slow down. There is plenty of time for such things." mouth moving from her ear, to her neck.
"Mmmh. Lets not." she gasped breathlessly as he started to gently kiss her neck.
"Oh, but lets. But, could i at least know your name before something crazy happened ?"his hands started fingering the zipper on her corset, never letting his eyes from hers.
"Names are meaningless right now, don't you think ? But you can call me Selene" his hands let her corset, only to place it at the wall near her head.
"Well,then you can call me Michael. What an rare name. Just perfect for such an rare beauty as yourself." he smiled at her, she returned the smile, both were smiling at each other for a while. Then she slowly whispered to him.
"You dont need to make compliments to me you know. Im already yours. All of me" she started kissing his ear and as she stoped to see his face, he looked even more surprised by her words, than with her acting

"If it isn't too much to ask, who are you ?" he asked with his eyes on her lips, then on her eyes
"Foolish boy, don't you ever stop talking ?" her playful answer was enough to send his mind into oblivion, and that smile of hers, he was sure that he would end in hell just for touching her. Something about this woman fascinated him, yet scared him. But he couldn't help himself.
"No. Now tell me, who are you and what do you want ?" at this she started to kiss his neck yet again
"Does it matter ? I know you want this as much as i do. Why play games then ?"
"Because this...this isn't how it... how it should be, you know ?" her tongue working on his neck send his senses to undiscovered regions of his mind. Resisting her was useless.
"Then how it should be hm? You would ask me on date, i would play like i don't have any interest in you, then you would ask again and i would say yes ? Then we will have an dinner, and you would accompany me home, and then i would ask if you don't want to come in, and your answer would be yes ? Then we would spent the night together, in the morning you will be gone and i would wonder what happened, then i would find a note from you saying something like : 'Needed to go. See you later' ? "
"Exactly. You know, every normal human does such thing."

"Yes every normal human waste his time with such nonsense. I have no time to waste. It seems like im not like every normal human, am i ?"
"No ..of course you aren't. I guess that explains those guns then" he stared at the two pistols in their holsters. Who was this woman?
"Have no fear,im not planing to use them. Yet." she answered, hands working under his shirt
"What if i tell you, that i have a girlfriend, and dont want you ?" by this she whispered to him
"Then you would lie more to yourself, than to me." he lightly laughted by her answer
"Would i ?" he felt her hands griping his shirt
"If you wouldn't' want me, as you claim, you would be long gone by now. Don't you think?"
"Then i should go, right ?" he started to step back from her, only to be returned to his former position. He was surprised by her sudden strength.

"Yes you should, but i wont let you"
"And if i want to go ? " at this she laughted at him
"I would convince you otherwise " griping his shirt, she put it above his head, throwing it away
"I fear to ask, but how ?" his shirt was now at the floor, his well worked stomach fully revealed
"Soon, very soon, you will have the answer" she licked her lips at the sight before her, it was better then she thought
"Soon cant be too soon" her hands all over his stomach, gently tickling his skin

"Then we should get started" she started to kiss his collarbone,slowly going lower and lower
"This...isn't the right place"
"I have no time for picking up places."
"Why ?"
"Stop asking me such foolish questions and kiss me"

He obeyed her wish, and kissed her passionately on her full lips, pushing his tongue into her mouth,dancing with hers. Her hands wandered all over his well worked body, he shivered at the feeling of her cold hands all over his warm, soft body. When they broke d up the kiss, he started to unzip her corset, desperately wanted to touch her in the way, she was touching him. She laughed at his impatience, and when it was finally down, and she was fully undressed before him, he stepped back a bit, his gaze fell upon her perfect body. She looked at him with raw desire and lust, pleading him to finally take her. His hands were on her hips, face on her breasts, kissing them wildly. Licking them like a wild animal. Her moans were stronger and stronger as his mouth couldn't get enough of her breasts. But he wanted more, much more. She tried to unzip his pants only to find his hands stopping her. He realized what was he doing, that he didn't even knew her. That wouldn't matter, but this place...

