Hi, Nyx's-Angel again with another story, this time a broken Sora X Kairi one-shot, as you know the characters don't belong to me, yada, yada, yada. Anyway, enjoy~.

"Kairi, I'm sorry!"


"Please, I love you!"

You lied for so long, you don't love me.

"I'm sorry!"

Shut up…

"Forgive me!"

"NO! SHUT UP!" Kairi shrieked to the empty space of the living room around her, pulling at her hair in anger as she erupted into another burst of dry sobs that burned her lungs and eyes. It had been a week…a week since he left, since she got rid of him in fury, and now, slowly and painfully, she was falling apart. The memories of those meaningless words he had said that night continued to play in her head, rubbing salt in the wounds. She had never imagined that it would hurt this much, but then again, she had never imagine this would happen. He was meant to be her one and only, her knight in shining armour, her saviour…but now, he was little more that the bullet that destroyed her heart. He was supposed to be here, holding her, telling her he loved her; this was supposed to be her happy ending. But happy endings never come true, not even for princesses.

She couldn't carry on, not like this. Kairi's sobs had finally become little more than pitiful hiccups now, and she barely had enough strength to move. No. She thought to herself I have to do it, and have to do it now. With this self-reassurance, she gently lifted herself to her feet and, despite the protests from her body, dragged herself into the kitchen. As she stumbled along, she continued to chant to herself He doesn't love you, you're pathetic, weak and useless! Why do you think he chose Naminé?

Reaching the side, she clutched the counter to stop her legs giving in. Raising her head so she could just see through her greasy strawberry locks, she plucked the sharpest knife from her utensil block. Shutting her eyes and continuing her mental chants, she raised the knife to the underside of her arm; in one swift motion, she made a deep cut down it. Biting her lip to stop herself screaming out in agony, Kairi gingerly switched the knife to her right hand. Despite the pain flowing through her like lava and the blood that was staining her hands, the floor and the counter a sickeningly beautiful crimson, she mirrored her last move before dropping the knife that hit the ground with a 'clink'.

Suddenly, her legs gave in, and she collapsed to the ground with a groan, she could feel the life draining from her body with the vital red liquid that was pooling around her. Her breaths came in ragged pants as her body began to numb and her senses abandoned her. First, she could no longer speak, then hearing fled from her, next touch was no longer hers to control and, finally sight left her to the clutches of the darkness. A ghost of a smile crept onto her face as she slipped into unconsciousness. No-one will miss me. No-one cares. Especially not him. She thought, sleep claimed her, there was only a matter of time until death stole her, and to be honest, she was eager for that time. After all, Sora would be happier that way, he could be with Naminé. And forget her. Completely.

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