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He awoke groggy and unaware of his surroundings. A annoying beeping was able to be heard in the distant. He rolled over and rubbed his tired eyes. He was now able to distinguish the noise. It was his alarm clock. 5:30 AM. Time for Mike Ross to make his way to work. He stumbled from his oh-so-comfy bed, and started with his morning routine. Something was off, no, something was really off. His head was pounding to the point of insanity. He stood in front of his mirror to wash his face and realized how pale he was. He looked like death warmed over. If it was this time last year he would've stayed home and got high with Trevor, but now he was finally living up to his potential and making people proud. So Mike sucked it up, took his shower, put on his semi-wrinkled suit, got on his bike, and began his day.

The ride to the firm was terrible. He couldn't focus on where he was riding, due to the fact that every time he opened his eyes, his head throbbed. He arrived to the firm grumpy and disoriented. He took the elevator to the floor and discovered a new symptom on the way there. Nausea. Mike was actually hoping that both Harvey and Louis had loaded him with paperwork so that he could get a chance to sit, take an aspirin, and be left in solitude. It must've been Mike's lucky day because their was already a small tower of forms that needed filling out. He sat down at his desk and started the paperwork that Louis had left him.

There was a persistent tapping that he felt when he opened his eyes. Wait, was he sleeping? How long was he out, One hour, Two? That won't go over well with Harvey. His eyes weren't really functioning, all he could really make out was red hair. Must be Donna.

"Do you wanna get up now, puppy? This isn't a time for lounging," she said.

"Huh?" Mike replied.

Donna took this time to examine his face. Pale, tired, and extremely confused. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she said.

Mike realized that he may have been caught. His goal was to get through the day without anyone noticing that he wasn't feeling the greatest. " I just have a headache," Mike said .

He failed to mention that it was a full blown migraine, and he was nauseous. Donna nodded and gave a sympathetic look and put the papers from Harvey, that she was originally supposed to bring, on his desk. Another hour passed and Mike's migraine progressed. Mike remembered that his mother suffered from migraines and that they were usually accompanied by nausea. Explains a lot. His skull was no longer throbbing, it was about to bring him to tears. The pain was set aside when the feeling of being about to vomit entered his mind. Mike jumped from his chair, an raced to the men's room. While emptying the contents of his stomach, Mike thought he may have gotten in there unseen. Wrong.

Donna was typing away when she saw a little, pale puppy run with his hand over his mouth. That's all Donna needed to see before she was off to tell her boss to get his associate, and take care of him, or he would feel the wrath of Donna. The clicking of Donna's heels got louder and louder as she approached Harvey's office. Donna barged in and hung up the phone that Harvey was talking on.

"W-what! I was in the middle of something!" said Harvey. Harvey would be angry, but he knew that Donna would only do something that irrational if it was important.

"Mike's sick," said Donna.

That caught Harvey's attention. He hated to admit it, but he had a soft spot for the kid. Yeah, he messed up sometimes, but he's faithful, just like a puppy. Harvey already began to rise from his chair, but then he realized he hadn't see the kid all day and had no clue where he would be. He didn't even have an idea on where to look.

" He's in the mens room, and he's on a date with the toilet," said Donna. Thank God for Donna.

Harvey let a small sigh. Poor kid. Not like he cared or anything like that. Harvey made his way to the bathroom, and heard the sounds of his young associate retching. He wet a paper towel and put it beside Mike for whenever he was done. This startled Mike, he had no idea that anyone was in here with him. Mike looked up and looked quite pitiful if you asked Harvey. Harvey brushed the hair from his face. Mike leaned into his touch, he didn't care how weak it made him look. He was in serious need of comfort.

"Migraine," Mike said barely audible.

Harvey kind of knew his pain. His sister used to suffer from severe migraines too. She used to sit on the bathroom floor with the lights off. Harvey started rubbing Mike's back when his vomiting came back for round 2.

"When your through, grab your stuff and I'll take you home," said Harvey.

