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It's hard to pin point exactly whose idea it had been; Santana would say Puck, but Puck was pretty sure Britt brought it up, and of all people, Tina agreed.

It was supposed to bond them as a group, or something. After the mess of junior year and the defeat at Nationals, it was like they needed something. All Puck volunteered was his house, Santana brought the alcohol, Mercedes brought snacks she made with Kurt, Rachel brought non-alcoholic drinks (which were mostly put into the alcoholic drinks) and Britt dealt with the entertainment. So they partied, drank and ate and just hung out and it felt like the end of sophomore year instead of junior year, even though neither of those years ended all that great.

"I have a new game to play!" They'd already done 'truth or dare' (no one was surprised that all of Santana's dares to others had been sexual in nature and all of the questions when Puck picked 'truth' had been about his sexual history), and while the original five had opted out of 'never have I ever', where Santana and Puck got totally wasted during that game and it became clear that they probably spent way too much time naked together, which meant no one could talk Brittany out of 'spin the bottle sex dice'. Why she'd even brought sex dice, no one could figure out, but it was Brittany so sometimes these things didn't need to make sense. Either way, Britt wins her little debate, with Tina backing her up and convincing Mike that it was fine whatever happened, because it was Glee, and they were all a little bit incestuous in the non-family member kind of way.

They all sat in a circle, Britt dictating who was sitting where before getting the board and the bottle, pulling the dice out. "Okay, I'll go first. We spin the bottle," she demonstrated by spinning it, rocking on her butt as she watched with a smile. It stopped on Rachel, who smiled sheepishly, looking at Finn who just nodded while Britt rolled the dice on the little board. "Then you roll the dice to find out what you have to do." Britt's dice landed on 'blow' and 'boobs', which sparked a deep blush on Rachel's cheeks.

"Um, Brittany, I don't think you've-" Britt didn't stop to listen, crawling the distance between her and Rachel and kneeling in front of her, "Oh," the dress that Rach was wearing sort of lent itself to Brittany's mission, the scoop neck following the line of her bust and offering Britt the perfect access to lightly blow air over the front of Rach's boobs. Rach had to bite her bottom lip, leaning forward for Britt before the blond pulled away.

"And that's how you play." She seemed so proud and excited that no one really wanted to point out just how overtly sexual the game was (sex dice, hello) and really, they were all friends, right? Besides, Puck had made out with every girl in the room anyway. "Okay, Tina's shot." Brittany passed the dice to the Asian girl sitting beside her, smiling wide before taking a sip of her drink again. There wasn't exactly anything to say, and Tina just shrugged since she had agreed to play.

Her spin landed on Finn, which probably made the boy more uncomfortable than it did Tina. There were a chorus of snorts and laughs, Puck's head landing on Finn's shoulder as he giggled into his beer bottle when Tina rolled her dice to land on 'squeeze' and 'dick'. Finn's face was scarlet as Tina stretched across the space and just went for it, grinning as she gave a firm rub and squeeze between Finn's crossed legs.

"Oh, you go, Tina-C!" Santana was clearly getting into the spirit of things, even as Finn had to shift and pull his legs together while still blushing. A drink was pressed into Tina's hand and the girls shared a round of toasting before knocking back shots. "Mercedes, get your freak on."

The dark skinned Diva just joined in the laughing, spinning her turn to land on Puck and then rolling her dice. Instead of sitting back passive, Puck met Mercedes half way over the bottle, allowing her to 'suck' his 'lips' as per her instructions. If he happened to get just a little more involved in the thing, turning it into more of a make out than just a simple go, that was simply because he accurately remembered Mercedes' kisses to be pretty fucking great. Mercedes still blushed at Britt and San's cat-calls, San bumping her shoulder good naturedly, even as she reached to spin her bottle and toss the dice at the same time.

Santana's dice roll landed on 'squeeze' 'thighs' even before the bottle stopped spinning. From the looks of Brittany, she was likely to make herself dizzy watching it as it slowed and then stopped on Tina. Instead of leaning over, Santana grinned as she crawled around the back of Mercedes, stopping behind Tina with a careful whisper in Tina's ear before she reached around and stroked her hands up Tina's legs. It was slow, obviously calculated, and the way Tina leaned back against Santana while sighing made everyone shut the hell up for a few seconds just to watch.

