Author's Note:

Alright, to people who've people reading Secrets...

This is the sequel...

I do realize the ending was completely sad, I cried myself –shot- when I was writing it.

If people have been wondering how I got to the fact of Rin wanting to know Yukio's Secrets:

If people tend to read my ending and beginning plots: that's what Rin's thinking or speaking to himself. Those italic ending and beginning and I believe in chapterrrrr Eight~ In the ending, Rin clearly says (Wow I cant spell today but I didn't go to sleep till two and it's fawking seven): Save me from these Secrets. You know mine... Now let me know yours...

And people asking for a more plot in that story: I'm so sorry if it was a terrible plot... But I did mention it was my first story, my other stories have been coming out quite nicely especially English Assistant, American Detective. Please pay attention to I write next time~ I do realize some of it's misspelled like I said it would be at times, but that's not my fault x.x I have a fawking crappy ass laptop. But I do promise a better plot in this one.

If you haven't read Secrets, I recommend you read it, otherwise you'll know nothing xD.

Anyways, let's begin

I'm alive...

'But you've always known that... Right?'

I woke up to a blinding light.

I cringed at pain practically everywhere in my body.

"Ngh... 'The hell am I...?"

"Yer awake?"

I heard a familiar voice.

I turned my head slightly to my left.

I saw a woman with fiery hair with golden tips. She looked like she's been crying for a while and hadn't been able to sleep.

Her magenta eyes were blood shot with red splotchy cheeks.

"S-Shura... W-what're you doing here...?

She wrapped her arms around my neck tightly.

"Thank fuckin' god!"

"Ngh! You're hurting me!"

She let go and looked at me.

"What the hell happened?"

'What had happened...?'

Memories ran through my head quickly.

"I hate you, Rin... I always have and always will..."

"We aren't brothers... We aren't lovers... And me most certainly aren't friends..."

"So get the fuck out..."

"You know you aren't wanted here..."

I felt tears well up in my eyes but none came out.

"I don't even know myself...all I remember was walking off my dorm...then I thought I died that night...but I'm still in Hell..."

I saw she was crying again.

"Somethin' musta happened to ya go suicidal! Please tell me..."

I sat up, painfully and looked down at the hospital sheets.

"I-I'm sorry Shura... I-I just don't want to live here anymore..."

She gripped my hand, "Rin...if ya die...Satan gets what he wants...ya dead..."

I gritted my teeth, "Then good for him...I'm out of his fucking way now-."

I felt a small smile slip on my face as a teardrop finally left my eye and dripped on the sheets.

"-I was even in his way...I don't belong anywhere...guess you were right...I'm not wanted here...I'm not wanted anywhere-."

I looked over at the window, "-Right, Yukio?"

"Wait! Yukio did this ta ya? What happened Rin?"

I smiled and looked down again.

"Yukio said he had hated me, never intentionally loved me...we aren't brothers, we aren't lovers, and we aren't friends...told me to pack my shit and get the hell out, saying I wasn't wanted here... So I walked off...leaving like he wanted me to...with a heavy heart...that was all that was left that belonged to me...though my possession is useless..."

Shura gritted her teeth, "I'll be right back..."

I nodded slightly, still looking down.

I heard the door open again and saw a teenager-not too older than me-with blonde bobbed-cut hair with big lime eyes. She was dressed in her normal kimono when she wasn't in the True Cross.


I tried to smile, but I couldn't this time, there were tears spilling from her eyes.

Four more people walked in.

I saw a trio of boys and a girl with long purple hair and crimson eyes with short eyebrows just above.

They all ran over to me and held me tightly.

"You've alive!"

I looked over towards the door and saw black-rimmed glasses slightly.

They disappeared with flair of an exorcist jacket following.

I looked down as the five kept hugging me.

"Don't scare us like that!"

"You guys are hurting me..."

They let go of me.

I saw Shiemi was trying her hardest to calm herself.

I smiled and reached a hand out to touch her cheek.

"Hey, it's alright... I'm still here..."

She gripped my hand and leaned into the touch.

After a few to talking with the class Shura had walked in completely amazed and hurt.

"Can I talk ta Rin quickly guys?"

They all nodded and walked out into the hall.

I looked at her, "What's wrong?"

"I talked ta Yukio..."

I looked down, "I sorta figured you would."

She sat on the edge of my bed.

"He said ya had ta be on Suicide Watch and he would watch ya. I dun' trust him 'cause it's his fault for makin' ya like this...and I dun' want ya trying to kill yourself again...and it actually working next time...and he even admitted ta the things ya told me...I can't believe him..."

I looked down, "I probably got too clingy towards him...he most likely got tired with me...just like a lot of people do..."

