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Transformers Prime : Miami

Chapter 22: The long way home

Both ratchet and Perceptor had to face facts, If they had any hope of repairing Elita-one she would have to be moved to Perecptors laboratory in the Miami base. Optimus had joined their sparks together in order for Ratchet and Perceptor to operate and fix the neural pathways that were severely damaged when she unleashed her power to stop time. With the worst done all that had to be done was to repair the delicate servos in Elita one's chasse. They were able isolate Optimus's spark and return Elita's spark. In doing so Optimus had woken up from his sabbatical.

"Careful now, you don't want to do anything that would cause further harm to her!" Perceptor warned for the 7th time as the floating gurney transported the still body of Elita-one toward the Autobot's ground bridge.

"Do you think you can tell us again Perceptor?" Arcee nagged " Im not sure we caught it the first ten times! "

"I apologize for my curtness, it's just I don't wasn't to see days of work thrown away due to a mishap in transportation. "Perceptor said in an attempt to justify his demeanor.

"Are you sure you can repair her ?" optimus said in a worried tone " There's no trouble in using our base facilities.

"I appreciate the offer Optimus, "Perceptor said " But in the Miami base I have scanner with special calibrations made so by me. Once there I will be able to diagnose her properly.

"Very well then, Good luck old friend." Optimus said as he nodded to Raf, who in turn opened the ground bridge.

Optimus Prime looked as Perceptor guided the gurney into the ground bridge and in a flash of green They were gone.

Yuri Makarov packed a few clothes and some documents he downloaded from the internet. He studied the map of Moscow carefully and looked at the notes he scribbled on it. From what he researched his former fiancé was buried in a cemetery not far from Red Square. Yuri remembered the place from his days in the Soviet military. He lost track of how many Victory Day parades he participated in the 50's and 60's. Of course that was back at a time when the Soviet Union was proud to show their dominance to the world.

He opened the door to his dormitory room and knocked on the door of April's room.

"just a sec!" He heard yell through the door.

In moments she opened the door with a heavy backpack on her shoulders. She wore a light jacket with a soft pink knitted cap. Yuri blinked in confusions as he saw she was overly packed and underly dressed. April immediately noticed the confused look in his eyes.

'What is it?" she asked wrinkling her forehead.

"April what have you packed in there that's so big?" He asked, looking at April hunched over to balance out the weight .

"just a few items….." She said nonchalantly "Some clothes, snacks , bottled water, and my medical bag…" She noticed he still had a confused look.

"Look I just like to be prepared…" She said touching his arm.

"Are you also wearing that thin jacket?" Yuri asked her.

"Yes, I checked the forecast for Moscow, it's going to be in the upper 60's all week. " April said pulling out her Smartphone. "Besides it's only October, Moscow doesn't get cold until November.

"Da April…..Da" Yuri said teasingly. He was only too familiar with the fickleness of Russian weather. "April I know you studied but please for me , wear a thicker coat. "

The two then made their way into the upper Autobot base. In it Sunstreaker was aiding Perceptor as he conducted a surgery on Elita-One, While Mirage was busy with monitor duty. As they approached the main computer hub, Yuri and April both saw he was watching Grimlock as Grimlock roamed around the woods of Bicayane Bay in his dinosaur mode.

"Go on have fun you big lug….." Mirage said under his breath.

Mirage turn to see Yuri and April behind him " Oh hey you two! Is it that time for your trip?"

"Da Comrade Mirage!" Yuri smiled and then inputted the coordinates into the ground bridge controls.

"ok so we will be gone a week at the most, if you need anything Verity said she will cover for us. "April said in a fretting tone.
"You're worried about us!?" Mirage chuckled "may I remind you I am your guardian and I should be the one worried. Still, if anything happens call us and we'll be a ground bridge away."

April smiled " Ok big guy…"

"Also that chip we put in your butt will alert us if your heart rate rises above 120!" Mirage threw in with a smirk.

April's ears turned red in embarrassment as she took out the thicker coat from her bag and wrapped it over her.

"Have fun you two!" Mirage said as he opened the ground bridge.