"Is it wrong that I'm a little turned on by that?" Mike just glanced over at Finn and Puck, who both shook their heads. Because hell, they were too. As Santana retook her seat, Rachel cleared her throat and took her turn, her bottle stopping on herself.

"Um, re-spin?"

"Nope, rule is you move one to your right." Brittany grinned into her glass, pointing to Rachel's right where Quinn just happened to sit. "Roll the dice, Rach." It's a little creepy, the way Brittany grins between Rachel and Quinn, which is possibly why Rachel takes so long to drop the dice from her hands. 'Tease' 'lips'. The noise is definitely almost a squeal from Britt, one she quickly covers up while leaning to the side on Kurt to watch the former enemies.

Rachel and Quinn have a matching blush on their cheeks as they inch closer before Rachel just sighs and presses her lips to Quinn's. It's not exactly a kiss, since Rachel's mouth alternates between sucking on Quinn's upper lip and her teeth nibbling on the lower lip before she soothes both with her tongue and then she goes in for that little bite thing that she does and Quinn legit moans against Rachel, leaning in closer with her eyes shut and her lips slightly parted. Finn sort of shifts a little, dislodging Puck's head from his shoulder and sparking a burst of giggling from the drunken boy while Santana fans herself with her hand.

"Who knew rivalry could be so hot?" She's smirking at Quinn, who is half glancing at Rachel and then back to the bottle on the floor, a high blush on her cheeks while Rach sips at her wine glass. "Q, your shot." The Latina fires a wink at Quinn, which makes her laugh a little and the blush fade, even as she scoops up the dice and spins the bottle.

Quinn's spin lands on Artie, and her dice roll gives her 'blow' 'lips'. She's a little unsteady as she gets up, her hand reaching out to brace herself and landing on Puck's head where he sits beside Artie's chair. She leaves it there while she leans over, blowing lightly over Artie's lips just before she brushes hers over his and the colouring to Artie's cheeks flares. Puck snorts a little but doesn't comment, even as Quinn's fingers tighten a little in his hair to shake his head before she sits down, glancing coyly over at Artie.

"Okay Asian, get with it." Mike's the first of the boys to spin, the bottle almost coming off the board as he gives it a twist and his hand rattling with the dice. The bottle stops on Rachel and Mike gives a look over to Finn before he drops the dice. The 'kiss' 'toes' is probably the least sexual thing possible to get, but Mike seems a little relieved at it.

Rachel, not so much.

"No, Michael, no. It's late, and my feet are, Michael!" Rachel tries to protest, but even she's a little tipsy at this point and Mike just smirks as he grabs her ankle. Her shoe comes off and Mike strokes at her calve muscle for a moment, bending to place these ridiculous little kisses on each of Rachel's knee sock covered toes. She's giggling by the end of it when Mike replaces Rachel's shoe and pats her knee.

"You're adorable, Dancing Asian," Santana mocks, half missing her straw for her drink and chasing it around the glass. "Does he give good feet massages?" San's question is aimed at a blissfully unaware Tina, who just giggles a little and stares at Mike with her usual Asian love face.

"Dude," Puck tries to punch Finn's shoulder but he mostly misses and ends up just nudging the guy, "your go."

Finn looks a little bit terrified as he spins the bottle, rolling the dice at the same time as if he's getting it over with. The bottle stops on Britt, getting a little squeal and clap from her, while the dice say 'squeeze' 'boobs' and Finn goes bright red. He's stammering his way through some kind of refusal, but Britt isn't having any of it and she just walks (stumbles) over to plant herself in Finn's lap.

"You know the rules, Finn." She's the one to pick up both his hands and place them on each of her tits, turning her head slightly to grin at Puck and yeah, he's hand his hands on those before, he's had his mouth on those before, and seriously, Finn is an idiot for not enjoying this a little more. He gives one squeeze before he's practically begging Britt to get off his lap.

