"Why should I hate you for something you did in your past life? After all, you've come to me now- with a new face."

a/n: So I've seen a lot of people who want Amorra noncon, or as I like to call it, Amoncon. Da fuck you sickos? Then I realized I wanted it too, and nobody would write it for me. you guys. Really? So here you go.

Pairings: Amorra, implied Makorra, mentionings of Kataang and Pemzin. Pairings subject to change. It mostly correlates with the show. There are also bits of Korrasami, and Korrlok as it goes on.

Warnings: non-con. That means sex, guys. So please don't read this story if you are easily triggered? I am not making this to upset anyone, more like to please my fellow Amorrians. Also, the parts without sex are all kinds of creepy, just sayin. Also, Amon, if you turn out not to be the terrifying creeper you come off as, I am so sorry.

Amon's ghastly hand extended towards her face, and Korra turned away, prepared for the absolute pain and humiliation of having her bending ripped from her. When met instead with an affectionate caress, Korra's body jerked in alarm. He squeezed her cheeks the way you would an animal's to force its mouth open, but Korra kept her teeth clamped. She was not about to make a fool of herself.

"You seem frightened, young Avatar. Didn't you say you weren't afraid to challenge me?"

All Korra could get out was an unconvincing mutter-

"You cheated- you brought them-" before Amon let go of her chin and turned to face his followers, their eyes glinting like giant insects in the dark.

"I made no promise to meet you here alone or to follow your stipulations. I merely saw an opportunity and took it. The concept of 'honor' and 'fairness' means nothing to me against a child that refuses to play fair herself."

"You liar! You were afraid to face me-"

"The avatar insists she can face me alone. How precious. If she has not learned from our previous enactment, I will dismiss my equalists. Let her understand her new place in this world."

He raised his hand in a clear sign of dismissal, and after a moment of looking among themselves, the masked equalists darted away like shadows, the ones holding her arms dropping her roughly.

When the last of them had scurried from view like rats and Korra stumbled to her feet, when her eyes met that hideous gaze, she felt like she'd been hit by a Satomobile. Now face-to-face with the monster from her nightmares, she wanted to wake up like she always did, as far from this day and life as she could get. Maybe she was still in the South Pole training…but then, she never would have met Mako, or Bolin-

"Are you prepared to fight me, Avatar?"

"What are you playing at?" Korra growled, teeth still clamped shut.

Amon took a couple of steps backwards, as though giving her a respectful distance.

"You wanted to fight me one-on-one."

Korra tensed.

"My bending-"
"It will have returned by now. Go ahead. Attack me."

Korra snapped her neck strait and a brought her hand before her face, a flicker of fire appearing within her palm. She turned away from it, almost in shame or disgust, before kicking a block of stone from beneath him. Amon seemed to have the same inhuman reflexes of his followers, because he darted forward before the ground gained the momentum to knock him off balance, and when she blew a jet of flame towards him, he wound around her easily, his eerily precise hands jabbing nerve after nerve in her back and neck. Korra screamed in pain, falling to her knees, but quickly attempted to swing around and kick him. He, of course, had expected her to keep going, and crouched down to her level, catching her foot with one braced hand, and extending the palm of the other, wrapping his hand over her eyes and forehead and squeezing her temples. Korra felt a rush of weakness, her entire body going limp and falling defensively onto its side. Amon was immediately on top of her, that eerie mask within inches of her face, and as she struggled to twist onto her back and push him away, all she could see was ill intent in the shadows behind it, where his eyes glinted maliciously. An unfamiliar voice echoed in her mind. He sounded old and wise, but his advice was impossible for Korra to follow at this moment.

"You must never show emotion in front of him."

A sharp pain brought her back to this reality. He had disabled her thrashing arms, and was baring his weight on her knees. He drew back to watch his handiwork- the image of Korra lying like a ragdoll on the cold temple floor, his eyes disdainful as ever. Then he brought that nightmare he called a mask up to her ear.

"Or he will steal your face." The old man echoed faintly.

Who are you? Korra thought, trying to connect to the voice again, even though she knew in her mind it was just a paper-thin memory. Are you Avatar Aang? Umm…I know we've never spoken personally, but I heard you were a pretty cool person…ok, a great person, actually, and I know we're the same person and all but it's just that- it would be nice if you could do some sort of Avatar thing and help me? God I'm so not spiritual- What am supposed to do? I'm scared of what he might do to me- to us- help me out, please!

No answer from the spirits. It was odd, but even though he had just exerted effort, she could not hear Amon's breath, just the menace dripping from the words he spoke next.