Yuri took a deep breath as he realized that beyond the green swirling vortex was home, Mother Russia as he so affectionately called it. Still he wondered if Mother Russia would welcome back her lost son.

April's gloved hand wrapped around his, "C'mon it's time." She smiled

As they exited the ground bridge they were immediately greeted by a cold, biting wind. They blinked as they got their bearings and saw that a heavy snowfall also greeted them.

"I-I Don't get it!? "April shouted while wrapping her scarf around her mouth." I checked weather channel!, They said it would be sunny!"

Yuri pulled her close to him, "One thing you can always count on Russian weather is you can't count on Russian weather!"

Perceptor tapped the edge of his chin with his finger as he looked over the latest round of tests from Elita. All of her systems were function normally , still her brain patterns read dormant. She wasn't deactivate by any means and her spark still resided in her chamber. Perceptor knew he was missing something to wake her up from her coma. He narrowed his optics as his thought process shifted into overdrive as he recanted each step , each decision, everything that had been done for Elita so far. He knew he was missing something and by Primus he was determined to find it. For every question that Perceptor asked he always found the answer too. This was no different, He took that part back. She was their leader and while Mirage was doing a good job they needed her. Resting his hands on his work table, he stared at the still body of elita-One. She still maintained her normal colors and hadn't faded to gunmetal grey, which was fortunate at the least. He checked his numbers over and over again. All the diagnostic figures that he calculated, every figure he calculated. What was he missing?

"Perceptor," He heard Sunstreaker call behind him "How is she?"

"I've made all the necessary repairs, but still she is not responsive. I don't know what else I can do for her." Perceptor said with a aura of tire in his voice.

'You don't know…" now that's something I never thought I would hear you say." Sunstreaker egged.

Perceptor looked at him sharply "Are you trying to be funny?"

"Funny? No, astonished, yes. " Streaker added " Look you are the authority on anything in the universe, If you cant find an answer then that answer doesn't exist. I have yet to see you not solve a problem, so."

Perceptor waited for his pause to end " so?"

"So if the answer doesn't exist, you create an answer!" Sunstreaker encouraged and placed a hand on the scientist shoulder." I know you don't know what Elita needs right now, but it's there and you will find it. Don't give up,"

Perceptor smiled a little and nodded. Then a gleam flashed in Perceptors optics. Susntreaker knew that look all too well.

"What?" Streaker asked cautiously.

"That's it…."Perceptor whispered' " By the all spark THAT'S IT!" He said as he excitedly jumped up and raced to the ground bridge controls.

"Perceptor, where are you going!?" Sunstreaker called out.

"I'm going to create the answer!" Perceptor announced "Stay with our leader!, I shant be long!" He said gleefully as he transformed and disappeared through the ground bridge.

Yuri gained his bearing as he realized where they were in Moscow. "April!" He quipped. " I believe we are 3 blocks from red Square!, We are on the south side of the Kremlin!" He said as he took her by the hand and led her out of the alley and into the street. The first thing Yuri noticed about Moscow is it smelled worse than he remembered. It wasn't refuse or sewage; it was the smell of smog and gasoline. He looked and saw there were more cars on the roads than he remembered. In the 60's you could buy a car but it was a long process that took over 10 years.

"What is it?" April asked when she noticed the puzzled look on his face.

"So many cars April!, "he saw in amazement " I was 20 before I rode in a car!"

"Do you know where we're going?" april asked as her teeth chattered.

"Da April!, We are just three blocks from Red Square! Come!" he sang as he took her by the hand. As they got closer to Red Square, Yuri began to notice more and more people out and about in the Moscow afternoon. The Sharp wind had died down to a slow breeze but the snow was continuing to fall. April looked to her right as she noticed a small café they passed. It was populated by a few dozen people. Some were inside and a few still sat outside in the patio.

The Café was busy, for inside sat five large men in suits and each were busy eating a plate of food beyond them was another man in a fine suit, except this one was embroiled in a heated conversation on his cell phone.