"You are so beautiful, and trust me when i say that it would be more then a pleasure to make you scream my name all over this damned metro, but not like this, not here" he whispered to her ear, then looked at her, only to find sadness in her face, it nearly crushed his hearth
"Does this place realy bothers you so much? Dont be foolish." she started again, only to be stoped by his hands
"It reeks of death" her eyes widened... fear started to build in her inner self
"Death ? You smell death around here?"
"I know, its weird." He had taken his shirt, and dressed himself
"I... i have to go" she gathered her clothes, started to dress herself. She looked at him, sadness was present at his face.
"What ? No, no, no. Wait...Please" he grabed her hand, roughtly pulling her to him
"Let go of me" staring at him, anger started to build inside of her

"I wont ask again"
"You don't have to"
"Stop playing games with me, and let go of me. Now"
"And if i refuse?" she pointed one of her guns on his head
"You don't want to know, trust me"
"Do it then. I'm eager to discover it" he tried to sound calm, his body told was shaking
"Eager ? I don't think so. Now step away for your own good, and run, as fast as you can.."
"Run ? Realy ? Dont be absurd. Do what you must, i wont let you leave me. Not now" he gently caress her face, her eyes closing from pleasure tha this simple act gave her

"Foolish boy...who do you...think you are ? moaning, she tried to sound strong
"Your friend, ally, lover. Even slave if you want. I could be anything you want me to be. Just... Don't leave. Or if you will, take me with you" she looked at him, his eyes practically pleaded her to stay. Or to take him. She wasn't able to resist him much longer, this needed to end. Quickly.

"This was a mistake"
"It was the greatest mistake in my life. And i know you fell just the same" he placed light kisses on her lips, desperately wanted her to stay with him. He needed her to stay with him.
"Don't.. Please.. I have to go"
"Promise me you will come back"
"I wont make promises i can't fulfill"
"Then you will go nowhere. Its this easy."
"Foolish boy, you have no idea what you want from me. You have no idea who i am, what could i make to you if you stand in my way. You smell death here ? Yes you are right. I killed people here, many of them. It was so easy, as easy it would be to kill you right here, right now and nobody would even noticed your gone, would they ?" she tried to play as much scary as she could do. But she saw that even this wasn't working. Damn human.
"Then they were fools to face you weren't they ? You wont scare me you know. If you truly wish to kill me then do it, the only reason for living so far was today's night. If you wish to take it from me, then i really don't have any reason to live. Do it"

She looked at his face, his gaze was broken, empty, as life itself was drained from him. No, she wouldnt let him like this. Passion and lust changed into fear and sadness, following with anger and yet again this strange feeling. She kissed him fully on his lips but this time it was more gentle, slowly. When the kiss broken, she nodded to him and whispered

"Where?" he had taken a note with adress from the inner pocket of his jacket and handlet it to her

"Please. Be there, in the time like today. Please" her hearth nearly crushed from her body, seeing him like this , this broken form was something she didn't want to witness again. Never.
"I cant promise anything,but i will try"
This time it was his turn to kiss her, fear suddenly changing into passion. Moving her agains the wall she suddenly wished they were somewhere of their tongues dancing in each other mouths. Lack of air was getting more and more dangerous, but both of them couldnt bring them self to care. It felt so pure, amazing. Like a fantasy that was ment only to them two. Their personal paradise. It felt too perfect to be true. This kiss, needed to be ended. She had to end it, but couldnt bring herself to. He ended it, looking straight at her. Last glance, then she started walk towards the ending of the tunel they were in

"Come back to me, do you hear me ? Come back to me ..."
She glanced at him for the last time before merging into the darkness. This hunt was something, she wasn't prepared for. He was too strong to claim. She cared to much to just soullessly claim him. It was easier to be the soulless ice queen that cared for nothing just her personal revenge. Damn hearth.

Damn human, damn Michael. Damn war. Everything be damned, this immortal life, vampire virus inside of her, Lycans everywhere and nowhere at once. And this weird, foolish feeling. Death Angel by the doors, Elune shining wildly at the would be easiest to just die. But this feeling given her another purpose to live. To continue in her unholy vengeance.