"Your name is Korra, correct, Avatar?" he hissed. Korra stared up at him as defiantly she could manage. There was a fear of the unknown reflected in her eyes- it must have been clear to Amon that she had no idea what was happening. "Avatar Korra…do you realize your privileges even now?"

His deadly hand brushed a lock of hair from her eyes, and Korra flinched, her heart beating rapidly.

"Taking your bending away, as well as disfiguring or killing you would make you into a martyr. I'm sure you've already heard the origin of my mask- the reason I hide my face. I would do unto you as was done to me if I could. I'd rip out your eyes with my own hands, carve away your nose, tear those lips from your face so that you could never flash the public that insidious little smile again…wouldn't that be nice…"

His hand brushed across her cheek contemplatively, eyes half-lidded and lips (had they been real) upturned as though this were a highly pleasing moment.

"Get off me," Korra said, her voice wavering in trepidation, and Amon's eyes became slits. Korra was not sure which side of him frightened her more at this point, but all she knew was the smile- it wasn't the damn eyes that did it, it was that painted smirk, as though nothing ever phased him- that was the part of his appearance that haunted her the most in her dreams.

"You are frightened, that is evident, but your words imply that you're too naïve to understand true fear. Many of the equalists are women- women who have seen their husbands and children struck down before them, seen the disfigured bodies of their parents in the street before they were dragged off by benders and forced into prostitution. Perhaps it would do you well to understand the position of an equalist before you lay judgment on them.

"That's not-" her retort was cut off by the untimely entrance of Amon's fingers into her mouth. She choked in surprise, a line of saliva dripping from the corner of her lips. That painted smirk his mask wore seemed to dare her to bite him, and suddenly she felt as though she had to do what he wanted if she had any chance of getting out of this alive. She almost didn't notice his other hand until it was brushing against the pelt tied around her waist, pulling it and her waistband down slowly. Her tongue jerked in protest, but he pushed a third finger into her mouth and all she managed was muffled protest before he brushed his finger against it in a way that made her feel panicked in an entirely different way. It almost felt as though he had kissed her- Korra had kissed two boys before, as anything other than a familial thing. Three if you counted the one where they were little kids, another when she was studying earthbending and snuck off to fool around with a local boy- they were caught and sent home. The third she had fumbled awkwardly with outside the compound where she'd trained in firebending- a brief crush, he turned into a gibbering idiot the next day for reasons unknown. There were usually lips involved, but if Amon was to be believed, he probably didn't have any. Korra suddenly felt repulsed- she tried to remind herself that this was his hand, not his mouth, but that was no less terrifying.

"In a way, I'm doing you a favor, Avatar. If not me, it would have been some brute waiting in the shadows for the bragging right, like that disgusting Tarlok."

Me? Do this with Tarlok?

"Oh yes, I know about Tarlok- about your little display of oppressive bending power the other week. It was all over the papers. He must have wanted you for himself- after all, you benders always expect to get the things you want."

"W-what are you talking about-"

Amon's cold hand pulled her pants down as far as they would go with his knees still holding her legs in place. Korra made a frantic noise, and he withdrew his fingers from her mouth. She said nothing, just looked at him in horror, breathing rapidly.

"You seem to have a problem with your loss, Avatar. I am not a complete monster, though I may look the part. I'll give you a chance to refuse. If you will consider the position of the equalists and fight against the bending oppressors, I see no reason to hurt you."

As he spoke, the hand that had been in Korra's mouth slid between her legs. Korra, clamped her mouth shut immediately.

"Come now, you have to choose eventually, or I'll just proceed assuming you said 'yes.'

Korra gulped, but her mouth suddenly felt dry.

"What will the Avatar do? What means more to her- the oppressors she calls her friends and family? Or her pride?

"You can't- I'd never-" Korra broke herself off. His wet forefinger was pressed hard against her entrance and he rubbed it contemplatively against a part of her that made her entire body grow hot.

"Go on, Avatar…say what you want to say."

"Don't do this!" Korra managed to expel, not sure which aspect she was even talking about anymore. Amon scared her- he frightened her so much that she wished he was dead, and Korra had never wished death on anyone before.

"So you'll become an equalist to protect your honor? How unexpected," Amon said, voice dripping with sarcasm. Korra shut her eyes and threw her head back, tears leaking down her cheeks and into her hair.

"I never-"
"What was that?
"I'd never join you," Korra hissed through her tears. "So if it means you…if I have to…I am the Avatar- this doesn't mean anything."

The sound of a monkey cackling- screaming, it sounded like, echoed through her ears.

