Note: This is a story I made up of Joe when he was eighteen and in high school. What happens in this doesn't happen in my current Fossil Fighter's fan fiction.

Chapter One- Meeting

Joe looks at the clock. 'Come on... one more minute...' He thought. He had shaggy, dark strawberry blonde hair with two locks of hair that hung down on both sides of his face that stopped at his nose, a brown cowboy hat that had two angry yellow eyes, black jagged mouth with two brown points that stuck out at the ends of the mouth, and the rim of the edge of the hat was yellow. He had friendly, soft, light blue eyes, tan skin, black gloves with red and white cuffs, a brown short sleeved shirt, light yellow bandana around his neck, black vest with white edges and a collar that stuck up and covered the lower half of his head, black pants and leather belt, a coat that was black on the sides, top of the arms and chest, while the rest was brown. He had cowboy boots with rounded toes, thick soles, and shag on the part that is on the legs.

'You're eager to leave school, aren't you?' His Ptera asks.

'Yep. After today, there'll be one more month then I can go back to Vivosaur Island.' Joe tells him. He had become a Fossil Fighter and gotten Master Status three years earlier, and each summer he had gone back to Vivosaur Island. 'Besides, ya know I enjoy the flights we go on after school.'

'True, true. But still.' Ptera says. The bell rings, and Joe jumps up from his desk and out the door. He walks down the hallway which is now full of chatting people hurrying to their lockers, and he come to his. He opens it, pulls out his backpack and starts putting some books in it.

"Hola Joe!" He turns to see his friends, Pablo and Sam walking over to him. Pablo has black hair, brown skin, dark brown eyes, a sandy colored sombrero, off-white short sleeved shirt, a light orange, brown and tan poncho, black pants, and black shoes.

"Howdy Joe." Sam says. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, a sandy cowboy hat, a red bandana around his neck, a long sleeved denim shirt, a leather cowboy vest, black leather belt, blue jeans, brown chaps, and light brown cowboy boots with pointed toes.

"Howdy ya'll!" Joe says cheerfully. "What should we do today?"

"We don't know." Pablo says in his Mexican accent. "We were hoping you had an idea."

"Whelp, I got nothin'" Joe tells them. He closes his locker, and they all walk outside of the school and sit down on the stairs.

"We could go truck gliding." Sam suggests.

"Naw." Joe says. "Ptera hates doin' that. Makes his wings real sore." What they would do it put a harness on Ptera, tie the end of the cord to Sam's truck, then Ptera would glide as the truck drove along.

"Then what should we do amigos?" Pablo asks. They all sit there thinking.

"Hey," Joe says. Sam and Pablo look at him. "what if we-"

"HELP!" Someone yells. The three boys look, and see someone running away from the school being chased by three other boys. Whoever they were, they had on a plain red jacket, blue jeans in the style of cargo pants, a plain white short sleeved shirt, thick soled brown hiking boots, and a red baseball hat that stuck out from under their hood.

"Those are the Robert triplets!" Sam exclaims. They all had brown hair and brown eyes, black leather biker vests, light blue sleeveless shirts, baggy black pants, black belts, and thick black boots.

"That means their either chasin' someone ta scare 'em, or their chasin' a girl." Joe says. "C'mon!" Joe throws Ptera's medal in the air, and he comes out.

"You go ahead! We'll catch up!" Sam tells him. Joe jumps onto his Ptera and takes off while Pablo gets into the back of Sam's blue pick-up truck and Sam gets in on the driver's side, then starts up the car. Joe flies over the three boys chasing the hooded person as Sam's truck drives up next to the one on the left. Pablo grabs him by the collar of his vest, knocks him out, and pulls him into the back of the truck.

"HELP!" The person yells again.

"Don't worry! We're takin' care of it!" Joe yells to them. Sam's truck comes up next to the one on the right, and Pablo does the same thing as with the last one. Sam slams on the breaks and does a sharp turn to avoid a pothole, but still gets stuck in it. Ptera flies down over the last Robert triplet, and they all go into a canyon. 'Easy now...' Joe tells Ptera.

'Don't worry.' He tells Joe. Joe reaches out, grabs the collar of the triplet's vest, and the triplet yanks Joe off his Ptera. They fall to the ground, roll around wrestling, and after a few minutes, Joe knocks him out.

"This one NEVER goes down withoutta fight." Joe tells the person as he ties the triplet's behind his back.

"Th-thanks..." The person says. Their voice is a girl's, and sounds more like an angel's rather than a human's.