The next day passed very quickly, yet again it was nights turn to settle in. She glanced at the clock in her room, the hour she needed was slowly nearing, no missions so far, maybe, just maybe, she would be able to run from the mansion, straight to him, without anyone noticing. Stars were shining wildly, yet again with the grand mother Elune as the grand finale at the sky. These nights were sacred. To her, to him. To them both. Sudden door-knocking awaken her from her night-dreaming. She called to enter. A small,female person entered the room. Pale face, dark red lips. It was her servant, apprentice and friend, Tisiphone. The girl she saved thirty years ago from the abandoned Lycan den, during their regular controlling-cleanup. Her neck snapped open but not from claws or teeth, but knife-wounds. Humas. They were still by her, laughing at her, waved with the knife they used to cut her. Selene ended them quickly, thought she wanted quite the opposite. They used her. They deserved to be tortured for what they done, but there was no time. The girl was half dead when Selene found her, changing her was her decision, as Selene asked her if it really was what she wanted. She nodded. It was rare for such an young girl to survive the transformation, but she did. The girl was strong. Her will to live saved her. Selene was with her the whole time, during her transformation, her long sleep. When she first waked up, Selene stood by the window, watching the gardens surrounding their mansion, thinking about the little vampire, she created. Looked at her, she couldn't help but smiled as the little vampire tried to get off from the bed, but failed instantly.

"Lie still, little one" she said

"Me ? Small ? Oh don't be foolish ! I'm maybe three or four years younger than you !" the girl said with pride and anger in her eyes. Selene couldn't help, but laugh a little, the girl joined, both were laughing for a while.

"I don't think so. How do you feel ?" she sat next to her by the bed
"Sleepy, and a little dizzy. And very, very hungry !" she added, watching the room she was in. It was an old room, it almost looked historical, furniture was old, but in a good state, and yet the bed she was in, was very comfortable.
"This mansion was build by our ancestors, to protect us from humans and the group we call Lycans. But mainly against the sun. It is indeed an old building, but it serve us well. Its home" Selene looked at the painting at the wall opposite from the bed. Thinking about what she said. Home. It was definitely not a home, it was nothing more then a mere shelter to her. She stand up from the bed, walked to the door, opening them.

"How did you.. ?"
"Be quiet for a while alright ? I will be back in a no-time" with a smile she leaved the room, leaving the young vampire alone.

The girl asked herself if she choose right. To be a night creature, but she was too young to just, die.

Yet again she tried to pull of from the bed, but useless. Within her, there was no strength. Not yet.

She lied down, thinking about what happened. All she recalled was those men, forcefully entering her home, bringing her father before her, and killed him in cold blood. He didn't suffer, it was a head-shot. Quick and painless. As for her mother, she passed five years ago. Then they grabbed and dragged from the house, setting it on fire. All her things, memories, childhood, was gone. Gone with her father. Selene walked to the room, with a plate, in it was something that looked like a blood sack. She opened it with her teeth, poured the blood into the plate, and handed it over to the girl. When Selene noticed she was crying, she set the plate aside, sat next to her by the bed, wiped her tears with one of the napkins that were lying on the table, next to bed, briefly smiled at her.

"The path you have chosen to walk is dark, full of death and decisions you made, will change your life forever, so chose very wisely who to trust, and who to fight"
"Well, i have one person to trust now. And about the fights, well i guess it wont take long for me to make enemies around here " she looked at Selene and smiled, Selene nodded and smiled at her in return

"Do you have any family, or friends perhaps? Anyone you wish to say goodbye ?" Selene asked
"No. Everyone is gone" she stared at the windows, unable to say more

"Do not worry little one, i will take care of you. You will never be alone again, this i swear. Now lets get some food to you, before you will starve" Selene grabbed the plate, handed it to the girl, she started to eat, slowly from start, but then faster.
"Please just stop calling me little one alright ? Its embarrassing for me"
"Well then forgive me. So lets start again, shall we ? My name is Selene. Yours ?"
"I..." she looked at the bed, wondering. Her old life was over. Everything was taken. Why keep the damned name when nobody who knows it, survived ?

"Yes ?" she gulped and answered, peacefully.
"My name is Tisiphone." she said calmly.

