Hello my beautifuls. The idea for this chapter came from CarlaB, but I put my little spin on it! Putting this up a little early because on Sunday I will be devoting my time to writing a fanfic for the show New Girl. I don't own Suits. Enjoy!

What's that noise? It's the smoke detector, its noise is echoing through the entire house. What should I do? I should get out. I 'm running, faster than I've ever run before, but I see it, I smell it, I feel it. The heat from the fire, the smell of smoke, the redness of the blaze, where I am anymore, I can't tell, but I can see it engulfing our furniture, our toys,and our home. Mommy and Daddy. Where are they? Did they leave me? I should find them. I need to go back upstairs and get them out. I crawl now, because it hard to breathe through all of this smoke. I see an arm, I run to it, I bet it's mommy, she can help me. I look at her. It's mommy, but she's not moving, she's not doing much of anything. The tears are running down my face now. "Wake up mommy. Wake up." There's someone or something coming up my steps, maybe it's daddy, he can help me wake up mommy. I start running to it, its not daddy, I don't know who this is. He grabs me, takes me down the steps, and tells me that I'm going to be okay, but I'm fighting him because he 's forgetting about mommy. As we are walking, the railing gives way and takes chunks of the wooden steps with it. We stumble but we're okay. Daddy isn't. He is crushed under all of the fallen pieces of the house. He sees me, yells my name. I yell back, but he can't hear me. Another man runs in out of breath and scared. He says, "The place is going up we gotta get out!" The man locks his grip on me and starts running through my unrecognizable house and out the door. We're outside and people are coming over to me. A crowd is around my house. I look at my house to and see what is capturing all of their attention. My house is burning, you can even see the flames through the window. I stare, and the rest of the world fades away. Then I hear it, everyone does, and we all watch as my home collapses to the ground. I look around, no mommy or daddy.

Mike's eyes shot open. "Just a dream," he mumbled.

Mike sat up and noticed he was crying in his sleep. This wasn't the first time he had this dream, but he hadn't had this dream since he was about eight. This is why he didn't like to talk about his parents. He basically watched him die, and couldn't do a single thing about it. Nothing he could've done would've saved them, and nothing he does now will bring them back. Mike decided to get up and get some water. He was willing to do anything to make his head stop pounding. Mike slowly made his way to the kitchen, but stopped dead in his tracks. Someone was already at the fridge, and it wasn't Harvey. The figure moved away from the fridge and Mike lost all the air in his lungs.

"Mom?" he said cautiously.

"It's all your fault you know. If you would've woken up sooner, you could've saved your father and I. I'm dead, and it's all your fault." said his 'mother'.

Mike was now crying hysterically. " I didn't know. I'm sorry!" Mike yelled.

Harvey came running in because he was awoken by the sounds of a screaming associate.

"Mike! What wrong with you?" Harvey was concerned because Mike looked absolutely terrified, but he was even more concerned because Mike looked like he was yelling at absolutely nothing.

"Harvey, my mom! I killed her, it's all my fault! I didn't mean to, you have to believe me!" cried Mike.

Harvey didn't understand. Mike's mother was...dead, and there was no one in his kitchen. Harvey had never seen Mike like this. Mike looked like a small child that was taken away from his parents. Harvey pulled Mike into a hug, despite the whole 'not caring thing'. That's when it all made sense. The heat from Mike's head was able to be felt through Harvey's tee-shirt.

"Mike your burning up!" yelled Harvey.

Mike didn't answer he just continued to mumble more about his parents. Harvey broke away from the hug and ran for the thermometer. Harvey returned and popped it in Mike's mouth. Mike didn't respond he just stared in a confused daze. The thermometer beeped, and Harvey checked the numbers. 104.2.

"Mike, if your fever goes up anymore I'm taking you to the emergency room." said Harvey.

Mike was just beginning to snap out of it.

"I-I'm s-sorr, I just-" stuttered Mike.

"It's fine, it's the fever. High fevers can screw up a brain, even yours." replied Harvey.

"I guess I'll just go back to bed..." Mike mumbled.

They walked to the guest room and Mike crawled under his covers. He rolled over to his side and curled in a small ball.

"You okay?" said Harvey.

Harvey stood in the doorway and looked over his associate that looked so small in the big bed. Mike jumped at the sound of Harvey's voice. Mike didn't answer he just let the tears spill over his eyelids and looked away. Harvey reached out and grabbed Mike's arm to pull him from the bed.

"Come here."he said. "You can tell me anything okay?"

Mike nodded in response and the two made their way to the kitchen. Harvey gave water and crackers to Mike, and made a sandwich for himself. Mike looked around the kitchen and thought about what he was about to do, and realized that Harvey deserved to know. Harvey was basically family, and Mike didn't give that title to anybody, it needs to be earned. So Mike did. Mike told Harvey everything. Mike told him about the fire, he told him about bouncing around in foster care, and how out-of-the-blue a woman who was said to be his grandmother, who he had never met before, took him in, and raised him like her own.

" I finally thought I was getting better, but the nightmare came back, and then I saw my mom in the kitchen..." said Mike.

"It's the fever Mike. It's nothing but the fever. Your mind is playing tricks on you."said Harvey.

Harvey got up and got pills from the cabinet. He handed Mike pills for the fever, and gave him a reassuring pat on the back.

"If you need me, wake me up." said Harvey.

"Harvey... I miss my parents." whispered Mike.

"You know what? It's almost morning anyway. Want to watch a movie?" Harvey said awkwardly. The two made their way over to the couch and looked for a decent movie.

"Thanks."said Mike.

"For what?"asked Harvey.

"For being here." said Mike.

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