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Plot: Castiel is a young angel and is being teased because of his wings. Gabriel comes to the rescue and teaches Cas how to really fly…Silly fluff. If you don't like fluff, this chapter isn't important so you may skip. ^-^ If you do, however…Enjoy!

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Chapter 1: The Angel with Ebony Wings:

Gabriel knit his eyebrows as he walked into the training field. He darted his eyes around at all of the younger angels who were busy practicing in their flying lessons which Zachariah was teaching. He grinned as some of the angels flapped their wings to rise, only to fall moments later. There were colors of soft whites, blues, yellows and greens all around. He truthfully enjoyed seeing the colors of young angel's wings. Their feathers were so soft and the colors smooth and it felt nice on the eyes.

"Your wings are so stupid," a small voice said with disgust "You look silly…I bet even Lucifer's wings are prettier."

Gabriel darted his eyes around to find where the commotion was happening. Zachariah was busy helping up one of the angels who fell about 20 feet onto the grass so he didn't acknowledge anything.

"You can't even get off the ground…your being a baby," a female voice said with a giggle.

Gabriel found the culprits. He noticed three angels, each with their wings puffed out as they stood around another angel, who lay on the ground, his large sapphire eyes sparkling with tears ready to spill. His lower lip trembled and his wings tried to curl around him as the other angels poked and pulled at them.

"Hey!" Gabriel snapped, walking over and flaring out his large, arched golden wings that towered over all four of the angels.

The three small angels widened their eyes at him, each cowering down in fear and respect.

"What are your names?" Gabriel questioned, staring down at them with narrowed eyes.

An angel with red hair and soft pink wings spoke first "M-my name is Anael," she said in a soft voice, her green eyes not budging.

"I'm Uriel," the darker angel said, his light tan wings flaring with pride.

"Virgil," the third angel said, his light green wings twitching nervously.

Gabriel nodded at them "What is your problem with Castiel?" he questioned, staring down at them.

They were silent and each stared at the grass at their feet.

Castiel shrunk further into his wings, closing them tighter around his body to hide his face. He couldn't believe one of the archangels knew his name. His wings ached from where the others were pulling on the feathers and his small grace was working on healing them already. He heard silence and peered through a couple of his black and midnight blue feathers. He was made fun of all the time because they were darker than the others wings. He felt his cheeks redden when he noticed Archangel Gabriel's eyes on him.

Gabriel grinned at the little angel behind the long, dark wings. He had noticed this particular angel for years now because of his wings. They were not light like the others but dark with glowing blue through ebony. That was a true sign of a special angel…Castiel was going to grow up and be more powerful than all of the other young ones in the room.

"Answer me…why are you acting such a way to Castiel?" he questioned the other angels.

"His wings look weird," Uriel was the one who spoke. He dared to glance at the archangel.

Gabriel sighed and reached his hand out to grab Castiel's small hand. Castiel made a small whimpering sound as he was pulled to his feet, his wings uncovering his bright blue, frightened eyes.

"Don't," Gabriel said as he noticed the dark feathers going to curl around the angel again.

Castiel nodded and stared at the ground, not ready to disobey an order from the archangel "S-sorry, sir…"

"Just call me Gabriel," Gabriel said, smiling at the angel.

Castiel blushed and stared down at his feet.

"What is going on?" Zachariah's voice sounded, a slight tremor in it as he noticed Gabriel standing there.

"You need to teach these three little feathery children to be kind and respectful to an angel that will one day be more powerful than them all," Gabriel said, turning to Zachariah, who was nodding and staring at the three angels whose eyes were set on Castiel with wonder.

Zachariah blinked a few times and nodded to Castiel…most of the angels knew to protect Castiel because he would one day be the angel who would dive into Hell and pull the Righteous One from the Pit. They all knew he was the one the moment his wings grew in. It was known that when the angel with ebony wings was born, he would be the only one capable of pulling the righteous soul from perdition…so Castiel was very important to all angels.

Zachariah beckoned the other angels away and Castiel felt his grace twisting and turning nervously as the archangel stared at him.

"Come Castiel," he said with a smile, giving the small angel a pat on the back.

Castiel nodded and felt his face flush again to be staring at one of the archangels. He still couldn't get over that…he had heard about them so much but he never thought he would meet least not for a very long time. Now he was walking with Archangel Gabriel, who knew his name.