There was a long enough silence for Korra to open her eyes. Amon was looking at her, his gaze no longer threatening, but another entire level of frightening. His fingers creeped back between her franticly squirming legs, prying open the folds of skin that protected her core and pushing a single cold, wet finger in. She tightened around him as her body tensed, and he pushed the rough pad of his forefinger against her inner wall and rubbed it as though searching for something within her flesh. Korra had touched herself there before- hey- what girl hadn't, it felt good- but the last person she'd ever expected to touch her like this was Amon, and she definitely wouldn't have expected it to feel this good. Korra hadn't noticed that her mouth had opened until she became aware of how dry her tongue was. He was looking at her face again when she became conscious of her actions, and something about his eyes told him that the smile on his face was nowhere near as awful as the one under his mask. He tilted his head and flicked the now tender and aching flesh. Korra shut her eyes. He chuckled- it was the first time she had heard him laugh, and did nothing to humanize him for her. The way his fingers moved certainly did not feel human- he was almost too knowledgeable of what places to touch- Korra was burning up, her legs twitching futilly.

She tried holding her breath, but it resulted in an unavatarlike whimper when she finally released it. Eventually she settled on taking brief gasps of air every few seconds, which seemed to amuse him even more. After a while of this, she resigned to the fact that it felt good- it really did…maybe if she thought of someone else- maybe Mako- her mind even drifted to him for a bit...what it would be like if they kissed…maybe after an awesome night of probending, when Bolin was off with one of his fangirls…what if he climbed on top of her passionately and explored her body lovingly- it didn't sound much like Mako, to be honest, and the instant she realized this Amon jabbed at her three times in succession and Korra's already open mouth let out an unfamiliar cry. It felt as though she would faint, but it wasn't painful- it was so far from painful that she wasn't even aware of who she was at that moment. Her hands clenched as a gush of liquid seemed to seep out of her along with his fingers. When she became aware of her surroundings again, the situation had changed. Her legs were being dragged so they encircled his waist. She felt something significantly bigger than a finger pressing against her, and didn't want to know what he was about to do. She'd received awkward sex talks before, but there had never been a discussion about sex with someone you hate passionately- they'd always told her to save herself for someone she loved, or at least trusted. Katara had relayed particularly awkward-yet-helpful stories about her sex life with Korra's past life, before Tenzin passed out in sheer embarrassment of thinking of his father or Korra doing such an act. It never seemed like a big deal to Korra- she'd never even met a guy she wanted to experience that with until Mako anyway-

"You keep smiling, Avatar. Are you shameless?"

"That smile wasn't for you!" Korra growled. She shut her mouth and looked past him, to the smoggy night air and sillouhettes of republic city. Yue loomed in full form over the water.

If I could bloodbend I swear I'd make your dick explode…You filthy equalist scum.

Korra couldn't understand how he'd beaten her. It was clear from the frame behind his protective gear- her legs were held so tightly to his sides that she could still feel his body- his human body- that he was not as muscular as his bulky clothes made him appear. His stature wasn't even all that impressive- nothing next to Bolin, whom she had beat in arm-wrestling contests, and not even as tall as Mako. How had he done this to her? What was this man?

"Right now…you are not even my equal. This is what it feels like to be oppressed- to be truly beneath someone. How does that feel, Avatar?

Korra felt him pushing into her slowly. At first it felt fine, good even, but then it started to hurt, even moreso when he thrust his entire length in without warning. Korra grunted as though the pain were comparable to miscalculating earthbending practice, and turned her head onto its side so she didn't have to look at him.

"Look at me, Avatar."

She did so, reluctantly. He always seemed to know when she was ignoring him, and the last few times had come with repercussions. The first thing she could see from her position of 'legs up, back down' were her own breasts, looming like two mountains in a bizzare blue landscape, and then acres of desert (her skin) and then the patch of dark brown grass in the center- Korra shot her eyes up to his mask so she didn't have to see their bodies intertwined. Then all she saw was Amon- The giant red sun looming over the tiny earth.

"I asked you a question" his voice said casually.

How does it feel? As if any answer to that question could be right. It feels awful you prick!- it feels…it feels really…

Her body was being moved, the earth was shaking- no- no, she would break- the feeling of tininess stirred a renewed sense of panic. He was inside of her. He was literally –inside- of her.

Korra tried to thrash and resist, but he matched even her roughest jerks, the pressure of their bodies grinding against each other and his weight on top of her spiking her adrenaline further. It was like he was fighting her- then trying to control her, and then…succeeding? It seemed like her hips had stopped trying to crush him and had started to mimic his movements. She had no idea what she was doing or why she was doing it. Tenzin had once blurted out awkwardly that sex was enjoyable when Korra had teased him about his fourth kid. But Penma and Tenzin loved each other- it seemed shameful that there should be anything enjoyable about what Amon was doing to her.