"Check it again Boris!, How can 6 million ruble vanish like that!?" The Russian mobster yelled. "I am coming to the club now Boris! If you don't have my money I will have your head!" He screamed as he threw his phone against the wall.

His name was Dimitri Koramov, and he came from a long line of Russian mobsters. The only thing they liked the most about the fall of the soviet Union was the fact they could do bisnsuess without having to give half of their income to the State. Still when the men who worked under him botch a simple money transfer , those were the times he long for the old days of working in secret .

He looked at his men as they sat at the table stuffing their faces with borscht and Schichi , and his face grew only redder "Get up you fools! Someone is stealing from us!" he yelled as he kicked the table over. Leading his men out, they quickly piled into their black Cadillac and sped off. It's truly a shame Dimitri wasn't more observant to his surroundings. He failed to notice at the entrance of the café sat a young blonde girl who was busily tapping away at her laptop. She was careful not to let them Mobster see her, as she scoped them out every day this week. She knew this was the time to catch them with their guard down. She grinned a little as she erased the encrypted files that allowed her to hack the accounts to siphon the 6 million rubles from the mobster's smartphones. With a quick keystroke she threw the funds and the transfer codes on to her data card. With her work done the young girl closed her alienware laptop and slid it in her back pack. Leaving a cheap tip she skipped down the street 6 Million rubles richer. She turned the corner and lifted a street grate in a lonely alley, looking around to make sure no one saw her, she quickly climbed down into the Moscow underground.

"Just one more corer April and you will see….Red…..Square?" Yuri said slowly as he saw Red Square but it wasn't the Red Square he remembered. Gone were the large posters of propaganda, He even saw a few department stores on the Square and a McDonalds! He blinked as he saw no sign of any military presence in the Square. At the end of the Square he could see the Kremlin from far off. Just beyond them was Lenin's tomb . Normally Leniin's tomb had a long line outside of it of people waiting to see the preserved body of the Marxist leader. Now there was no line.

"What's Wrong Yuri?" April asked as she looked at Moscow for the first time in her life.

Yuri gulped " J-Just a little different than I remembered. " he said with a slight smile. " Last time I was here was for the Soviet Victory day parade. "

"Maybe we should find out hotel first and then get something to eat…" April said as she took Yuri by the hand and headed for their hotel.

The young girl climbed her way down the lower levels underneath Moscow. She knew these underground tunnels well, for they stretched and intersected under the city for miles and miles. They were first built at the turn of the 20th century and gradually as the Soviet Union came to prominence, new tunnels were made to house a new rail system. Miles upon miles of these tunnels were left abandoned. A good portion of these tunnels remained barren and forgotten, but a good portion of them were occupied by various denizens of Russian society.

They were called Chroniya Kurista, Black hen or underground dwellers translated from Russian. They were people who chose to live underground, most were mentally ill, lost, and many were runaways. Children who were forgotten or left behind by the system, those that were lucky found castes or gangs to live with. They took care of each other and made sure everyone ate and slept in safety. Others that weren't so lucky found themselves exploited or abused. It wasn't the best life for children, but they made due with what they could.

She was careful to make sure she wasn't followed; she knew these tunnels well for she lived here for the past two years. She breathed a small sigh of relief when she made it to the soft lights of the underground dwelling of her gang. Reaching the heavy steel door she pounded on it with her fists.

"Who is it? A voice in Russian called out.

"Is Kataya! Open up!" Kataya answered.

The heavy Iron door slid open and Kataya went in to the dimly lit room. It was no bigger than a one bedroom apartment and it was shared by at least 15 kids. They were called "the Kirsa" or simply, "the rats" . They ranged in ages from 7 to 16, and they were all pickpockets and thieves. They each took turns roaming the streets of Moscow, taking what they could. Some were good at pick pocketing and some were good at hacking or phishing scams. This was Kataya's expertise; since she was little she was always good with computers. She could build them from nothing, and dismantle them to hide any trace or any wrong doing. Kataya lived down here for the past two years since she lost her only family. Rather than be sent to a dismal Russian Orphanage, She ran away and found a home in the tunnels below. Kataya was a cute little Russian girl, she had a dirty blonde hair, and a cute smile. She had a pretty voice too as she would often sing of war songs taught to her from her grandmother. All these traits would make her an easy target for molesters and abusers. But Kataya was lucky, for she found a gang that was protected by one man.