Once they reached an empty area of the field, Gabriel stopped and turned to Castiel. He grinned and snapped his fingers, creating a blue lollipop into existence. He had created them before humans even knew they existed. Castiel stared at it with wide eyes, wanting to know what one tasted like. They were not allowed to have sweets or eat anything for that matter.

"Here," Gabriel said, unwrapping it and handing it to the small angel.

Castiel stared at it, his azure eyes widened and his wings twitching "I am not allowed sweets," he said.

"Just take it…I won't tell anyone if you won't," Gabriel said, popping another pop into his own mouth.

Castiel nodded and took the lollipop. He gently slid it into his mouth and his wings fluttered excitedly when he tasted it. It was so unique and so much better than he ever would have imagined.

Gabriel grinned at the excitement in the smaller angel "So Castiel…how are you doing with flying?"

Castiel blushed and looked down bashfully "I can't get very far," he said.

Gabriel smirked and got onto his knees to be at level with little Cas "Spread your wings, Castiel. I'll show you a little trick," he said, lollipop stick hanging out of his mouth.

Castiel nodded and let his deep ebony and blue encrusted wings stretch out as far as they could go. Gabriel smiled, noting how they were already larger and arched better than the others at this age. Castiel would be amazing at flying when he learned.

Castiel took a deep breath as he bit down on the lollipop. It broke into pieces and he began to chew them, his teeth hurting in the process. He jumped slightly when he felt Gabriel's hands reach out into his wings. His grace turned nervously again and he smiled at the archangel, who was grinning and moving feathers into certain directions.

"Alright, can you feel how those are positioned?" Gabriel asked, leaning back to stare into those blue eyes.

Castiel nodded, marking exactly how they were. They felt nice that way and for some reason, it felt right.

"Okay, now make sure you keep them like that when you give your first flap of wings," Gabriel said "Once you're in the air, move these ones to the right about four inches," he explained, touching the feathers towards them middle "that'll let you move to the left…when you want to fly to the right, just move them the opposite direction."

Castiel nodded in understanding.

"And when you land, pull these ones outward for a soft landing," Gabriel said, giving a slight pull on the longest feather on the top.

Castiel nodded again, blushing when Gabriel touched his wings again. It kind of tickled but he held back from giggling.

"Alright. Now go fly…I want to see this," Gabriel said, waving a hand as he sat on the grass.

Castiel dropped his wings and stared with wide, electric blue eyes. He did not want to practice in front of Gabriel…it was bad enough falling in front of the other angels.

"Gabriel," another voice said and Castiel gasped, almost falling over when Michael appeared to stand beside Gabriel. His wings were so glorious and glimmering in the sunlight. Castiel just stared in shock and awe at Archangel Michael.

"You're making Castiel nervous," Gabriel said to Michael, who spun around to stare into the enlarged blue eyes.

"My apologies," Michael said, taking a seat beside Gabriel.

"Castiel is going to fly right now…I just showed him the trick," Gabriel said to Michael, who smiled, knowing Castiel was going to be the one to rescue his vessel from Hell. He turned to Castiel, ready to see how well he did at such a young age.

Castiel shrunk back "I-I can't," he said, his heart hammering in his chest as two of the archangels watched him.

"It's okay, go on," Michael said, giving him a nod and smile.

Castiel then noticed how silent everything became and how many of the other angels were staring in their direction, each trying to get a glimpse of the archs. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, letting his wings expand, the ebony sparkling in sunlight. He positioned his feathers the way Gabriel had shown him and let out his breath as he soared up. He concentrated on the way Gabriel explained to him and he opened his eyes when he felt the breeze washing through his hair as he shot through the air.

He was flying…like really flying. He smiled as he began to speed up the wing movements, causing his body to soar above the other angels. Once he reached the other side, he made a quick turn to shoot back to where Gabriel and Michael were standing up, grinning.

"Oh yes, he will definitely fly in and out of Hell like its nothing," Michael said "Good job, Gabe," he said, giving the other archangel a pat on the shoulder before disappearing.

Gabriel grinned and shot up in the air, reaching the younger angel within seconds. Castiel was busy soaring around in circles, relaxing at the feel of the breeze through his hair and wings. Gabriel followed the movements, enjoying the slow pace. He would be there to help Castiel through it all.

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