She pulled me close and let me rest my head on her shoulder

"But after he saved ya from Satan and let him take control of his body...ya both even broke Gehenna Gate...I dun' get it..."

I shrugged, "Like I said...he probably got tired of me...but how long have I been out?"

She looked at me, "About a week. I stayed with ya tha entire time, unlike yer brother, whose to scared ta."

I nodded, "All right, thanks."

She smiled and kissed the top of my head.

"No problem."

"When do I go back?"

Shura looked down, " that they know yer awake now they need ta send ya home."

I nodded and frowned, "All right..."

The door opened again.

"Rin Okumura?"

I took my head off of Shura's shoulder and looked over.


I saw a nurse with brunette hair put into a clip. She had glasses and snow-white eyes.

"There you are~ Here are your clothes we washed so you can go home. Please try to take it easy, all right? We wouldn't like to see you back in here with the same situation..."

I nodded slightly and mumbled, "N-no promises..."

The nurse left and I started to take off my gown.

"Oi, oi! Rin! Ya have stitches! Yer gonna tear 'em!"

I cringed when I felt a pain on my side.


Shura stood up and helped me with my gown.

She facepalmed, "Did they have to take off yer boxers?"

I looked down and saw myself completely nude.

I grabbed my boxers quickly and put them on, trying not to tear my stitches.

Shura grabbed my shirt and helped me slip it on.

She grabbed my jeans and pointed to the bed, telling my to sit.

I sat down and let her slip up my pants and hand me my belt.

I did my belt and slipped my feet through my shoes.

I felt something drape over my shoulders.

I looked at my shoulders and saw black leather with an exorcist pin.

"It's cold outside so here, I'm pretty warm enough you'll need it more."

I smiled, "Th-thanks..."

She nodded and opened the door, "Come on, let's get you to the dorm."

I nodded as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders.

Shura and I were at the dorm.

I saw a pool of dried blood on the pavement.

"I take it, that's where you guys found me?"

She nodded, "A pale, hollow body with lifeless beautiful blue eyes that had tears steaming tha cheeks.

I looked down and walked towards the door.

I grabbed the handle and turned it.

I stepped in the dorm and walked to my room.

I heard Shura still behind me.

She placed a hand on my shoulder, reassuring me that she'll help me.

I took a deep breath and gripped the handle.

I turned it and opened it to find the room like it always was.

I saw the kittens sleeping on my bed with Kuro.

Shiro was on my desk sleeping with a carrot next to him.

I saw a lump on my brother's bed.

The figure was raising and lowering slowly.

I felt the sting of tears in the back of my eyes.

"Get some rest... I'll be here when ya wake up, all right?"

I looked back at Shura and slipped off her coat.

I handed it to her and she shook her head, smiling.

"Keep it till Suicide Watch is over, all right?"

I looked at her, "Why?"

She wrapped her arms around my waist, trying to avoid my stitches.

"It show's 'm here with ya all the time, okay?"

I nodded hesitantly and walked over to my bed.

The animals were on my pillow, so I didn't have to wake them up and startle Kuro and listen to him ramble on about how worried he was about me.

I undid my sheets and got under them quietly and slowly so I wouldn't injure myself more or tear my stitches.

I saw Shura grab a chair and sit down in front of my bed.

"I have a question."

She looked at me, "Hm?"

I looked down, "When will Suicide Watch be over?"

She looked down, "Until we can trust that ya won' try to do it again... So I dun' honestly know...I guess until Yukio apologizes for what he's done and ya both can go back to being at least brothers and ya can start trusting the people around ya."

I frowned as i buried my nose into the sheets.

The scent made a tear slip from my eye as I remembered whom belonged to.


"All right..."

She placed a hand on my cheek as if she knew a tear was gonna fall from my eyelid.

"I know it's a lot to take in...but, Rin...there are so many people that you ya. There's Ryuji, Renzou, Konekomaru, Shiemi, me, even Mephisto... And I hope...deep down in that boy...Yukio loves you too...I really hope he does...he just doesn't see it..."

I nodded, "I know... I love you all too... Just what he had said to was too much..."

Shura leaned in and kissed my forehead, "I know... And I'm sorry...but for're stuck with him and you need to open yourself up a bit if he does...All right? Now get some need it."

I huffed, "All right..."

I turned around in my bed to face to wall.

I did as Shura told me to and let sleep take over me and hopefully let it be peaceful.

I'm alive.

I'm here and not healthy.

I didn't want to return...

Especially not to you...

Anyone but you!

You were the one who made me like this...

Everyone despises you.

You know that.

I'm alive.

I'm here in this Hell again.

Author's Note:

Okay, I hope you guys like it.

It's just the beginning of a tragic ending...