"Kataya! Did you bring me my cheese whiz?" a round face little Russian boy asked with glee when he saw her.

"Da Pitor! I would never forget…" She smiled as she gave him a can of spray cheese, to which he quickly took the cap off and squeezed a large amount in his mouth.

"Kataya," an older boy with a scar over his left cheek called out " Ivan wants to see you …"

Kataya nodded as once again she was reminded that no matter where she went, Ivan knew where she was. She gripped the straps on her back pack and proceeded to the far back of the tunnels. She walked until she came to a large clearing; it was made like an apartment in a workshop. Everywhere pieces of machinery were cluttered and strewn about. She knew better that to move or nudge anything. Dong so meant a harsh lashing. They were protected but at the same time, that protection came with a price.

Seeing the man hunched over his work desk, she was about to pay his price.

"you are late…." Ivan Vanko said slowly, not glancing up from his work.

Kataya gulped as she had to word her next words carefully. "I am sorry, I made double sure I wasn't followed…"

He looked up to show his greasy dirty face. Long hair peppered with grey fell around his face as he flashed a grin with teeth that were capped in metal. He outstretched his hand and wagged his fingers as if to beckon her to him. Kataya blinked as she gave him the small purple flash drive. He took it and loaded it into his computer and clacked a few keystrokes. He transferred the stolen ruble into his private escrow account. He was a former nuclear physicist, having defected to America in the 80's he was framed for releasing government secrets and promptly deported. Having escape from Siberia a few years later. Ivan made a home in the Russian tunnels, he built his workshop here and he used the children to steal for him so he could fund his projects.

"You do good work Kataya, take something for your 'troubles'" he said as she transferred a few hundred ruble to her account. "Go, get dinner and then back to work…"

Kataya nodded as she quickly left, Ivan protected them, but he never once let them forget who was in charge. Who the little rats stole for, who they were indebted to for their lives, Kataya breathed a little sigh of relief when she left his workshop, and grateful she didn't receive a beating.

"Well that's the last of it." April said as she finished unpacking. "What do you want to do first?" She asked as Yuri continued to gaze listlessly out the window.

"Yuri!, hey come back to earth Yuri…" She kidded.

"huh, oh im sorry , it's just so many memories are coming back…" He said as he touched the cold window that overlooked the street below. April moved behind him and wrapped her arms around him.

"Talk to me, what's on your mind." She whispered.

Yuri smiled as he turned to face her and held her in his arms. " I am remembering my first time coming to Moscow. It was when I first met my fiancé. "

"Tell me about her, "April asked curiously.

Yuri looked out into the snow covered buildings "Her name was Kataya Lojenko, She was 19 and fresh out of nursing school, She was from Moscow and I was a from Leningrad and It was the May Day parade.

Moscow 1960.

Yuri sneezed as he struggled to wrap his coat around him tighter. He felt fine when he woke up to morning muster. Gradually he felt himself grow weaker as the fever began to set in . He shivered and he struggled to remain alert.

"Makarov!" He heard his name yelled out.

He raised his head toward the direction of the scream and soon came face to face with his wing commander, Captain Reznev.

"Look at you, you look like shit Junior Lieutenant Makarov!" Captain Reznev berated .

"And I feel like shit too, Comrade Reznev.." Yuri said through a haggle of coughs and then finally sneezed in the face of his Wing Commander. Captian reznev quickly wiped his face from the snot moleuces that yuri painted all over his face.

"This is no good, We can't have you march in the parade now! What if you fall out? You'll make all of us look bad!" Reznev griped.

"Lieutenant Tolzov!, Take Comrade Makarov to the infirmary, and make sure he stayed there till after parade!" Reznev ordered Yuri's friend, as Liuetenant Tolzov took Yuri by the arm and led him away " You can count on that you will be cleaning the latrines by tonight Comrade Makarov!" Reznes threatened, as a sneeze quickly escapes his nose.

