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"You know me, Erika-chan," says Izaya over the phone. "You know me all too well. You know, it was bad enough for me that you knew so much. You knew how much danger that would put you in, didn't you?"

"Yeah, so?" you ask with a loud sigh of annoyance.

"And then you decide to make things worse for yourself by inviting other to indulge on this knowledge. And you didn't just tell them, Erika, you showed them. Great idea, Erika-chan. I'm sure they enjoyed it."

"What do you want, Izaya?" you ask, getting more annoyed with the way he continues to drabble on.

"Phshh, very human of you. Demanding answers, needing the big picture, you humans never fail to amuse me. Well, I suppose I could get to the point before you hang up. The truth is, Erika-chan, that you are dead."

"Oh really," you say with a sarcastic tone.

"Don't believe me," says Izaya. "I'm pretty sure you know how INDISWURLD works, don't you?"

"What's INDISWURLD have to do with me being dead?" you ask, only slightly unnerved.

"Oh, everything," says Izaya. You can see him grin at the screen of his laptop.

You feel a bit of a chill, but it quickly passes.

"Mind explaining?" You ask, hoping that Izaya is just being a delusional psychopath.

"Right now, I am playing the game as you," says Izaya with a laugh on the other line. "Lucky for you, I am using the normal version of INDISWURLD. However, I have a program that allows this account to be instantly transferred to my other, more modified version of the game, which will in 1 minute, make whatever I have done to you in this game, happen in real life. In only a minute, you will be dead."

You breathe out slowly.

My plan better work.

"Go ahead, but I doubt it will work."

"Alright then, say your prayers, Erika-chan."

The phone hangs up and you watch him place a flash drive into his laptop.

A screen pops up and you squint, but cannot make out what it says.

He presses the button and you see a loading bar appear, and slowly fill up with green.

You have 1 minute until you are going to die a gruesome, horrible death.

What would you do in the one minute before your death?

Read some yaoi of course!

You quickly minimize INDISWURLD and open up a random doujin.

You speed read it, trying to get through 30 pages in 1 minute.

It's a pretty impossible and idiotic thing to do, but it is the only thing you can think of.

A minute passes.

This better work, this better work.

You are still at your computer screen.

Confused, you open INDISWURLD again and see Izaya laughing and removing his flash drive.

The process has completed and you are dead.

Well, to him apparently.

You look at yourself.

You are still in one piece and are very much alive.

It worked!

Just as Shinra told you, two controlling forces cancel each other out.

Well, at least for this game.

But can you still control Izaya?

You scan the screen and tap on a curtain.

[You have selected a curtain. What would you like to do with it?]

[1. Take it]

[2. Replace it]

[3. Leave it]

You press the arrow.

[4. Rip it up]

[5. Swing on it like Tarzan]

[6. Wear it like a toga]

You gladly press 5 and Izaya jumps onto the curtain and swings around wildly. Suddenly Shizuo walks into the room in a towel, looking as if he had just come out of the shower.

Izaya does not realize this and keeps swinging, pummeling into Shizuo and knocking him over.

You curl up looking at your screen and continue to watch, knowing that something wonderful and magical was going to happen.

And it does.

Izaya lets out a laugh and kisses Shizuo right there on the floor.

Shizuo kisses him back and before you can blink they are already full-on making out, groping at each other, spreading bites and kisses everywhere.

Shizuo's towel flies off and hits the couch as Izaya's shirt is flung onto the fan, which thankfully isn't on.

Suddenly Izaya seems to be knocked out by something and promptly falls asleep on top of Shizuo.

You cringe and throw your hands into the air.

WHY? WHY? Just when it was getting good!

You sit back onto the couch and push your laptop off of your lap.

You ponder a bit now, wondering if what you did was worth it. Was it really worth risking my life?

Then, you remember all those day you spend wondering listlessly if what you assumed about Izaya and Shizuo was true.

Now you forever had the truth in front of you, thanks to this wonderful game that happened to hit you in the face at the right moment.

You believe it is worth it. After all, you pretty much got all the revenge you ever wanted, and had some beautiful true-to life yaoi to watch.

Come to think of it, you still do, and now that Izaya thinks you are dead, you can hide in the shadows and watch it.

Well, that wasn't so bad.

All you have left is a bit of explaining and apologizing to do, and plenty of yaoi to watch while you're at it.

Not to mention the killer fanfiction that you plan on writing about this.

Well, better get started on that now.

But first, Izaya is awakened with a pound on the head, and the two men continue where they left off.

You sit back and watch them, grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, and beginning the first few words of your fanfiction.

Shizuo grabs Izaya's member and strokes it rapidly, causing Izaya to arch his back and cling onto Shizuo's blond shaggy hair.

Your pen continues to scribble as you watch Shizuo jerk Izaya off, his cum spewing across his chest and dripping down his hand.

You are on the back of the paper as Shizuo positions himself at Izaya's entrance and slowly slides himself in, causing Izaya to shiver and tremble, taking in the immense size of his length.

Shizuo thrusts forward, causing Izaya to call out. He slides himself out, and thrusts himself in again, this time, clutching at Izaya's wrists as his fingers flay in pleasure.

You move onto the next sheet of paper, readily available besides you, and scribble furiously.

Their pace becomes rapid and feverish, their limbs dripping with sweat as they continually jerk and tremble. You can't help but hear Shizuo muttering Izaya's name in breathy whispers.

These whispers become more harsh and slowly moans erupt from them. Izaya suddenly cries out, limbs twitching, and cums all over Shizuo's chest. Shizuo, who is on the brink, practically slams his hips into Izaya, taking in all the pleasure he can muster, and lets out a moan, before he cums and collapses on top of Izaya.

You look at your lap, at the clutter of papers before you.

What will you call this clutter?

There has to be a good name.

Something with a twist.

Something digital.

You write in small letters at the top of the first sheet and lean back, reviewing your handiwork.

Alas, it was fate. A digital twist in it.