Hello everyone at TAWOG fanfiction, I back. And now I've decided to go back to this type of Fanfiction category. So you'll see me updating my stories a lot more. But for now here is my new story to make it up to you guys. This story is about Penny moving away and what Gumball will do to get her back. Enjoy :)

Gumball's POV

I tried to catch up to the red mazda, but it was going to fast for me to be able to catch up with it. I dropped down to my knees and started bursting into tears. I had lost her. This timeā€¦forever. There was no fixing this, she wasn't mine anymore. I whipped the tears from my red wet eyes and watched the car drive off into the sunset.

When the car disapered I just stood still watching the road hoping that out of some miracle the car would turn around and she would come back into my life. Penny. I had always loved her since Kindergarden.

If only I had already had enough courage to go up to her earlier and say I love you, and I will never ever let you go. I would've told her that she was the only thing in the world that made me feel like there was someone purpose to me dealing with Tina, Mrs. Simian, and the rest of them. But now she was gone. She's moving to New York city, where she'll probably find another crush and forget about me. All because I kept of wussing out of telling her. I had lost her.

That kept on playing over and over in my head, "I had lost her." What there even any point in getting up in the morning now? If I wouldn't wake up and know that I would see that beautiful face at school, then what diffrence would it make to just shoot myself and get it over with.

Gumball stood up on his feet trembling. He felt like he was going to throw up. He was that sad. Gumball whipped the forming tears in his eyes with his shirt sleeve and depperessedly walked back inside of his house ignoring Darwin grabbing his arm saying, "Don't worry Gumball."

When Gumball got into his bedroom he locked the door so Darwin couldn't get inside and disrupt him. Gumball looked around to make sure that no one was looking and he got out a little black box from a little compartment under his bed.

Gumball sat on his bed with the box and shakily opened up the little box, to see a German army knife and a note. From Penny. She had given this box to him just 5 weeks ago, she said that it was exermly important that he only ever open this box whenever it was an emergancy.

I trembaly grabbed the knife handle. It had a rough and papery, green handle cover. Gumball's hand rubbed against the handle he kept on rubbing it until he noticed that on the knife blade there was an ingraving on it of a + sign. I stared lovingly at the knife, knowing that I still had Penny with me no matter what. And I would always have this knife with my, through good times and bad. She would always be here for me.

Gumball quickly, but cautiously put the knife in his pocket when he heard a knock at the door. "Gumball, ya there? It's me, Darwin."

"Uh yeah dude, I'm-I'm in here. I'll unlock the door." Gumball walke to the door and unlocked it. But when Gumball heard the click of the lock Darwin came bursting through the door and quickly ran towards the blue cat knocking him down on the floor.

"Hey Gumball you know Penny?" Darwin smiled. I nodded slowly, but sadly. "Well there's no need to threat about her anymore. Cause I found you a NEW girlfriend." Darwin's smile grew wider. Hmm so that's why he's smiling so much. Well he just needs to know that my heart will only ever belong to Penny.

"New? Darwin, look, I DON'T want a new girlfriend. I only like Penny." I though that I got through to him because he just stared at me. But instead of just saying ok and ending it he just put his orange fin on my sholder and smiled affectiatly at me.

"Tisk tisk Gumball. You're just in the 1st stage of grief and loss: Shock and Denial. But don't worry cause like I said I found you someone. Well not so much someone, but more of a lot of someones, who really like you and want to go out on a date with you. Common, let's go find you another girlfriend!"

And before I could protest, saying that I was fine and that no matter what I would love Penny, He grabbed my paw and dragged me downstairs and then outside. And when we got outside there were like fifty girls in our yard. "Wow." Gumball stood there with his mouth wide open.

Well how'd you like my new story. And btw don't forget that this fic is GumballxPenny. Also don't forget that the more reveiws I get the sooner I'll update. But till I make a new chapter or story, goodbye everyone.