"If you weren't such a good pilot, I think you would not be in our unit right now!" Tolzov added as he drug his friend through the streets of Moscow, and toward the Medical building.

"It figures Comrade Tolzov, " Yuri coughed " First time I come to Moscow and I am sick like a dog!"

"Can't say im not envious of you, this cold day I would not want to be standing out in formation!" Tolzov said as he led him inside the infirmary.

" You don't understand!, This was my first May Day parade in the Air corps ,Comrade Tolzov!" Yuri lamented " I don't see how it can get any worse"

Tolzov and Yuri stopped at the med desk at the top of the stairs, each step seemed like a mountain to Yuri as he felt the fever grow more in him. Tolzon rang the bell over and over, and he looked at the empty clinic.

"No doubt, everyone is out watching the parade!" Tolzov muttered.

Then from behind the curtain emerged a beautiful nurse, in a white nurse's uniform with a nurse cap sitting atop her black hair that was tied back in a neat bun. She was voluptuous and fair skinned. Both Yuri and Tolzov were immediately taken by her looks.

"Are you hearing me?" Nurse Kataya Lojenko said in a louder tone

"Ah yes, My friend here is running a fever, we think it might be the flu!" Tolzov said.

" I see you are pilot and not a doctor, so if you please put him on the bed and let me make that determination!" She said with a no nonsense tone.

Tolzov nodded and set Yuri on the nearest bed to him,"Last chance I'll trade places with you!?" Tolzov joked.

" Not a chance buddy!" Yuri snapped back.

Yuri sipped the hot coffee April had just prepared for him " That was how met, From then on we started to see each other. Or I made any excuse to see her. "Yuri said with a grin.

"Was she your first love?" April asked sipping her cup.

"Da, she was, "Yuri smiled. " I am thinking we go soon to see her grave?"

"We can if you want, but by the weather, I think it would be better if we stayed in for now, and I'd like to hear more about Kataya, She sounded like a strong woman." April smiled warmly.

"You have no idea," Yuri chuckled "Come, we go eat now!, You have to try it Pior Boryetsky!, and I will tell you more about Kataya if you want. "

Miami Courthouse

"We will convene for lunch and resume at one O'clock!' The Judge said as she rapped her gavel once.

"All rise!" The stone face bailiff called out as everyone in the courthouse stood up.

Verity Carlo watched as the judge disappeared behind the door and the courtroom began to file out. She drew a deep breath as she checked her watch, and saw she had about 30 minutes to meet with Tracks.

"Defense grilled you hard, but I think we'll get the conviction." Grinned the District Attorney Steven Miles. "Thank you for your testimony Detective."

Verity smiled and shook his hand "The case is pretty open and shut, I'd stay for the verdict but I have something to attend to. Text me when you have the verdict" She winked as she left the courtroom.

That was the last of the Medrano cartel to be convicted from the incident at the Port of Miami a few months back. Verity had to word her testimony very carefully to avoid revealing the existence of the Autobots and at the same time keep her from committing perjury. Verity walked out onto the Miami sun and put her sunglasses on, She saw Prowl drive up and quickly got into the driver's seat as Prowl switched off his holomatter avatar.

"Tesitmony go well?" he asked as she took over driving controls

"Enrique slipped up on the stand, he will be lucky if he get 15 to 20." She said as she pulled out onto the highway. "And now we have 20 minutes to get out to the old paper mill in West Flager."

"Are you sure I can't be there?" Prowl asked with worry in his voice.

"We went over this Prowl, I promised Tracks I would come alone, I only have this chance to coax him back to the Autobot side. "

"I still don't see the big deal, I've been on my own without the Autobots and I've done just fine."

"That's because you have me to look out for you" Verity added " tracks is out there on his own, and we can't risk him blowing the Autobots cover, or worse."

"Worse?" Prowl said "You know you make me worry when you say things like that."

"Look I just don't want to see him end up in a situation that he can't get out of "Verity said with concern.

