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Does it hurt?


My little brother looked like he was seven.

He was clutching his head and sobbing. He was choking out a nii-san every now and then.

I heard fast taps coming towards us.


I raised my brother's head. I leaned in towards Yukio until I couldn't anymore. I tasted bitterness yet a hint of sugar from his coffee.

I loved the way he tasted, even if he had hurt me.


I let go of Yukio and frowned, "You told me to open up if he did...he's opened up a lot already..."

"What if he's just playing-!"

"I'm not playing with him, god damn it, Shura! You didn't let me finish last night!"

Shura noticed the tears pouring on his face as he stood up.

"You don't know shit! You don't understand why I said that to-!"

"Both of you just stop!"

Yukio and Shura both froze. They looked at me looking terrified.

I couldn't stop the taste of salt running down my face.

"I love you both so please...please...stop fighting like this...yes, 'm still mad with Yukio for saying that to me..."


"Shut up, damn it!"

"Shura, I hate when you talk about my brother like that when you know nothing."

I rubbed my eyes and stood up, wobbly. I looked at the two with bleary eyes.

"Just stop...please..."


"Please! I'm begging the both of you!"

I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. I tried pushing them away. They linked tightly around my waist-but not tight enough to hurt me-. I sobbed into the fabrics of the shirt, knowing it was Yukio. I felt my knees buckle into his. I caught myself and choked on my tears.


"I'll do it for you...just calm down, Nii-san..."

I looked over at Shura. She nibbles on her lip and looked down.

"I'll do it, for ya, Rin."

I grasped my twin;s hands, along with Shura's with my other hand.

"Just stay calm, won't hurt."

It was the first time I ever needed stitches taken out, so I was terrified.

I felt a on my skin and slight ripping.

I clenched on both hands tightly.

I felt tears starting to sting in my eyes the more tugs I felt.

"Okay, we're done."

I let go of the crushed hands.

"Alright, whose in charge of him?

"Yukio looked at the doctor, "I am."

She handed him a clipboard and adjusted her glasses.

"List his bio and allergies, if any, and hand it back to me in the waiting room once your done. I'll make a prescription for him once I know his allergies."

My brother nodded and helped me sit up.

"May I ask what the prescription's for?"

She smiled, her sun-coloured eyes sparkled.

"Pain, the gash is still a bit big. But it's healing on it's own now, so because of the size of the wound, he's going to be in pain for a while. Depending how he quickly he heals, all right?"

Yukio smiled as well, emerald eyes sparkling as well, using his sweet, quiet voice towards people.

"All right, thanks."

"You're welcome."

"I honestly think that you aren't allergic to anything, Nii-san."

I frowned, "Yeah, there hasn't been anything that's affected me...maybe it's just my nature..."

Yukio frowned as well, "Possibly, but do realize, I'm a demon now too."

I nodded, "Yeah, but you weren't supposed to be..."

"I wonder is it's the Mashou you gave me...but I thought it was only for me to be able to see demons since I could last remember when I was little..."

I felt a small pain at my ribs.

I clutched my side, "Ngh!"

Yukio looked at me, "What's wrong, Nii-san?"

I frowned, "I think the pain killers are wearing off..."

The spotty brunette stood up and reached a hand out towards me.

"Well, I'm done, so come on."

I took the hand and stood up with his help.

He kissed the top if my head gently and ruffled my hair slightly.

'God I'm glad Shura isn't here...'

I saw my brother starting to walk. I walked behind him until he stopped due to the front desk. The doctor that got my stitches out walked up and smiled at Yukio.

"All right, thanks, I'll be right back."

I huffed and leaned on the desk. I kept hearing slight whispers. Most of them were the same topic.

"Isn't that the kid who went suicidal?","Is that Rin Okumura? Isn't he on Site Ward?" also, "Suicidal Fuck..."

I felt a pin sting the back of my eyes.

'I want to go home...'

"We'll be home soon, Rin."

I nodded, trying not to cry, "All right..."

I stumbled on my feet the more I walked.

"You all right?"

I nodded, "Yeah, my pain killers are just wearing off more and it's starting to hurt more."

"Alright, we're almost there, just hand on."

I nodded and clung onto my side.


I heard Yukio speak, "I have a prescription for Rin Okumura."

"All right, his just got in, so please wait a bit, okay?"

I frowned and walked away to take a seat at a bench.

I felt my head being pulled until I felt my brother's broad shoulder.

Salty tears ran down my pale face. My pain killers were almost completely worn off. I haven't felt pain like this since I was little. I felt soft lips in my ebony coloured hair.

