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ACT 5 – Curse of the Blood Moon

The sun was already up. Night creatures already sleeping. And one man was walking through the streets, thinking about someone. As he watched those silly humans going his way, he thought about his special person. His lover and future mate. His Selene. Oh, how he wanted to hold her right now. He felt so weak without her. Looking at the sky, he watched the sun, being both his ally and enemy at the same time. This thing could kill her in a second, and yet it protected him from her kind. Michael felt enraged that something so common could destroy her in a simple touch. He felt a wave of tiredness hit him. Hell, he was awake the whole night. First waiting for her, and then spending time with her. And he was hungry too. A sudden thought attacked his mind. He imagined them both having their good time while drinking each-other's blood. That thought insta aroused him. He wanted her so badly right now. Heading home, he sensed that someone was following him. A familiar scent hit his nose. This was no place for a fight, so he led them to an abandoned alley. As he turned to face them, he met three angry looking men. They stared at each other, growling, preparing their fangs and claw, eyes already black. One of them said.
"Lucian sends his regard, whelp" he prepared to attacked him, but Michael was far more faster than him and dodged his attack, and landing his own in his chest, impaling it with his claws. The two stared at each other and attacked at once. One, landing a hit on Michael's face, the second one on his stomach. Michael growled and slammed them both to the wall, tearing one's head. The next one fell from the impact on the ground, staring at the beast before him.
"Don't worry. Lucian will soon join you" at this he licked his claws from blood and kicked the last man on the ground very hard. Then he grabbed and thrown him into the trash bins, smiling wildly. He felt blood slowly dripping down his face. He touched the wound and he felt how deep it was. This will leave a scar. No matter. This battle has been won. As he looked back at the two corpses, he felt alive again. A sinister laugh was heard across the streets as he ran to his apartment. Finally getting home, he decided to have a drink. Often he would mix alcohol with blood. Even though it was dangerous, he couldn't help it. As he thrown one glass after another into himself, he felt very good. As soon as his lover will come, he will feel even better.

In Lucian's den, the clan doctor had to help both Lucian and Raze because of the silver in their veins. It burned so much. He never imagined she would be so...good. He underestimated her, that's for sure. Both Raze and he paid the price. And as he saw two of his men, holding a near dead person before him, his rage went insta-up. This whelp, this Michael was the biggest mistake he has ever done. After he Viktor dies, he will be next. He knew that. Michael wont leave the past alone. And when with her, they will be unstoppable. The only plan he could think of right now, is to plant doubt in Selene's mind. Yes. The plan was excellent. Not only she will kill him, but she will kill her greatest ally. And the only weapon capable of killing him.

As the day progressed, nothing interested happened. Vampires, stupid enough to stay in the city were burned. Either by sun, or Lucian's Cleaners, as he liked to call them. As Kraven walked throught the mansion, keeping his personal guard by his side, he walked to Selene's chamber. Tisiphone tried to stop him, but she had no right to do so. His words were the law now. He was the Clan Leader, and only Selene was brave enough to face him. She is the only one Kraven would never hurt. As he watched her, perverted thoughts attacked his mind. Yes, he could take her right now. Nobody could do a think about it. And yet, he knew that Selene was capable of insta-killing him in a one punch. He feared her, he was afraid. Everyone in the mansion should be. Everyone in the whole fucking world should be, because when this woman gets angry, nobody can stop her. Only once he saw her rage went up to her maximum. Tisiphone wasn't even alive and Kraven just started his first year as a Clan Master. Nobody but him survived the horror. And it was because he was hiding. The night when someone took Kasumi, her Oriental Katana Blade, she snapped. Everyone knew that blade was her only weakness. Take it, and she was harmless. Like a little cat. So, when Kraven wanted to give her a lesson about how she needs to show him respect, he executed five of his trusty men. He ordered them to take Kasumi. Then, they left a note on where Selene could find them. It was raining, and when she got there, she looked like a horror murderer. Her eyes had no longer the beautiful azure ink they always had when she was angry. Now, they were crimson. Skin around her eyes was colored too, with combination of both black and red color. Her hair was drenched from the rain, she was wet from head to toes. In one hand, she held a knife, in the other one, her trusty Beretta. Fangs were so sharp, they could tear anything. And claws ? Sharp as daggers. She didn't need the dagger in her hand. Claw were enough. One of them spoke.