They arrive a 5 miles from the meeting place at a remote part of a salvage yard, Verity got out and could see the paper mill from her position. Prowl transformed and survey the area as well.

"I'm not detecting any cons in the vicinity, you go on ahead and I'll remain here ."Prowl said.

Verity nodded and radioed the Autobot base " Autobot base this is Verity Carlo requesting a ground bridge From my position to these coordinates."

"Roger that Detective Carlo "She heard Mirage respond to her.

Within seconds the green portal of the ground Bridge appeared before Verity. She checked her gun and holstered it and picked up the canister of Energon.

"Verity!" Prowl said as she looked back to him " Be careful , ok?"

Verity nodded and went through, instantly she found herself five miles away in the paper mill yard. She surveyed the yard, and noted the points for cover and return fire. She walked a few yards lugging the canister with her.

"Tracks! It's verity, Look im not lugging this heavy ass Energon canister anymore!, You want it you come out to me!" she yelled as she knew Tracks would be monitoring her movements.

From behind the shipping containers appeared a 2013 Ford Mustang GT, it looked like it had seen better days, it was dinged up and dirty, and it rolled ever so slowly. It crawled to verity as he finally transformed into am Autobot with a scratched out Autobot symbol. He was the last of the "renegades" A rouge faction made up of both Autobot and Decepticon disillusioned soldiers. They made an attempt to take over the street gangs of Miami but where stopped by Optimus Prime and the Autobots. They would have succeeded had it not been for an informant that relayed valuble information to Verity. That informant turned out to be Tracks.

As she finished his transformation his legs gave out and he stumbled back on the ground. He sat up as Verity could see he was severly Energon drained. Verity Held her hand up in a sign of peace as she approached him.

"Show me your port, I'll infuse this ." She said as he extended his arm and a tiny port opened from the crook of his wrist. Verities popped open the seal and fixed the canister to drain into his port. She had done this dozens of times when she was apart of the Autobot team 15 years ago.

Tracks breathed a sigh of relief as he soon felt the Energon enter his body. "You …..kept .. your word on both counts….I'm impressed " He said weakly.

"Once a Wrecker always a Wrecker "Verity said " I kept my bargain, now will you keep yours? Can we talk about you coming back to the Autobots?"

Tracks smiled as he laid his head back.

From one of the shipping containers was mounted a small camera, Little did they know they were being watched and monitored. As they soon would know, an order to take the Autobot alive and to kill the cop had just been issued.

Moscow – the next day

Yuri took a deep breath as he looked at the grand open spaces of Red Square. His and April's day began with breakfast at a small café near Red Square. They then took a proper tour of Red Square. Wherever they went Yuri had a story to tell about it. He showed her St/Basils Cathedral, and the various cobblestone on the square and they almost got kicked out of Lenin's tomb.

April looked at the stern main uniform giving a speech to their tour group as they waited to enter the tomb to see the embalmed body of Vladamir Lenin. The man spoke briskly and sternly as he read over the rules of etiquette to the crowd. April's Russian was still rusty and she maybe caught half of what he was saying.

"Did you get all that April?" Yuri asked as they entered the front foyer of the Mausoleum.

"Most of it " April said as they checked their electronic gear and valuables into a locker. "What all was it?"

"Pretty much that respect must be shown in the mausoleum at all times, No Smoking, Talking,Photography, hand in pocket, no scratching your butt and no passing gas!" He said .

"Your joking right?" April smirked

"No, No joking! " He smiled "Do you need bathroom, April?"

"uh no I'm fine!" April blushed as they then proceeded to the next area where they were searched by armed guards. When all of their group were cleared they moved into the next room, it was here that the Boiled Cabbage stew that April ate started to rumble in her stomach.

The mood in the tomb was somber and silent as they passed through photographs of the Russian leader's life. They then finally moved to the room where Lenin was entombed. Yuri smiled when he saw the still body of Lenin perfectly preserved and lying in state. He looked exactly the same as the last time Yuri visited here a month before his second space flight.

