Hey look, a requested fic! This fic was requested by ilego, so yeah. And it's also my first drabble too.

As he laid in silence on his bunk bed, Alec Mason had two things on his mind: the war with the EDF and Sam. Those EDF soldiers had just destroyed a Red Faction base and Alec couldn't get his mind off of it. The other was Sam. If the war was over, he'd might marry her, have a couple kids and probably live a peaceful life. He just didn't know it. The bad thing was he'd had thoughts that mixed both the base and Sam. What if she died, he pondered. Would that cause a different path in my life? Would that hurt the Marauders and the Red Faction and me too? Just then, a call rang out.

"Mason, are you awake?" Sam said while looking at Alec.

"Yeah. I was just thinking."

"I see. Well, you can explain to me about those thoughts later. We have a mission to do." Alec got up and followed Sam. Maybe it's better if she didn't know...

It was quite short, but hey, it needed to be done and stuff. At least my first try at a drabble was okay. Well, in my opinion.