Happy Feet Three

The Food Chain

It was now the afternoon and everyone had made it to an area of thin ice; at the end of the ice was the sea. The ice was thick enough for all of them to walk on but you could see through it and what was directly underneath it. Mumble, Bryan, Ramon, and The Amigos were walking with their kids across the ice while Sven and Aage were flying overhead. Bill, Will, Lill, and Jill were still sitting on Erik's head as they proceeded on their journey. Will was starting to feel more comfortable around Mumble and the others. The others were growing fond of Bill, Will, Lill, and Jill. They were walking close to the edge where the water was; little did they know that three large creatures were swimming below the ice. Sven and Aage were flying overhead when they looked down and saw Mumble and the others walking near the edge, they approached a long crack that was in the middle of the ice. They looked down and showed a sign of fear as they saw the creatures swimming up toward them.

They began to fly down to them while Sven yelled, "Mumbly, look out!"

They looked up at Sven and then Mumble looked down and saw the creatures coming up fast.

He then yelled, "Everyone out of the way!"

They quickly scattered in fear and three leopard seals jumped through the ice and broke it. Since they went through the crack they caused the ice to break up some. Erik and the krill and the other kids were on a small iceberg that separated and was floating away slowly. Sven and Aage were flying overhead as they watched everything happen in fear. Ramon, Lovelace, and the Amigos fell in the water and they swam away as one of the leopard seals followed them; they went in the same direction to avoid getting separated. Mumble and Bryan emerged their heads from the water and floated to breathe.

Aage hovered over Mumble and Bryan for a few seconds while saying, "Mumble! Erik and the others are in danger!"

Mumble began to swim but then another one of the leopard seals came and tried to bite him. Bryan tried help Mumble but they were moving fast.

Mumble kept swimming away; he looked in the kids' direction and he jumped out of the water a few times while yelling, "Erik… stay out… of the water!"

Erik and the others watched the leopard seal chase Mumble and Bryan trying to catch the leopard seal.

They had scared expressions and Will yelled, "What's going on?!"

Rafael looked up at the krill on Erik's head and said, "These muy scary leopard seals are trying to eat us!"

Lill screamed, "Oh no!"

Will was freaking out but asked, "Wait, they eat you too?!"

Atticus said, "Duh! We fish, krill, and other stuff but skuas and leopard seals eat us and fish!"

Bill's eyes widened and he said, "I think I'm starting to figure out the food chain."

Will had the same expression and said, "Me too."

Suddenly the third leopard seal poked his head out of the water and looked at them with an angry looking expression.

He looked Erik, Atticus, Bo, Rafael, Carlos, Tipa, Armando, and Marcel and said, "Oooh, appetizers."

Shane and Darren were scared for their friends and Darren said, "Leave us alone!"

Shane added, "Yeah, go away!"

The leopard seal growled and said, "You kids just swim on home to your daddy."

They backed away in fear and moved closer to Shane and Darren as the leopard seal growled. Bill, Will, Lill, and Jill shook in fear as they feared for themselves and for Erik and the others.

Suddenly Sven and Aage flew behind the leopard seal's head and Sven stopped flapping and kicked the leopard seal's head. The leopard seal turned around and saw Sven and Aage hovering in front of him.

Sven and Aage taunted him as Sven said, "Hey ugly, why don't you try to catch a puffin!"

The leopard seal growled and took his flippers off the iceberg and tried to bite Sven and Aage but they flew away. The leopard seal chased them as they flew close to the surface of the water.

The leopard seal jumped out of the water a few times while Sven yelled, "Eerik, we'll hold them off; you must get to the ice!"

Erik and the others heard him and Jill pointed to the ice and said, "You heard him, we've got to swim to the ice."

Bo looked at her and said, "But we can't swim! We're too fluffy!"

Erik turned his eyes up and said, "Fluffy don't float."

Shane and Darren hopped between them and said, "We can swim, hold onto us."

Erik climbed onto the back of Shane's neck (large compared to him) and Bill, Will, Lill, and Jill climbed off of Erik's head and onto Shane's. Rafael climbed onto Shane's back and sat behind Erik and Carlos and Marcel sat behind Rafael. Atticus, Bo, Armando, and Tipa climbed onto Darren's back; Atticus sat in the back near Darren's tail flippers because he was the biggest. With the eight baby penguins on their backs, Shane and Darren made their way to the edge of the ice and jumped into the water. When they were under water Bill, Will, Lill, and Jill felt refreshed from being underwater. Erik and the other baby penguins had their flippers tightly against Shane and Darren's backs so they wouldn't fall off and drown. Shane and Darren were able to swim well even with the wait of the baby penguins on them, but they couldn't swim as fast. It would take them a while before they made it to the ice connected to the land.

Meanwhile the other leopard was chasing Mumble quickly; they swerved and twisted in different directions. Bryan was chasing the leopard seal to get him away from Mumble; he was gaining on him but they were moving fast and turning quickly so it wasn't easy. At one point they went below a large glacier with icicles on the bottom; Mumble swam between two that were close together but the leopard seal followed him and broke the icicles. Bryan kept following with a determined face but the leopard seal was so focused on eating Mumble that he didn't no Bryan was chasing him.

