WOW: Spring. In honour of our beautiful Impala's 45th birthday a few days ago, I bring you the innermost private thoughts of our sleek and sassy Lady Metallicar.

I've never written the Impala's voice before, and somehow 100 words just didn't do her justice, so, I've afforded her the honour of three seperate 100 word drabbles. Rated T for sauce!

Disclaimer: I don't own her - no-one would cut me up on the A30 if I did!

Chapter 1


They say 'life begins at forty'; well, I can tell you that mine began at thirty.

On the day John sprung his big surprise and gave me to Dean.

Dean's eighteenth birthday.

Hey, I'm like any other girl; need the odd paint job, worry about gravity doing it's evil work (you should see my leather upholstery some mornings; sheesh, looks like someone's tried to stick it back on the cow) and, more than anything, I love being pampered.

And I've certainly never been disappointed since Dean snatched up those keys all those years ago like a starving dog snatches a bone.