Happy Feet Three

A New World

Deep beneath the great ice of Antarctica, a swarm of krill was flourishing and dancing on the ice. Some were upside down and others were sideways, they all tapped their back legs on the ice while their front legs were free, like arms. In the center of the ice were four krill, two males and two females; the males were Bill and Will, the two krill who brought the swarm under the great ice where they are safe from predators. The two females were their friends who were named Lill and Jill. They were dancing and singing "Dynamite".

Bill suddenly said, "Will, I love doing this!" Will replied, "I know, it's great and I don't even know why they were doing it." Lill swam next to him and asked, "Why who were doing it?" Will turned and answered, "The predators up there. When I was stuck up there with them I heard the sound of them doing this and I liked it." Bill was surprised and said, "Predators were doing it?" Will turned to face him and said, "Yeah; I wonder why something that enjoys killing would do something like this." Jill said, "Hmmm, I guess will never know." Bill suddenly got an idea and said, "I will."

Bill stopped dancing and started swimming down to the way out. Will, Jill, and Lill turned to see him swimming and they started to follow him.

Will: "Where are you going?"

Bill: "Out there; I want to learn the secret of predators."

Will: "There is no secret of the predators; come on stay here where it's safe."

Bill: "I don't want to be where it's safe; I want to be where the predators are so I can understand them."

Jill: "You can't do that! They'll kill you!"

Will: "Yeah, why would you even want to do that?"

Bill: "You sought a higher truth once Will."

Will: "Yes, I wondered what was beyond the swarm and I found it."

Bill: "Yes, you found out that we had to adapt and that there was more to this world than our swarm."

Lill: "Bill, come on, what could you possibly want to know from predators?"

Bill: "Tell me my friends, why do predators eat us?"

Will: "Because they like to."

Bill: "Why do they like to?"

Jill: "Because they like the taste of us."

Bill: "And why?"

Lill: "Bill not everything has a reason! Some things are just the way they are for no reason."

Bill: "There's a reason for everything; just like there's a reason we exist. If I find predators, I must find out why they eat us and why they dance."

Bill swam out of the cave of ice and into the open water and Will, Jill, and Lill followed him and kept trying to talk him out of it. A half hour after they left their home under the ice; they came near land and they heard a loud pounding sound and some singing.

Bill: "Listen, what is that?"

Will: "Probably some predators, we should go!"

Bill: "You guys can go back home if you want, but I'm going, I'll be back soon."

Jill: "Well you're not going alone!"

She and Will and Lill followed Bill; eventually they came to an icy shore and walked on the ice until they made it to the snow. They were now in Adelie Land; it was home to not only Adelie Penguins, but many other penguins. The Emperor Penguins moved to Adelie Land after their original home was blocked by colossal walls of ice and snow. There were also Elephant Seals who stayed there because they liked the penguins' music and dancing. Bill, Will, Lill, and Jill were walking on the snow between the penguins and elephant seals.

Bill: "It's amazing! I've never seen so many giant creatures."

Jill: "I have to admit, it is incredible."

Will: "But we have to get back in the water before they eat us!"

Bill: "Will look, we're talking as loud as we can and they don't even know we're here. I think we're so small that they can only see us up close."

Will: "But what if we run out of water and can't breathe!"

Bill put some snow on his gills and ate some and said, "Will, this snow is water that's just been frozen, when it touches us it melts and turns into water that we can breathe."

Suddenly Gloria started singing:

"Penguins of the world unite

strength in numbers

we can get it right

one time!"

Everyone else sang, "We are apart of the rhythm nation!"

While they continued to sing everyone danced and Bill danced while he proceeded; Will, Jill, and Lill just followed him with worried expressions. The penguins were dancing by tapping their feet on the ground while the elephant seals smashed their flippers and bodies on the ground. Ramon was dancing with Carmen and the Amigos were dancing with their wives. Lovelace was dancing on small mount of snow that was clear at the top, revealing grass. Mumble was dancing near him along with Gloria and Bryan, the elephant seal beach master.

Mumble noticed Lovelace's poncho seemed longer and he asked, "Lovelace, what happened to your robe?" Lovelace answered, "The aliens returned and gave me a new one to replace the old one."

Bill, Will, Jill, and Lill were near Mumble's feet when they heard this.

