I don't own justice league!

My name is Yami skies (A.K.A Black Dragon protector), I'm 12-years-old and I helped save the world. Superman, Batman, Flash, Hawkgirl, Wonderwoman, Green lantern, Martian manhunter, and I formed the Justice League.

They don't know anything about my past. I am genetically engineered… experiment? Well when I was at the embryo stage I was injected with what is later called D-gene.

I have night-black dragon wings. And tail. And claw-like nails. And finally sharp teeth. I would hate to see any dentist's reaction to my teeth but that's beside the point.

I was experimented on, tortured, starved, and had to live on my own when the others like me broke out and left me.

Now I'm whining. Whatever.

-I 3 breaklines!-

The Watchtower! I still can't get over how cool it is! But I hid my excitement still. Ra, I'm immature! Maybe.

I adjusted my black midriff tank top and skirt.

-I've got a passion in my pants and ain't afraid show show show it-

I began laughing. Oh, no! This is of course flash's work no doubt.

I'm sexy and I know it! (2x)

Everyone's reaction was hilarious!

Batman scowled, Diana (Wonderwoman) gave a WTF look, and J'onn looked terrified, John (Green Lantern) gave a disapproving look, Hawkgirl began snickering, and Superman quickly left the room to find Flash and probably kill him.

-girl look at that body (3x) I work out! Girl look at that body (3x) I work out!

I began laughing my head off when everyone (except Martian Manhunter who had his hands over his ears to try to block out the song) ran out of the room to kill Flash.