Warriors: The Three's Legacy

Hello, all. It's been about a year since I've written Children of the Three, and this is pretty much the same concept, but better written out with newer characters. Also, it goes with the last book in Omen of the Stars, The Last Hope. I wrote Children of the Three before The Last Hope, so I had no idea of the deaths in that book. If you haven't read The Last Hope, I would suggest you do so before reading this series, because it has the cats dealing with the deaths in each Clan.

This is twelve moons (a year) after The Last Hope takes place. Many cats perished in the Dark Forest battle, and the Clans are still suffering losses. Some cats still have trouble trusting their own Clanmates. Blackstar lost his last life to greencough and Rowanstar is the new leader of ShadowClan. Ashfoot died in WindClan and her son, Crowfeather, replaced her.

* However, with death, there is life. Tigerheart and Dovewing continued their secret affair after the Dark Forest battle, even though Dovewing was posing as mates with Bumblestripe. Soon, she became pregnant with Tigerheart's kits, although the Clan believed (and still believes) that they are Bumblestripe's. Dovewing told Tigerheart they were his and he was torn between ThunderClan and ShadowClan, so they made a compromise. Dovewing would give Tigerheart one of her kits (she was unsure of the amount, but Tigerheart was fine with one) so he could remain in ShadowClan as deputy and not be tempted to join ThunderClan. So, when she was about to start kitting, Dovewing snuck into the forest and bore them with Tigerheart by her side. They named them together and Tigerheart took Wrenkit home, rubbing her in leaves and streams to cover her scent. The Clan believed that Tigerheart simply stumbled across Wrenkit, but they knew she was Clanborn because she didn't have a rogue or kittypet scent. However, no cats questioned the birth because ShadowClan was in need of kits and mysterious births happened all the time in ShadowClan. So, Wrenkit was accepted, and Tigerheart was happy; but he's still heartbroken that he can't see his other two kits. Wrenkit (Wrenpaw, now) has no idea her mother is Dovewing and that she is part ThunderClan, she believes she is 100% ShadowClan and that Tigerheart is her father. She never questions her who her mother is aloud, but it does bother her internally.

Meanwhile, Lionblaze and Cinderheart had kits. Heathertail and Breezepelt had kits as well, and Mistystar's new kits were received happily by the other Clans. Jayfeather decided to take an apprentice, Lilystripe, and she is doing great. Bramblestar and Squirrelflight made up and became mates, and now they have kits.

Little do the Clans know, the children of the Three will have a huge legacy ahead of them like their parents. An evil, powerful force is emerging from the most unexpected place, and the Clans may be thrown into turmoil and battle once more.

The Clans finally had more than one moon of peace, but will it last?

Current Allegiances


Leader: Bramblestar - dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Brackenfur - golden brown tabby tom (temporary while Squirrelflight is kitting)

Medicine Cat: Jayfeather - gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes
Apprentice, Lilystripe


Thornclaw - golden brown tabby tom
Leafpool - light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, former medicine cat
Birchfall - light brown tabby tom
Apprentice, Leafpaw
Whitewing - white she-cat with green eyes
Berrynose - cream-colored tom
Lionblaze - golden tabby tom with amber eyes
Apprentice, Flamepaw
Foxleap - reddish tabby tom
Rosepetal - dark cream she-cat
Apprentice, Honeypaw
Briarlight - dark brown she-cat
Bumblestripe - gray tom with black stripes
Ivypool - silver-and-white tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes
Apprentice, Firepaw
Cherryfur - ginger she-cat
Moleclaw - brown-and-cream tom
Amberflower - gray she-cat with white paws, a white muzzle, a white right ear, and amber eyes
Apprentice, Hollypaw
Dewtail - gray tom with amber eyes
Snowpelt - white tom with amber eyes
Apprentice, Featherpaw
Bluestrike - light gray she-cat
Emberwing - dark gray tabby tom


Lilystripe - dark tabby she-cat with white patches
Hollypaw - brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
Firepaw - ginger tom with gray-green eyes
Flamepaw - ginger tabby tom with blue eyes
Featherpaw - silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Honeypaw- golden tabby she-cat
Leafpaw - mottled golden and brown tom with amber eyes