"This fucking hurts Yukio."

"I know, I'm sorry too, Nii-san."

I buried my face in his shoulder and sobbed silently.

"What a baby..."

I shot my head up at the person who called me. I looked down and whispered to myself.

"You go fucking suicidal..."

My brother grabbed my head and rested it against his shoulder.

"Please do understand that my brother had probably gone through more than you guys. So please carry on without your comments towards him."

"Rin Okumura?"

Yukio stood up and walked towards the counter.

I put a knee up to my face and hid in it. I cried silently and waited for Yukio to come back.

I felt gentle rubbing on my back.

"Come on, lets get you back to the've been through a lot today..."

I looked up and nodded. I rubbed my wet eyes and stood up. I grabbed Yukio's hand, lacing our fingers, and started walking close to him.

I scarfed down my pills and chugged on my water.

"You take one every six to eight hours if its needed."

I nodded and put down my glass. I already felt the pills kicking in.

I walked towards my bed and lied down. I felt my hair being stroked and a soft peck on my cheek.

My eyes blinked.

I turned so I was on my back, facing beryl eyes.



I felt his lips smash into mine. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him onto my bed.


The kiss started to get sloppy when his tongue entered my mouth.


I felt something rub teasingly at my heated crotch. Yukio'slips and tongue left mine. He licked my lips, cleaning of the trail of saliva starting to run down to my chin.



I felt a tug at the hem of my jeans and the fabrics getting loose. I gasped from my arousal being released slightly.

I saw a large tent in my brother's pants. I eyes at it with anticipation. I gripped the button and tugged at his pants until it came undone, I gripped the zipper and pulled it down until I couldn't anymore.


I felt his lips place against my neck.

"Nn! Yukio..."

I felt my jeans being tugged on. I lifted my hips so Yukio can pull them down.

Green and black plaid started to show on myself now. I still felt bounded by the hidden shorts to the point where it started to hurt.

"Does it hurt, Nii-san?"

I nodded slightly.

My boxers were pulled on. I lifted up my hips again and felt my arousal being exposed to my brother again. I shivered at the cold air wrapping around my twitching, pre-cum flowing member.

"Sit up."

I did as told and sat up.

I felt my lips being crushed again.

I reached for Yukio's boxers and grabbed the elastic band around his hips. I pulled them down as much as I could with his pants still on.

The sweet lip suffocation left me with Yukio expressing a tiny gasp.

"Nn~ Nii-san..."

I placed our foreheads together.

Yukio glided our cheeks together. I felt his breath run over my face, causing goosebumps to run all over my body.

"Since your gash is dangerously healing now, I can't have sex with you. But I do have another thing in mind for you..."

I jumped slightly, "What?"

He pulled up his boxers and walked towards his desk. He grabbed a box from the droors and walked back over to me.

"Renzou gave this to me, saying I'll need them for you...I never figured out what they were until about a month pick..."

Vibrations ran through me, causing me to flail my legs.

"Nn! Yukio~"

The toy pushed deeper inside of me.

"Do you want me to stop it?"

I shook my head. I got on my knees and reached down for Yukio's member. I licked the slit, teasingly, hearing Yukio moan.


I felt the vibrations fasten in me. I gripped the swollen organ and shoved it in my mouth. I pushed myself to get all of him. I could only fit a little more than half in my mouth with his dick near my throat. I put my hand on the end of his manhood and started pumping at the pace the toy was going.

"N-nii-san! I'm going to come!"

The dildo slipped from my anus, due to my ass being spread in the air.

I moaned on Yukio's twitching member, causing it to vibrate.


I dropped his arousal and sat up. I pushed him so he was laying down. I grabbed his pants and started to tug on them. He lifted his hips up as I pulled them so they were off of his legs. I got to his boxers and tugged at them as well. Once they were completely off I swung my legs over his hips so our members were placed together. I started rocking my hips so our erections rubbed together.

"Nn! Nii-san!"


I kept rubbing our manhood together until I felt my urge to come.



I felt Yukio's hands grip my rear and squeeze tightly. I slammed my mouth onto his and came on his chest along with my own.

I rested my head against my little brother's chest and felt my eyes getting heavy.

I nuzzled against the crook of his neck and wrapped my arms around his torso. My eyes finally fell as I heard my brother speak on last time before sleep took over me.

"I love you, matter if you hate me now..."

Does it hurt?

Does it really hurt that bad?

Because in all honesty.

If I can't feel the pain...

It must not be that bad...

Or I just don't give a damn anymore...

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