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Percy POV

"When I was very young, I was foolish enough to believe that I could bring an end to all these conflicts. If only I had possessed the humility to say to myself, I have seen enough for one life, I've done my part. Then again, there is no greater glory than fighting for those that you love" I stand before the gods in hope that they grant me my one request. Zeus looks at me with filled curiosity in his blue eyes. The rest of the Olympians did the same.

"Percy Jackson, what do you wish of us?" Zeus asked me in his deep commanding voice. My father looked at me with worry. I looked horrible. My green eyes are rimmed with red and I have no doubt that I am as pale as a sheet of paper. Hestia seemed sad; I believe she knows why I am here. Artemis looks at me genuine curiosity. I took a deep breath.

"Lord Zeus, I wish to die." The room got cold as the gods gasped. My father looked sick and Artemis's eyes widened. Hestia looked even more depressed and Ares looked… sad. Even Zeus looked at me worryingly.

"Why do you wish to die Hero of Olympus?" I sighed. Pain was in my chest. Athena seemed to notice my pain. She looked regretful.

"I wish to die because the campers have forgotten me and the daughter of Athena has destroyed me emotionally." I looked at Athena with mournful eyes." You were right; in the end my fatal flaw would destroy me. After all I've done for them; they cast me aside because a new hero did the twelve labors of Hercules, while I have won two wars for them. I've been treated like trash at camp half-blood and Annabeth chose architecture over me. It was either stay with me or go to Greece to remodel the Parthenon. I was foolish to believe that a hero gets a happy ending. There is nothing for me here now. Sure I have my mother, but she doesn't need me." The Olympians looked downcast, I wonder why. It's not like most of them were fond of me. After looking at each other, Zeus had a glint in his eyes.

"Perseus Jackson, you say you wish to die because you have no purpose in life?" I nodded." If I were to give you a purpose, would you accept immortality like one of Artemis's hunters?" I pondered on what he said. A new purpose? I sighed. It seems the gods don't agree with my death. Let's see what they offer me. I nodded again to Zeus's question. He smiled and looked at Artemis. They were probably having one of those mind talk things. Artemis's face was calm, and then it turned red in anger before returning to normal under Zeus's glare. Zeus returned his attention to me.

"Perseus Jackson, Artemis has agreed for you to become guardian of the hunters and her. Will you accept this offer? You will live in service of Artemis and be the only male in the hunt." My mouth dropped open and I looked toward Artemis. She grudgingly nodded. The other gods had the same face I had except Apollo who was grinning like a madman. I turned to Hestia, she was smiling. I knew what I had to do.

"I Perseus Jackson, Swear up on the River Styx and upon the creator Chaos that I will protect Artemis and her hunters and if need be, give my life to keep them safe, no matter the cost." The gods seemed perplexed that I would use such a deep oath. I turned to Artemis and saw … is she smiling. Aphrodite had this weird look on her face, like she was thinking. My father cleared his throat and I looked toward him.

"Percy, you shouldn't have sworn on Chaos's name it-" something cut him off. A black helix with an eye in it appeared in the room. It was the symbol of Chaos. The only reason I knew was because she showed me a book on symbols. A deep voice resonated in the room.

"I've watched you Perseus Jackson foe a very long time and you have impressed me, the creator time and time again with your loyalty and courage. Tell me why you swore on my name?" The gods seem frightened, but I felt comforted by the force in the room. If this was Chaos then the gods had a reason to shiver. Why did I swear on Chaos?

"I'll be honest, I have no idea it just felt right." The voice in the helix hummed.

"Perseus Jackson, you are the first to swear on my name, that I have allowed to live. I give you my blessing in hopes that your life will prosper, you are an interesting person, Jackson and I will not have it wasted. My eyes widened and so did the gods. A black ball of shadows fired from the helix and hit me dead on. My dad screamed my name. I was in a black cocoon. The shadows swirled around me and attached onto my body. The shadows were making me an outfit. It gave me a black under robe and a hooded over robe. The hood covered my face so only my mouth and chin could be seen. I got two vambraces. Each with…. A hidden blade? Where have I seen this before? A belt was attached to me and three throwing knives were strapped onto each side of the belt making six total. A sweet looking sword was sheaved at my waste and I had a red sash around my waist. To complete it were a pair of black pants and black boots. All and all, I thought I looked pretty cool.