Meanwhile another leopard seal was chasing Lovelace, Ramon, and the Amigos. As they swam away they screamed under the water. At one point they swam to the surface and jumped out of the water and after they fell back in there was the image of the leopard seal's back emerging from the water and curving down. They swam under the ice and swam around some icicles then they swam under the ice they were standing on and they caught sight of a large hole.

They quickly began to swim toward it while Lovelace turned his head to them and yelled, "Come my brothers, hurry!"

They quickly swam through the hole and jumped out of the hole and into the air. The leopard seal went out of the hole and broke the ice on the outside making it wider. He did not go as high as the penguins and landed on some of the ice. Lovelace, Ramon, and the Amigos landed ten feet away from the leopard seal. They turned around and saw him growl; the leopard seal went back into the water and they made their way close to the edge. They caught sight of Erik and the others riding Shane and Darren; they were coming toward them and they were three quarters between the main ice and the iceberg they got off. They surfaced their heads so they could breathe as Shane and Darren continued.

They started waving their flippers and yelling while Lovelace yelled, "Young ones, quickly, get out of the water!"

The eight baby penguins had their feathers hanging like Mumble's after he's in the water.

Bo yelled, "We're coming!"

When they went back under Bill, Will, Jill, and Lill looked around and Bill said, "We're still clear!"

Meanwhile Sven and Aage were still flying close to the water with the other leopard seal following them. The leopard seal would jump out of the water now and again to try and eat Sven and Aage. Sven and Aage could easily fly up higher and escape the leopard seal but they were just keeping him busy so that he wouldn't go after Erik and the others. At one point they were flying in the direction of Erik and the others. When the seal jumped out of the water Sven and Aage split up and turned around and flew past the leopard seal's head. When they passed his head he caught sight of Erik and the others just starting to climb out of the water and onto the ice. He then began to swim toward them and Sven and Aage began to panic as they flew after him. Mumble was still trying escape the leopard seal chasing him when he saw the other one swimming in Erik's direction. He gasped and turned back to the leopard seal chasing him and he saw Bryan chasing the leopard seal. Mumble got an idea and he swam toward the other leopard seal. All of the kids were now out of the water and Bill, Will, Jill, and Lill climbed off of Shane's head and were standing on the snow. Erik was standing close to the edge with his back to the water while everyone was smiling because they got out of the water. Suddenly the leopard seal made it to the edge of the ice and was slowly moving to the surface. Bryan was following the leopard seal chasing Mumble but he stopped when he noticed them heading in the direction of the other one. Bryan figured out what Mumble was up to and he began to swim to the surface.

Everyone else on the ice was cheering while Erik said, "We did it! We did it!"

Suddenly the leopard moved his head out of the water and was right behind Erik. The others' beaks dropped open.

Bo pointed at the leopard seal behind Erik and yelled, "Erik, behind you!"

Erik turned around and looked in fear as the leopard seal was looking at him and opened his mouth full of razor sharp teeth. He moved his head backward and was about to move it down to eat Erik, when suddenly Mumble jumped out of the water and over his head. The next second the other leopard seal jumped out of the water and hit the other one knocking him into the water and away from Erik. The leopard seals were dizzy so Mumble jumped onto the ice and he and Erik moved away from the edge.

Sven and Aage landed and stood like pigeons as everyone cheered; one of the Amigos said, "Mumble you're the greatest penguin in the world!"

Bill, Will, Jill, and Lill looked up at Mumble and Lill said, "That was amazing!"

Will happily said, "You've got the most courage out of anyone I've ever met!"

Suddenly they stopped as all three of the leopard seals emerged from the water and climbed onto the ice and approached them.

They backed away as one of the leopard seals said, "Looks like a three course meal."

Another one of them said, "I get the ones with the weird beaks."

Bill, Will, Jill, and Lill were scared and climbed onto Mumble's foot as the third leopard seal said, "I'll have the kids."

They were all scared when suddenly Bryan climbed onto the ice and stood behind the leopard seals with an angry expression.

He was right behind them when he said, "G'day mates."

The leopard seals turned around and became nervous when they saw him. Elephant seals are bigger than leopard seals so they were a little afraid of him.

One of them moved his head to refer to Shane and Darren and said, "Uh, if these are your kids, we weren't gonna hurt them. We're just gonna have some lunch and then we'll go."

Bryan looked at them angrily and said, "You're not eating any of these penguins! You want to eat something, go find some fish! You don't have to go home but you can't stay here!"

He walked past them and joined the others; the leopard seals had defeated expressions on their faces as they began to leave.

The others smiled and Atticus turned to Bryan and said, "Yeah, that's my man Bryan!"

Carlos pointed at the leopard seals and said, "Oh look at the little babies leaving!"

They all laughed some and Tipa said, "Ow I think Bryan really hurt them, oh wait that's how they already look!"

They all busted out laughing and one of the leopard seals turned around angrily and said, "Remember birdies, we share the same ocean."

Ramon happily said, "Yeah but where we come from people have lives!"

They all laughed, even Bill, Will, Lill, and Jill; Sven and Aage began to fly and they all continued on their journey to the forbidden shore.