"Don't mention it." Joe says as he stands up. "I'm happy to-" He says as he turns around to face the person. His blue eyes lock with shining green eyes, that looked as if the purest and most perfect emeralds had been put into them. The girl is his age, and has pulled down her hood to reveal hair that looks like pure, golden sun shine that has been woven into a braid and a completely natural completion that gives her thick, long black eyelashes, a rosy blush, and full, pink, kissable lips. His and the girl's smiles vanish when they look into each other's eyes. They stand there, looking deep into each other's eyes with their mouths slightly ajar. A warm, amazing feeling pops into Joe, and he feels his heart swell. Oddly,

He finds that he likes it.

'Okay... I'm here.' Ptera says as he land next to Joe. 'What'd I-... Joe?' He looks at Joe with a quizzical look, then at the girl. '... I see ROMANCE!'

'What?' Joe exclaims as he quickly looks at his Ptera.

'C'mon! I SAW it!' Ptera tells him. 'Didn't you know you were staring into her eyes like an idiot? A love-sick one?'

'I didn't have that look on mah face!'

'Eh, maybe not. But still! You're in LOOOOOVVVEE!'







"Are... are you two arguing?" The girl asks. Joe realizes that he and Ptera are pressing their forehead against each other and looking at each other with hard, angry faces. They pull their heads back.

"Uh... s-sorta..." Joe tells her. He looks at her, and their eyes lock again. "Uh... M-mah name's Joe... What... what's yer's...?"

"S-S-Sarisa..." She tells him.

"... That... that's a nice name..."

"Th-thanks..." They stand there, staring into each other's eyes, and Joe looks down at his feet and shuffles them back and forth nervously. He looks up at Sarisa to see she's looking at her feet which are also shuffling back and forth. She looks up at him, and Joe quickly looks back down at his feet.

'I think she likes you.' Ptera says.

'Yer not helpin'.' Joe tells him.

'Hey, I'm just saying.' He tells Joe.

"So... you're a Fossil Fighter?" Sarisa asks.

"Uh... I'm... I'm actually a Master Fighter..." Joe says scratching the back of his head nervously.

"What... what kind of vivosaur is this...?" She asks.

"A Ptera." Joe tells her. "He's mah favorite."

"He's... not dangerous... right...?"

"Uh... n-no he's not... He's as gentle as a lamb... usually." The comment makes Sarisa giggle, and it make Joe feel great. He scratches Ptera on the jaw, and the vivosaur happily closes its eyes, and enjoys it.

"Can... uh... could I... try that?" Sarisa asks.

"Uh... s-sure... He won't bite..." Joe tells her. She takes a step forward, and as she lifts up her other foot, she trips on a rock.


"WHOA!" Joe lunges forward, catches her, and they both fall to the ground with Joe on the bottom and Sarisa on top with her arms resting on Joe's chest and Joe holding her by her upper arms. She pulls her head up, and their eyes lock again. Their eyes get big, and their faces red. Joe gulps nervously, and his eyes look at her lips, then back at her eyes.

Sam drives his truck into the canyon he and Pablo saw Joe's Ptera fly into. "Do you see them?" Pablo asks through the sliding window.

"Nope. Not yet." He slows down his truck and silently stops at the top of a decline in the canyon. "They must have gone down-" Sam stops as he steps out of his truck.

"What is it amigo?" Pablo asks getting out of the back. He puts a hand on Sam's shoulder. "What's the matter?"

"Is she a PERSON, or an angel?" Sam asks pointing. Pablo looks, and his shoulders slump and his eyes get big. A beautiful girl the same age as them was on top of Joe who was on the ground. They stared into each other's wide eyes and their faces were red.

"I don't know..." Pablo says resting his elbow on Sam's shoulder. "But I want one..."

"... What?" Sam asks looking at Pablo with confusion. Pablo looks at him.

"What? You know it's true." Pablo tells him. Sam just shakes his head.

"Well you know what I think?" Sam asks.

"What do you think?"

"I think they... LIKE... each other... and they're like that because one of them was trying to flirt with the other."

"... That is a good point..." Pablo says looking back at Joe and the girl. "In that case we need to push them together."

"..." They both stand there thinking, and an idea pops into their heads...

They walk down the decline and to Joe and the girl who are now standing up and looking into each other's eyes. They both look at Sam and Pablo with confusion. Sam gets behind Joe, and Pablo gets behind the girl. They push the girl and Joe together.

"NOW BE A COUPLE!" They both tell Joe and the girl.

Sam and Pablo both blink, and look down the decline at Joe and the girl who are still on the ground. They look at each other. "That... Is a TERRIBLE... idea." Sam says.

"Sí." Pablo says. "We need to do this... secretly."

"... I have an idea." Sam says.

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