As they made their way through slowly April saw the perfectly preserved body of Lenin, she was at first amazed to see this sight, then amazement turned to sheer horror as she felt her lower intestine rumble and a familiar pressure in her colon.

"oh no! no, no, no, not here!" She thought.

She saw Yuri look back at her and she quickly adapted a sweet demeanor. Seconds felt like days as the line moved slowly. All she could think about now was getting out of the building and finding a bathroom. Still the pressure was building in her abdomen and depsrately tried to think of anything to get her mind off of it.

In trying to focus on something else she dint notice the line was moving and was accidently bumped by the large woman behind her. That was the single catalyst her body needed. April gritted her teeth as she tried to hold it in, but it was futile. A tiny high pitch fart escaped April's behind. She hoped and prayed no one heard it. But it was the stench that gave her away.

Soon everyone began to silently sniff the air and hold their nose as the methane filled the air. Yuri sniffed and looked behind him to see the tips of April's ears turn red from embarrassment. He silently chuckled and shook his head.

They exited the mausoleum to many dirty looks, most of them directed at April. They collected their belongings and left.

"Do you need a bathroom now April?" Yuri joked.

"I can't believe I farted in front of Lenin….." April lamented. "i-I couldn't help it. If someone says not to fart , I keep thinking about not farting that I worry myself into farting!"

Yuri chuckled then laughed." At least you kept it, how you say? "Silent, butt deadly!" "

After that Yuri showed April the Kremlin, the seat of the Russian Government. He didn't go there to see the Kremlin more than he wanted to see the Kremlin wall necropolis. It was the place of rest for many of Russia's heroes. He followed the map he bought and went directly to the resting place of his friend and first man in space Yuri Gagarin.

He touched the plaque that had Gagarin's smiling face engraved on it. April noticed the somber look on his face. He then saw a small picture frame that was affixed by the site of Gagrin's tomb. It was an old black and white picture of Gagrin standing in uniform with several other uniformed men.

"What's that picture of?" April asked

"This? This is a picture of a ceremony of the recipients of the Hero of the Soviet Union award." Yuri said "it is Russia's highest honor. Do you recognize the man to the far left?"

He pointed to a figure n the picture for April to lean in to see.

It was Yuri. Smiling and in his military uniform.

"Yuri, is that you?" April asked with astonishment.

"Da, this was taken the month after my first Space flight."Yuri said "Every man in that picture was a recipient of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Order of Lenin and Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR"

April's heart then warmed a bit to know she was with a hero of Russia.

"His was the last voice I heard before I got lost through the portal the Decepticons created.." he said somberly. He then took out a bottle of Vodka from his coat and saluted his friend and took a swig from it. Yuri then felt April's hand on the bottle as she took it from him. She lifted the bottle in salute to Gagarin.

"Spasibo" April said thanks in Russian as she took a swill from the bottle. She coughed as the vodka burned on the way down.

"Sorry April!" Yuri apologized "This is real Russian Vodka, Not the weak stuff from America!"

"I can tell….." She croaked.

"Come April, let's go find where Kataya is buried." He said as he took her by the hand and then went off to find Novodevichy Cemetery.

Earth orbit

The small Cybertronian craft twisted and dodged as it shot through space. As the craft got closer to earth , the pilot had to maneuver through a maze of space junk in the upper atmosphere.

"Can you believe all this space junk?" The onboard AI computer complained. "Why would human need all this space junk!?" he complained.

The single pilot of the craft was an Autobot, and her name was Hayli. She was freelance in her work. Since the war and the scattering of Autobots and Decepticons, Hayli sought to put her skills as a ninja to good use. She travelled the galaxy, meeting any threat head on, and if they were Decepticons all the more better. She was coming off of a training mission at the planet was there the female Autobot learned even more deadly skills from the species know as Preadators.

"Making the final approach now. " She said as she aimed her craft at a landing descent. " It's been a while since I've been here. But by my calculations, our prey will be arriving here soon.

Hayli scanned and found the tracking beacon put in place by the Predators. It was her final trial. They were going to send a deadly prey for her to stalk and find. All she had to do was make the rendezvous and wait for the prey to come to her.