"Tisiphone? A rare name to bear. But who am i to judge, right ?"
"Well, it must be an great honor, to bear the name of our Mother Elune, is it ?" by this Selene smiled wildly.
"So, at least someone know something about Greek mythology. And i can guess that you picked your name for a reason, am i right ? But i must warn you, Tisiphone. The men who did those things to you, are death. I killed them myself. And if i could spare some time, they would be indeed very grateful for the gift of death"

"Those three men you killed ? No, they were just dolls. I want the man who pulled their strings. I want the grand puppeteer lying in front of me, beging me for a quick death"
"Revenge then" Selene stood up from the bed, walking to the window, watching the night
"No, not revenge. Justice"
"Yes, Justice" Selene stared at the Moon, which was illuminating the streets, and the mansion gardens. Stars shined brightly, creating images of pure fantasy. Today, a new warrior was created. Another lost soul, seeking Justice, Revenge. Humans think they can play gods, they can decide who will live, who not. And so did the Lycans. But vampires do the same, don't they ? It disgusted her, that once she was a human. Everyone in her family were innocent. Their only mistake was, that they were home during the Lycan area-scouting. The sight of her family butchered made her stomach sick. She started to shake, needed to breathe, it seemed like there was no air in the room. Then suddenly she felt hands on her arms, gently hugging her.

"Selene ? Are you alright ?"
"Yes, thank you. The clan master will soon send for me. I should go see if there isn't any work there isn't, i will come back and we will discuss every important thing you need to know. Like how to feed from a rat, or how to sacrifice a virgin"
"What ?" she yelled, not to know what to think

"If you could only see your face, oh goddess that was priceless"

"Very funny !" both laughed, but Tisiphone added some anger in it
"Oh yes, it was. Get some rest, i will be back later"
"Thank you, for everything. See you later Selene"
"See you later, Tisiphone"

So the friendship began. After fully recovering all her strength, Tisiphone asked Selene, if she could train her, in the ways of battle and understanding. They were both training days and nights, just to finish the training as quickly as possible. First the hand-to-hand combat. It took weeks, but at the end, Tisiphone was finally able to fairly defeat Selene. The little one changed into a woman in no more then few months. When the fights began to be boring, she started training the range combat. Selene was deeply surprised when she found her fledgling training at the armory with Selene's two most favorite guns, Beretta 92FS Brigadier. She stared in silence as Tisiphone fired countless of ammo into the statue, right into the eyes, the reloaded with not one small mistake, and then again, fired. She walked away from the room, leaving Tisiphone to her training. Then, there were knifes, swords, axes. Tisiphone wanted to know how to handle everything with, or without a blade. The Clan leader was more than satisfied by the progress of Tisiphone's training. Soon, she would be send on her first mission. Yet not alone, but with Selene. It was a standard procedure, no orders except those two, simple words Selene loved the most. Search and Destroy. When the mission was over, Tisiphone asked Selene, about her family. They closed them self in library, reading books, learning, became more than friends. More like sisters. Both wanted revenge and justice for the death of their beloved, and both of them will get it. After years of training, there was suddenly nothing Tisiphone could learn. The missions were too easy for her liking, and in her free time, she would spend countless hours siting on the highest building in the city, staring at the humans below for any clues for the Pupeteer himself. When free time, Selene would gladly join her. Then,years later, her wish came true, when the Clan Leader and Selene found the human trash she wanted so badly to kill. Tisiphone was right, he would indeed beg her for quick death. Poor fool didn't knew what happened to sweet little Alexandra, the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Now known as, Tisiphone – One of the three Erinyes. Selene was with her all the time she tortured the Pupeteer. Enjoying it. After the deed was done, and her vengeance complete, she asked Selene for a place by her side, as her servant. At first she refused. Then, after like six hours of persuasion, she accepted the offer Tisiphone give her. And it is that till now. Selene didn't knew it, but her fledgling, her apprentice was more powerful than any other vampire in their clan. Maybe stronger then the Clan Leader himself. Maybe stronger then Selene. She could lightly kill a few Lycans, single handed, or equipped with her hidden blades, she preferred the most. Every vampire in the mansion feared her, they did have respect before her, just like before Selene. The Master and her Apprentice.

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