As Mike got up, Harvey noticed that he could feel the heat radiating through Mike's shirt. Harvey reached out and touched his forehead. Mike definitely had a fever.

"You don't have a migraine, idiot. You probably have the flu or a terrible cold. For someone so damn smart, your so damn stupid." said Harvey.

Mike gulped. The last time he had the flu, he was 7 and his mother and father took care of him. Now he's all alone, with the exception of Harvey. Mike isn't one to get sick, but when he does, he gets hit hard.

"Grab your stuff. I'm taking you to my place." said Harvey.

"I thought you were taking me to my place!" said Mike.

"I was, but now I'm not. Look, you look like you barely can stand. And if I left you at your ratty apartment, you would probably die, and so would I." said Harvey.

"Wait, why would you die?"said Mike.

Harvey gulped, "Donna would kill me." he said.

Mike wanted to laugh but ended up having painful coughs rack his body. Mike looked up, nodded, and grabbed his bags.

As the two drove in silence, Mike realized that he had never been to Harvey's. He didn't have a clue where it was. They were already in the car for about five minutes when Mike's nausea kicked in again. Mike shifted in his seat uncomfortably.

"Pull over," Mike whispered.

"What?" said Harvey. Harvey was in his own little world when he heard a soft voice from the passenger seat.

"Pull over now." Mike demanded.

Harvey pulled the car to the side of the road and watched his associate revisit his lunch. When Mike finished his business, they piled into his car and the rest of the ride was quiet and uneventful. Except the fact that Harvey kept sneaking worried glances toward Mike. No way in hell was Mike going to put vomit in his car, along with the genuine concern he felt for his associate.

The car pulled into a driveway of a huge building, something way out of Mike's price range.

"Alright Mike, welcome to my-" Harvey was cut off when he looked over to see his sleeping partner. Harvey contemplated waking him up, but a fathering instinct deep down inside told him not to do it. Harvey opened Mike's door, picked him up bridal style, and took Mike into his home. Harvey laid his sleeping associate in his guest bedroom and decided to start some paperwork.

The house was quiet for about an hour until Harvey just couldn't take it anymore. He went into the guest room only to find Mike looking like a a small child that was tangled in the sheets. Harvey nudged Mike awake, and he responded with a sleepy groan. Mike sat up, his throat was dry, terribly dry, but he didn't want to look like a small child that needs to be taken care of. He's a grown man and should be treated as such. After minutes of arguing with himself, Mike gave up, and decided to be as needy as his little heart desired.

" Can I get some water?" Mike said in a small voice.

"Sure" said Harvey.

Harvey left to get Mike a glass of water. When he returned Mike nearly snatched the water and gulped it down. The water felt so good on his throat.

" Take small sips, Mike, or you'll get sick." said Harvey.

Harvey couldn't have been more correct. Mike ended up coughing up most of the liquid into the nearby waste bucket. After a annoyed look from Harvey, Mike listened to Harvey and drank like an actual human being. The silence was awkward, so Harvey started rambling about work, he was into his third court case when he looked over and noticed that Mike was asleep.

Harvey left Mike to sleep, but he only got as far as the couch before he heard coughs coming from the guest room. They weren't normal coughs, these were coughs that even Harvey could feel the pain from. Harvey was at Mike's side in an instant. Harvey rubbed his back until the coughing ceased. This is the first time Harvey took a good look at Mike. He was pale, looked like he hadn't slept in weeks, and like he couldn't get one good breath. Mike's breathing hitched with every breath he took. "I'm taking your temperature." said Harvey. Mike didin't care how little he looked, he felt worse than he ever had before. Something weird was happening, his vision was strange. Mike had a somewhat tunnel-vision. He kept trying to focus on Harvey as he was looking through his medicine cabinets in the bathroom. Mike thought the best thing to do was get up and get off of his back. Wrong. As he stood, the world shifted. His knees gave in, and he wanted to scream for Harvey, but he couldn't form the words. Suddenly the world went black, the last thing he heard, was Harvey yelling, "Mike!"

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