"Where is the beacon originating from?" Hayli asked her AI computer called Sentinel.

"The beacon is emanating from the southeastern part of the country know as America, Sound familiar?" he asked fully knowing the answer.

"of course Sentinel " She said " It use to be my home…"

"well then welcome home Hayli" He greeted.

The ship then broke through the upper atmosphere as the craft aimed itself toward Florida and made a hard landing in the Florida Everglades. The ship was firmly in place in the wet marshlands of the everglades. Hayli's craft opened up as she hopped out and activated the camouflage features of her ship. Immediately her ship cloaked and vanished from sight. She checked her wrist computers and gained her bearing.

"Not sure if this would interest you but I am picking up a faint life signal of an Autobot nearby." Sentinel said .

"Faint? Is it hurt?" She asked,

"I can't say for sure, only one way to find out of course…" he egged on.

Hayli rolled her optics. "well we do need to kill some time. She said as she transformed in to her alt form a futuristic looking air craft and took off toward the signal.


Little Kataya made sure to cover her tracks, this was the day she was suppose to hack into a secure bank system. It was highly risky. Still she spent a good month writing the Program that would allow her access to tap into the accounts of the Russian mafia. As confident as she was she knew there was a good chance this operation could go very wrong very fast. Which is why before she went to the place where she could get a good signal, she wanted to lay flowers at the grave of her grandmother.

She stood before the grave of her grandmother. She lost her when Kataya was barely 8, Katya had lost her parents at a very young age and soon went to live with her grandmother. Who raised her and tried to give her a home. Every night kataya's grandmother would read to her stories from russia's past. But her favorite stories were the stories about the heroics of Kataya's grandfather, who was a war hero. For five years Kataya live in a happy home, but soon her grandmother fell ill and passed away.

Kataya knew too well the horrors of living in a Russian orphanage, rather than face that life. Kataya took what she could pack and some sacred belongings and forged a life for herself underground. Her skills as a hacker made sure she and her friends ate, and as long as she kept Ivan's bank account padded, she was safe. Kataya gingerly placed the flowers on the grave and stood in silence. She thought of the happy times with her grandmamma, she missed her cooking and the various quilts she knitted. But most of all she missed her, She missed being loved. After a few minutes of reminiscing, Katya knew it was time to go to work. She wiped her eyes of any tears and exited the cemetery. First order of bisnuess was to secure a smartphone so she could use it to mask her codes to use against the banks servers. She would rather use a stranger's phone than her own so she would be free and clear of any tracking signals.

She wrapped her coat around her tiny frame tighter and scanned the area for a target, her eyes then focused on a couple walking and laughing together. By the way the female wore her coat ,kataya figured out she was holding something in her right pocket. Kataya started to skip toward them and then positioned herself to the woman's side of the walkway. Kataya locked on to her target and skipped faster, She then bumped the woman on her side and quickly took her smartphone. Kataya then ran quickly as she hid the phone she just lifted from her target in her coat pocket.

"Excuse you too!" April yelled at the rude girl who bumped into her. April didn't think much of it and walked with Yuri hand in hand to the cemetery.

Yuri looked at his map of the cemetery and saw the lot where she was placed.

"We are looking for lot c-64!" he said as they made their way toward the still cemetery. A fresh layer of snow had covered everything in the cemetery. Statues and headstones were dusted with light powder.

They walked and found the line graves, each were settled side by side and all had a thick layer of snow before them.

"Judging by the set of fresh foot prints, these graves were visited recently "Yuri noted. He didn't think much of it until he found lot 64 ."

"Yuri" April said as she saw the grave of Kataya Lojenko "Who put the flowers on this grave?"

Yuri was confounded, in his research he found out that Kataya had two sons, but they both died before they turned 30.

Next time: Everything comes collapsing shut as Team elita are captured in events that will have resounding affects. Verity plans for tracks come crashing down as someone from prowl's past comes back. Yuri and April find their trip to Russia takes an urgent turn for the worst and Perceptor puts into motion his plan to bring elita back.