Bill was curious as he asked himself, "Aliens?" Suddenly Bryan looked down at Mumble and said, "You're a good ripper penguin." Bill heard what Bryan said and said to himself, "Penguin?" Mumble replied to Bryan, "Well Bryan, you're pretty good for an elephant seal." Bill was curious again and said, "Elephant seal?" Will walked behind him with Lill and Jill next to him and said, "We have to go Bill!" Bill saw Mumble's feet moving up and down and said, "No, follow me."

The three of them followed Bill closely and when Mumble's foot came down they stood on it and he pulled it up, which propelled them into the air. They grabbed Mumble's feathers and quickly climbed to the top of his head. Will, Jill, and Lill were holding on tightly while Bill looked around to see all the penguins and elephant seals. He looked down to see a bunch of baby Emperor Penguins standing on grass and in small puddles.

Bill: "Guys look!"

Will, Jill, and Lill looked at the baby penguins with amazement.

Will: "I think they're babies."

Bill: "It's amazing; they're so big and yet they're so cute!"

Jill: "He's right, and they don't look as big from this height."

Seymour looked down at his son Atticus and said, "Lift your head up, 'cause you're a star. Be strong boy we know who you are. Papa said knock them out!"

Atticus: "Yeah I'm gonna knock them out!"

Seymour: "Papa said knock them out, come on!"

Seymour turned to others and started singing with some other baby penguins.

"What a quality come back yeah,

I've been here for years,

Rockin my pants

Putting suckers in bed.

I'm gonna take this itty bitty girl by storm

And I'm just getting warm"

Suddenly Bo, the daughter of Miss Viola, walks in front of him with other baby penguins covered in snow.

They shake it off and sing: "We're bringing fluffy back, Yeah!

Little baby penguins don't know how to act yeah!

Take it to the chorus,

Get your fluffy on,

shake you're tail,

Get your fluffy on,

Watch yourself

Get your fluffy ooon!"

Bill, Will, Jill, and Lill watched them with warm smiles, especially Bill who was dancing to their singing. Then Erik, Mumble and Gloria's son, walked in leading another group of baby penguins.

They sang: "We are family

Get up everybody and sing

We are family

Get up everybody and sing"

Then a group of baby Adelie Penguins walked in; they were slightly shorter than the baby Emperor Penguins and they had gray colored feathers on there bodies, but their heads were all black with no white. Five of them were leading; they were Ramon's son and the Amigos' sons. Ramon's son's name was Rafael and the Amigos' sons were Carlos, Marcel, Tipa, and Armando.

They led the baby Adelie Penguins: "Upside inside out

Livin la vida loca!

She'll push and pull you out

Livin la vida loca!"

Then they heard adorable voices singing: "Rolling, rolling, rolling

Keep moving, moving, moving

Keep them doggies moving"

On the next lines, some bab penguins cleared the way to reveal a group of baby elephant seals coming in, led by Shane and Darren, Bryan's sons.


Rain and wind and weather

Helping for leather

Wishing me girls by me side!

Move 'em on, head 'em up,
Head 'em up, move 'em out,
Move 'em on, head 'em out Rawhide!
Set 'em out, ride 'em in
Ride 'em in, let 'em out,
Cut 'em out, ride 'em in Rawhide!

When the baby elephant seals joined in Bill, Will, Lill, and Jill climbed off of Mumble and walked through the snow and Bill led them to Erik. They started to climb up Erik's back and make their way to his head.

Gloria started to sing her heart song, "Boogie Wonderland" and everyone started dancing again. Noah the elder was standing on a large mount of ice that gave him a view of everyone and he too danced to the song. Shane and Darren hit their flippers on the ground like a person playing the bongos and the adult elephant seals smashed their tail flippers on the ground to the same beat. Rafael and the Junior Amigos started dancing wonderfully with everyone else. Erik tapped his feet to the beat while Bill climbed on top of his head and started to go to his face.

Will: "Bill, what are you doing?"

Bill: "I feel the first step to learning the secret of these predators is to communicate with them."

Jill: "No, he'll eat you!"

Bill climbed on to Erik's nose and Erik saw him.

Erik stopped dancing and looked at him as Bill said, "Hello!"

Erik was surprised as he had never heard a krill talk before.

Author's note: To be continued. This story will talk about the threats of global warming in future chapters.