"Death Dealer. You will show your leader respect he deserves. Or we will teach you a lesson"
"Bitch. We will take your precious blade and shatter it before your eyes" said another

All five vampires hissed at her, showing their fangs and preparing their own blades as a sign for the upcoming battle. Selene couldn't help but laugh. She laugh hysterically. Like a lunatic. She sprinted to one of her fellow vampires and snapped his neck open with her knife, while piercing another one's head with the UVBullet from her Beretta. The third vampire tried to stab her with his blade, but she let go of her own dagger and grabbed his, kicking him into his lower places and stabbing him right between his eyes. Two remaining vampires looked at each other in fear and one of them start to run, only to be hit by a shot from her Beretta in his legs. He screamed so much, it could awake the death. The last one was rather easy as she sprinted to him with her unnatural speed. Grabbing him by his neck, she asked. Pure rage in her eyes.

"Where is she ?" he shook his head no. Selene got tired of this and so she bite his neck, accessing his own memories. She saw a lot of unimportant images but then she saw her blade, in the bush, right next to the first dead body. She let him go and kicked his head so hard, that the impact itself could destroy a mountain. His skull was crushed into dust. She went to the bush to get her blade. To her relief, she was there. As she took it into her hands, when she felt the steel at her hands, the hard handle, as she felt the carved runes in it, she calmed herself. Returning to her former self. As she saw the pile of bodies lie beside her, the amount of blood on her clothes and on the ground around her, she fell unconscious. Kraven saw everything, because the rat was hiding behind trees. He walked towards the battle place and saw one of his men still alive. He took both Selene and this poor sod with him to the mansion. He, of course, was carrying Selene as his bride while Soren was holding the wounded vampire. Selene was unconscious for two weeks, until Viktor found out how to wake her up. Both Kraven and Viktor interrogated the wounded vampire. He said that Kraven was responsible. Kraven, of course, denied everything. And Viktor, of course, trusted him. Kraven executed the vampire himself. Then he asked Viktor what happened to soon-to-be his mate.

"They took something precious from her. That blade is the only reminder of her family. Its the only thing that keeps her human side alive. Take it, and she turns into..that"
"But what was that ?" Kraven asked, tried to sound confused. Viktor waved his hand.
"Walk with me Kraven. Crimson eyes, enhanced powers. She went primal. In my entire life i have seen only one vampire having such power. And that was Markus himself"
"So..her powers rival the one of our oldest ?"
" this state, she cannot be killed. That's why Markus was never defeated. If you anger her one more time, i will have your head"
"But my lord, i didn't-"
"Do you think im stupid, Kraven ? I know she hates you. She shows you no respect. So you wanted to teach her a lesson. But know this, you can't control her. Nobody can. Now leave, i must see her"
"A-at once, my lord" with that, Krave left. Thinking about what a terrible mistake he had made.

Viktor went into her room. She was already up, sitting at her bed, watching the stars behind the window. As she saw Viktor, she tried to stand up but was stoped by Viktor's hand signal. She nodded.
"My lord" she said, bowing her head a little

"How do you feel, child ?"
"A little tired. I-i can't remember what happened"
"What is the last thing you remember ?"
"Walking to my room, i saw the pedestal on where i have my blade empty. That's all"
"You went into the Calen'Dhar, or if you prefer, Curse of the Blood Moon, child"
"I-what ?
"Its a state when your anger, fear and hunger takes over your mind and body. When you see or feel something that extremely disturbs you, your primal instincts takes over your mind, while the basic animal instincts takes over your body. When you saw your heritage gone"
"I went primal"
"Yes, child. You see, this is extremely rare. Only Markus himself has this kind of a power. I have no idea how it jumped to you, but be grateful. Markus was never before defeated because he learned how to control it. A person in this state cannot be killed. We don't know yet if it also affects the sun, but every attack is useless. You need to learn how to control it, child. Control your anger, and everyone before you will perish"
"I..understand. But where do i learn how to control this ? If only Lord Markus knows how to control it, then il have to wait another century for him to teach me. What if my anger takes over again ?"
"I will teach you how to control your rage. Markus will teach you the technique he made. It allows you to be conscious while in the Calen'Dhar. So you won't kill everyone, but only your enemies."
"Thank you, my lord"
"Get some rest. Tomorrow we will train"

Viktor walked from the door, glancing back at Selene when he closed the door. Partly, he was glad that Selene got this power. Partly, he was jealous because he didn't had it. And he was turned by Markus himself ! Maybe it needs to be awaken. Maybe. He didn't knew. But what he knew was that he never wanted to be near her, while she's in the Calen'Dhar.