"Thank you lord Chaos."

"You're welcome young one. I have also given you increased senses so like a hunter or assassin you know who's good, who's bad and what your objective is. You now have the knowledge of an experienced Assassin. "I grinned. This was gonna be fun.

"I take my leave knowing your life is gonna get more interesting." With that, the helix disappeared. I turned to the gods who looked at me like I grew another set of arms. Hestia cleared her throat. I gave her a questioning glance. She smiled.

"It's my turn to bless you! Will you allow me to be your patron Percy?" I nodded. Hestia was one of my favorite Olympians. She squealed with delight. She snapped her fingers and I felt control over another element that wasn't water. I placed my palm out and a ball of fire appeared. I grinned.

"Sweet!" Not wanting to be outdone Aphrodite gave me a look that told me I'm screwed. She snapped her fingers and a blast of pink hit me. I don't know what happen. Wait a sec, am I taller? Why was Aphrodite blushing, why was Hera blushing. Is Artemis red?" Zeus sensing my confusion snapped his fingers and a mirror appeared. Now I knew I was handsome before because a lot of chicks have told me but now I made Apollo look dim while I was the sun. Meaning I was more attractive than I already was. I seemed more muscular too. I glared at Aphrodite; I wasn't trying to pick up a girl. I mean I am joining the hunt! Zeus had that glint in his eyes.

"Percy if you could transform into any animal, what would it be?" he asked. Now I had to think. A Pegasus? No. A Dragon? No. Think Percy think! I got it! Time to score some points with Zeus.

"An Eagle." Zeus grinned and my dad, well he wasn't happy." I give you the ability to transform into my sacred animal and you have the permission to fly in my domain." I nodded. My dad tossed me a ring. I looked at it with curiosity. My dad smirked.

"I leave it to you to find out what it does." I shook my head with amusement. I walked toward Artemis and bowed. She had a smirk but shook her head.

"Don't bow; I hate it when people bow." I nodded" Don't think I am gonna go easy on you. I don't want a guardian, I can protect myself! But father thinks otherwise. Meet me in Yellowstone." And with that she was gone. Hephaestus called my name. I turned around.

"Percy, if you ever need equipment, don't hesitate to ask. You honored Beckendorf. It's the least I can do. I nodded. Zeus shooed me out of the council room. Now I did the smartest thing ever. I jumped off Olympus. For all you adrenaline junkies out there, I have one word to say. AWSOME! I don't know how fast I was going but all I know was I couldn't see Olympus anymore and I could see the empire state building. I willed my body to transform into an eagle. It felt like my body was being twisted apart. I closed my eyes to shut the pain out. When I opened them everything was clearer. It's like I went from regular video to HD. I felt free soaring in the sky. As I flew a flash of light appeared next me. It was Hermes. He just smiled at me and snapped his fingers. I felt like my body was stepped on by a Titan, ground to dust by a Cyclops stampede and then put in a cheese grater. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in Yellowstone. I soared around the park till I found the hunters camp. Being the birdy I was, I perched on a branch. Artemis and the hunters were talking.

"Look girls, I don't like it either but this man is different than others. He is not a pig and won't flirt with you. Artemis said. Phoebe growled

"How do you know?" Artemis glared at her and Phoebe muttered an apology.

"You all know him, especially you Thalia." Thalia rose an eyebrow.

"Who is it?" I decided to make my presence known. I shifted out of eagle form and hopped from the tree.

" That would be me Thals!" The hunters readied their bows and pointed them at me. I just chuckled. Thalia was the first to recover from the shock.

"Who are you." I gave her a hurt look.

"You really can't recognize me Thalia?" I said as I flipped up my hood. The hunters gasped while Thalia ran toward me crushing me with a hug.

"You are the Guardian of the Hunt?" she asked. I nodded.

"Why?" I sighed sadly. The pain returned.

"There is nothing for me at camp anymore Thalia, if you want to know, talk to Artemis. She knows all the details.

She glared at me but nodded. Her eyes lit up with a mischievous glint and I knew I was screwed. The hunters and Artemis grinned when they saw it. Artemis smirked at me.

"Since you are with the hunt, you must clean our clothes, sharpen our arrows set up our camps and cook us dinner. " I groaned. I should've known that instead of being the Guardian, I would be the slave. All well, it can't be that bad.

" I also have to teach you archery." Me and my big mouth!