Korra clamped her mouth shut, her expression a mix of rage and humiliation. Her useless hands above her head filled her with fury. Her own legs seemed to be betraying her. The only thing that seemed to work was her face- unlike his which was frozen and smiling impassively, she was attempting to make the most hateful expression possible, but every time he pushed into her she would feel her own lips twitch, threatening to upturn as though to return that contented smile.

No. No. You will never have my face. You can take every other part of my body, but my face will be my own-

"I'm worried that I'm not pleasing the city's beloved Avatar. She's being very quiet."

Korra did the most spiteful thing she could think of- she spit, then focused all of her energy into freezing it solid, aiming for his neck. He twisted away at the last second, but the hands grasping her tensed- she had grazed him, at least. Amon tilted his neck as though a firesquito had just stung him and he yearned to itch it, but his hands remained firmly on her hips, even as a small dark spot blossomed on his hood.

"You made me bleed, Avatar. I suppose I can't be too upset, though- you bled quite a bit as well."

Everything he said made her want to scream, but everything his body was doing made her want to…scream too…in a different way. Korra twisted her torso in a desperate attempt to draw back, the walls of her still-sensitive core spasming around him involuntairily.. Both shut their eyes for the briefest of seconds before continuing the staredown. He stopped fucking her just long enough to lower her legs to the ground and crawl so that they were nose-to-nose, his legs no longer suppressing her, but no longer needing to. He rested his cold porcelain face against her warm brown cheek as he rubbed her now-soaked entrance again. Korra stared at the statue of Aang looming in the darkness.

This wouldn't have happened to you, she thought bitterly. Your friends would have come to your rescue. You wouldn't have had to face something this frightening alone.

Korra watched Aang's face become blank as slate. She heard herself scream, but it wasn't her voice- it was a boy's, higher in pitch and more unsure than hers.

"Show no fear. Show no fear," he chanted nervously.

Since he was no longer holding her hips, Amon's hands started to roam over her body. One of his hands drifted up her shirt, and she gave a desperate gasp. The hand gliding across her stomach stopped for a moment, then both hands pushed her shirt and the band the covered her breasts up to her chin.

"How does it feel, Avatar?" he hissed again, pressing his finger against the nub at the very base of her core as he rocked into her, his other hand rubbing so lightly against her nipple that she thought she might scream again. Korra became aware of just how wet she was right now, and the sound it was making- She was aware of all the sounds she was making, really, because unless he was menacing her, Amon was always completely silent. All she could think of was how embarrassed she would be if Tenzin saw this- if anyone saw this.

Please don't come here, Tenzin…please…just wait until he finishes…

Amon must have sensed her wandering mind again, because he started to jab the same spot in such rapid succession that through the waves of agonizing pleasure, Korra felt the movement returning to her limbs.

"I tire of asking you, Avatar."

"G-good…it feels g-good," Korra whimpered as he prodded her again and again, each time escalading the pleasure she felt immensely. Amon seemed to lose it a bit himself, pushing her against the cold floor and plowing into her mercilessly. She became aware that her hands were now grasping his back in desperation. Everything was bright as moonlight, and she heard a chilling voice echoing in the depths of her mind. More voices came and went, as though her mind was attempting to tune into a radio to the past, but Korra could make little of it.


"The spirits Tui and La, which circle each other in an eternal dance…"

"-Be the leaf!"

"Push and pull-

"You need to work on the spiritual side of bending-"

"The Spirits have spoken to me. They have granted me this power."


Korra bucked her hips towards him, throwing her head back so that her neck jutted out vulnerably. There was an intense look in his eyes, a growing roughness in the way his hands groped her.

Amon's last thrust was so calculated that it sent her over the edge. If he made a sound she wouldn't have heard it over her own scream. It was over abruptly- the feeling of him withdrawing, him rising off the ground, implicit zipping sounds and hands gliding over rough fabric, as though he was wiping –her- filth off. Then he looked down. Korra's horrified eyes stared back.

"You're still scared…that's good…perhaps my message has gotten through to you."

Korra couldn't think of a reply. Just when she thought he was done tormenting her, he crouched down over her panting, sweaty body, pulling her pants up and shirt down, as though nothing had happened.

"Let's keep this between us, Avatar."

Amon placed his two fingers over her lips, and Korra shut her eyes when he drew the hand back, a sharp pain hitting her in the neck. She saw his hazy form and heard his voice before everything became black, but it did nothing to console her.

"This isn't over, Avatar. I have a plan…and I'm saving you for last."