Kraven, lost in his thoughts, watched his sleepy beauty. Her chest went slowly up and down as she was breathing. The night was nearly here. She will soon wake up. He feared her more than death itself. Everyone should. He didn't knew why Viktor chose him over her as a Clan Leader. But then it suddenly hit him. She was no leader. Selene would sooner kill the whole clan than to lead them. She was a warrior. An avenger. She had her own mission. So he left, Tisiphone stared at him, her eyes felt heavy because of the tiredness. As she looked into the room, she found Selene still sleeping. So she decided to get some rest on her couch. She fall asleep in an instant.
Rest of the day went very quickly, so very soon, that goddamn sun was replaced by the mighty Elune. As she shined at the sky, it was a sign to every night creature to wake up from their eternal slumber, and fight. Either fight for revenge, like Selene did. Either for justice, just like Tisiphone. Or maybe for survival ? Like Michael. And maybe for control, just like Kraven. Everyone has their own reasons to fight in this unholy war. As Selene woke up, she found Tisiphone sleeping on her couch. She looked so peacefully. Unaware of what's outside. Well, she deserve the rest. They have a rough night ahead after the same time, on the other side of the city another immortal awakened. As he stretched his well toned body, he smiled. Only a few more hours and he will hold his future mate in his hands, tightly. Kissing her lips. Her neck. Finally tasting her. He got up, wondering what he will do. Its still a little early. So he went to wash himself. Staring at the mirror, he saw his wound already healed, but leaving a scar. He wondered what will Selene say about this.

Selene dressed herself and as she saw Tisiphone already waking up, she smiled. Girl could never sleep for too long.

"Up so early ?" asked Selene with a slight humor in her voice
"Whats with the smile ? If i remember right, someone is under detention, no ?"
"When did that ever stopped me"
"Its tonight. When you slept, i went into Kraven's office and heard him talking to some vampires. They want to wake him up tonight" Selene stopped, shook her head in approval and smiled
"Good..Kraven will be there to do it, so its our chance to see Michael in time and prepare our plan"
"Viktor will want to see you, you know that right ? You are his favorite, after all" Tisiphone came to Selene and grabbed her hand, wanting her attention
"Kraven will be furious, Viktor too. When we return to the mansion, and with a valuable prisoner no less, we will go straight to Viktor"
"What prisoner ? What are you talking about ?"
"Later..go see if the council is here, alright ? I'll go and take some weapons from the armory"
"All this secrecy, uh ! Alright"

Selene was alone in her room, she walked to Kasumi, taking her into her hands, she smiled. Gently caressing the hilt, then the blade, whispering into the night, words only meant for her blade.

"Soon. Oh so very soon, dear Viktor" she smiled wildly, placing her blade into its place on her back, walking to the armory to take some weapons into her backpack. They will need them.

Tisiphone walked through the main hall, everyone was dressed very elegantly. She heard musicians slowly playing their music. She saw Kraven, talking to someone who appeared very important. She took a seat near the table, and calmed herself, so she could hear Kraven and this man. He was one of the council members. They were already here. And if so, they need to act quickly. She got up, but then she heard Kraven, making a toast to Viktor.
"Death of our dear Amelia hit us very hard, but no matter. We are what we are, and even the greatest of us can perish. Tonight, our dear father will be awakened. And with his hand, we will prevail. To Viktor ! Our Father and our Ruler !"
"TO VIKTOR !" Everyone yelled. Kraven took his blood into himself and went with the council member to Viktor's chamber.

"Stupid..." said Tisiphone as he went upstairs to find Selene. As always, she was in her room, staring outside the window.

"We need to go"

"Mhm" Selene quick-walked to the door, staring one last time on her home. It will soon be destroyed. Shaking her head, she walked outside, Tisiphone followed, closing the door behind her.

Everyone was half drunk from the wine and blood. It made Selene sick. Such a powerful Coven once, now full of drunken ex-warriors. This will go easier than expected. Or maybe not. Selene saw the council's bodyguards. Armed to the teeth, both with blades and guns. While walking, she looked at Tisiphone, who was walking slowly behind her, hands on her knifes, just in case. As they went outside, more guards were standing just got complicated. A lot. They went to the car and left. On halfway to the place where Michael waited, Tisiphone was a little sad. Selene knew what was going on.
"You know you can leave right ? Nothing is holding you"

"There is nowhere to go, you know that. So stop telling me this"
"Its not far. And don't worry our sweet little head with us, dying. We will make it"
"You saw them, right ? How can i not worry ?"
"Because, i have a plan. Its easy"
"And when will you tell me this oh amazing plan of yours ?"
"In a few minutes"

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