Sam and Dean ran full pelt into a darkened warehouse and barricaded the door behind them. Breathing heavily they pressed all their weight against the door and felt the scratching banging and snarling.

'These guys just don't know when to quit!' Dean raged.

'Yeah it's like they're crazed or something,' Sam puffed.

'They're vampires Sam, they're always crazed,' Dean ground his teeth from the strain.

'Yeah but like, more than usual.' Dean shrugged and pushed himself harder against the door. The banging was getting stronger.

'We can't just wait here, we need a plan,' Dean growled.

'We could run and hide behind those barrels and ambush them,' Sam suggested.

'Will the door hold?'

'It should do, at least until we're hidden,' Sam said, inspecting the door.

'Do you still have the dead man's blood?'

'All ready to be injected into those sparkling bastards,' Dean replied venomously.

'Ok ready?'


'One…Two… Three!' they bolted behind the two barrels and readied the syringes. They waited for moments before the vampires crashed through the door and sniffed around the room. Sweat dripped down the side of Sam's face and the muscles in Dean's legs trembled from the adrenaline. What seemed to be the leader of the group pointed in the direction of the barrels and both of them tensed, readying themselves for the ambush. The leader and the second vampire drew level with the barrels and Sam and Dean jumped from behind them, taking down the first two with minimal resistance, however when the remaining two realised what was happening they retaliated with all of their supernatural strength. Sam and Dean jumped on one and eliminated him quickly and began advancing on the remaining female. A cornered vampire, bent on revenge, is never a good thing. She charged at them and knocked Sam away like a fly, he flew across the room and lay in a groaning heap.

'Sam!' Dean shouted in panic. The vampire grabbed him by the throat and lifted him from the ground, choking him. This is the end, he thought. Suddenly a shot was fired and the female's head was blown clean off. Dean dropped to the ground and tried to regain his senses. Looking in the direction of the shot he tried to make out his saviour. There was a woman standing there with a rifle. He rubbed his eyes, how did she get there? He stood up and walked over to her groggily

'Who are you?' he asked her. She merely smiled and bent down next to Sam, she lifted his head up and examined it as if she'd done it a million times before.

'He'll be all right. Just a bit of a bump,' she concluded, gently laying him back on the ground.

'Did that bullet have a dead man's blood on it?' Dean enquired, rubbing his bruised neck.

'No but I blew the bitch's head off. I figure no matter what you are you can't come back from a good head shot,' she reasoned.

'Who are you?' he repeated.

'Let's just get Sammy back to Bobby's-'

'Don't call him Sammy,' Dean growled.

'Let's get Sam back to Bobby's. I'll explain then. Hurry there could be more vampires around,' she said firmly. Normally Dean would have objected, but for some reason he trusted this girl, so he helped her drag Sam back to the Impala and strap him in to the back seat. He then watched as the girl got in to the passenger's side carelessly as if she owned it. They spent the short journey to Bobby's in silence and Dean reminisced about everything that had happened to them. He knew it had been too soon to take Sam out on a job. He'd only just got his soul back and there was no telling what might bring that wall down. He cast a sideward glance at the girl next to him. She looked bored and was examining her short, ragged fingernails. He quickly took in the dark, wavy hair that fell just past her shoulder blades and suddenly felt like he knew her from somewhere. He turned his attention back to the darkening road, turning in to Bobby's driveway. He pulled up next to the house and Bobby stuck his capped head out of the door.

'Wasn't expecting you back so quickly,' Bobby frowned, as Dean slammed the car door behind him.

'There was a complication,' Dean replied, going to drag Sam out of the back seat. 'Will you help me with him?' he spat at the girl. She rolled her eyes and helped Dean with Sam.

'Well who might you be?' Bobby asked.

'That's what I'd like to know,' Dean said through gritted teeth. They pulled Sam through the house and dumped him on the couch, collapsing in to chairs either side of him and Bobby joined them in the living room.

'So what happened? Are the vamps dead?'

'We took out the leader but the bitch of the group knocked out Sam and would've choked me to death if it weren't for…' he trailed off, remembering he didn't know her name.

'Sophie. My name is Sophie,' she said, as if reading his mind.

'Right, yeah. She blew its head off and saved us. Where did you come from?' Dean demanded. She shrugged and looked back at Sam, who was beginning to stir. Sophie got up, went to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water, which she promptly proceeded to throw over Sam's face. He groaned and his eyes flicked open. He looked up at Sophie and blinked, eyes raking over her brown leather jacket and matching pants that were tucked in to her black, lace up boots.

'Do I know you?' he asked quietly. She smiled that mysterious smile of hers and watched Sam sit up and clutch his head dizzily. 'Man that vamp took me out. What happened?'

'I blasted her head off,' Sophie said smugly and something in Sam's brain registered at the sound of her voice. This girl was definitely familiar.

'Ok seriously, who are you?' Sam said.

'And this time, don't avoid the subject,' Bobby said, annoyed.

'My name is Sophie-'

'We knew that,' Dean interrupted, decidedly irritated by this point.

'Sophie Winchester.'