Cinderheart - gray tabby she-cat (mother to Lionblaze's kits; Honeypaw and Leafpaw)
Blossomfall - tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat (mother to Thornclaw's kits; Bluestrike and Emberwing)
Dovewing - pale gray she-cat with blue eyes (mother to Tigerheart/Bumblestripe's kits; Wrenpaw*, Featherpaw and Flamepaw)
Squirrelflight - ginger she-cat with green eyes (mother to Bramblestar's kits; Hollypaw and Firepaw)


Graystripe - long-haired gray tom
Cloudtail - long-haired white tom with blue eyes
Brightheart - white she-cat with ginger patches


Leader: Rowanstar - ginger tom

Deputy: Tigerheart - dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Foxfur - rust-colored she-cat


Toadfoot - dark brown tom
Applefur - mottled brown she-cat
Crowfrost - black-and-white tom
Ratscar - brown tom with long scar across his back
Apprentice, Mousepaw
Snowbird - pure white she-cat
Olivenose - tortoiseshell she-cat
Owlclaw - light brown tabby tom
Shrewfoot - gray she-cat with black feet
Scorchfur - dark gray tom
Pinenose - black she-cat
Ferretclaw - cream-and-gray tom
Apprentice, Hawkpaw
Falconwing - brown tabby tom with a white underbelly
Apprentice, Wrenpaw
Lakepelt - blue-gray she-cat


Hawkpaw - mottled brown tom
Mousepaw - sandy-colored she-cat
Wrenpaw - light brown she-cat with dark brown ears, underbelly, tail, and stripes with green eyes


Kinkfur - tabby she-cat with long fur that sticks out at all angles (mother to Owlclaw's kits; Hawkpaw and Mousepaw; foster mother to Wrenpaw)


Oakfur - small brown tom
Snaketail - dark brown tom with tabby-striped tail
Littlecloud - small brown tabby tom


Leader: Onestar - brown tabby tom

Deputy: Crowfeather - dark gray tom

Medicine Cat: Kestrelflight - mottled gray tom
Apprentice, Whiskerfur


Owlwhisker - light brown tabby tom
Whitetail - small white she-cat
Nightcloud - black she-cat
Gorsetail - very pale gray-and-white tom with blue eyes
Weaselfur - ginger tom with white paws
Harespring - brown-and-white tom
Apprentice, Rockpaw
Leaftail - dark tabby tom with amber eyes
Emberfoot - gray tom with two dark paws
Apprentice, Grasspaw
Breezepelt - black tom with amber eyes
Sedgewhisker - light brown tabby she-cat
Swallowtail - dark gray she-cat
Furzepelt - gray-and-white she-cat
Boulderclaw - large pale gray tom


Grasspaw - light gray she-cat
Whiskerfur - light brown she-cat
Rockpaw - brown tom


Heathertail - light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes (expecting Breezepelt's kits, Galekit, gray tabby tom, and Fogkit, light brown tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes)


Tornear - tabby tom


Leader: Mistystar - gray she-cat with blue eyes (recovering from kitting)

Deputy: Reedwhisker - black tom

Medicine Cat: Mothwing - dappled golden she-cat
Apprentice, Willowshine


Heronfang - mottled white and brown tom
- pale gray tabby she-cat
Mintfur - light gray tabby tom
Icewing - white she-cat with blue eyes
Apprentice, Shadepaw
Minnowtail - dark gray she-cat
Pebblefoot - mottled gray tom
Freezeheart - faded gray tom with piercing blue eyes
Mallownose - light brown tabby tom
Robinwing - tortoiseshell-and-white tom
Petalfur - gray and white she-cat
Grasspelt - light brown tom
Apprentice, Streampaw
Troutstream - pale gray tabby she-cat
Mossyfur - brown-and-white she-cat
Rushfoot - swift light brown tabby tom
Duskfur - brown tabby she-cat


Streampaw - light silver she-cat
Stonepaw - dark gray tom
Willowshine - pale gray tabby she-cat


Mistystar - gray she-cat with blue eyes (mother to Heronfang's kits; Streampaw and Stonepaw)


Pouncetail - ginger-and-white tom