The shocking thing is, Rachel's completely unaffected. She's not pouting or being sad or insecure or any of those things. She's actually laughing at Santana's comments on Finn's bumbling nature. Although she does tell San off after a moment.

"My boyfriend just squeezed your girlfriend's boobs." She's definitely past tipsy at the way she giggles there.

"Later, you can even the score and squeeze mine." There's a small blush on Rachel's face, but there's totally this little glint in her eye as she leans on Santana's shoulder for a second before pulling away. "Puckerman!"

Puck doesn't need to be told twice to take his turn, spinning the bottle and rolling without Santana yelling at him again. Tina is smirking at him when the bottle lands on her, and then she's not because she reads the dice and her eyes shoot to Mike and really, did they have to play this with so many couples? But Mike's his bro, so he gives him a small questioning look, since he has to 'lick' Mike's girlfriends 'thighs' it's probably only polite to make sure. Mike gives a shrug and a smirk and Puck just goes for it then, crawling over the distance to kneel in front of Tina before dipping down to drag his tongue over her right thigh.

Her breath hitches, and it's most likely because his nose in almost at her crotch, and he turns to lick her other thigh and she legit hitches her hips a little, her hand cupping the back of his head and stroking the mohawk, so he takes his time and moves up her left thigh slower, making a point of licking to the join of her thigh and pelvis, just where her panties start and his nose definitely brushes against some intimate parts.

She squeaks a little as he pulls back, and he's not grinning at her lewdly, okay, because she's got a guy and it's just a game, but he does give her a small smirk and a wink before sitting back in his place. Mike just looks amused.

"Jesus," Mercedes fans herself off with her hand, blowing out a breath before handing a blushing Tina her bottle of alco-pop.

"Um, Puck will you spin the bottle for me and hand me the dice?" Puck picks the dice to give to Artie and spins the bottle with his other hand. When the bottle points to Mercedes, Artie drops the dice near the bottle, providing them with 'blow' 'body' and Mercy just gives her drunk-happy-girl laugh as she stands up. It's kind of hard to figure out what happens, but Mercedes seems perfectly happy to practically straddle Artie's chair and let him do whatever before she pets his head and takes her seat again and Artie's blushing profusely.

"It's your turn now," Britt's smirking slightly, nudging Kurt beside her, who just sighs and takes his turn. There's a whole bunch of catcalls and laughing and yelling when the bottle lands on Puck and the dice give 'suck' 'dick' and Kurt goes an impressive shade of red that no one else has matched all evening.

Honestly, Puck wasn't all that bothered about the slight embarrassment that Finn was trying to play off -like Puck cared about a game and what came up on the dice- and Kurt clearly felt uncomfortable, so Puck gave Santana one look, and the Latina took charge.

"Roll this one again," she gave Kurt back the red dice with the body parts listed, shutting everyone up effectively. Even drunk, both she and Puck knew just how to take care of a situation and Kurt's blush seemed to fade a little as he nodded and gave the dice another roll. This time, 'lips' came up and Kurt didn't seem as fazed with that, crawling around Artie's chair a little awkwardly so Puck inched forward to meet him half way, like he did for Mercy, and give Kurt full reign over his lips.

It's a little strange, sort of kissing a boy, but it's not at the same time. Kurt's lips are a little unsure, but they wrap around Puck's lower lip, sucking lightly before a little more pressure works in. The hesitance isn't all that surprising; sure, Kurt has a boyfriend and everything now, but Puck's pretty sure it's more about the fact that Kurt has to kiss him than anything else.

By the time Kurt let's go of Puck's mouth, his lower lip is swollen and tingling from Kurt's abuse -and there were teeth involved, Puck definitely felt teeth- and Finn seems uncomfortable again. Kurt hides himself in his glass and Puck just raises an eyebrow at Santana's smirk while he licks his lip.

Everyone is a little startled when a sharp horn cuts through the sound of the music in the background and Puck's suddenly a little worried about the guys down the street because he's pretty sure a drug deal in the middle of the street would utterly scandalise Rachel.

"Oh, that's my dad." Mercedes climbs to her feet, only wavering a little as she grabs her coat from the back of the couch and turns to Artie, "You still wanting a lift?" Puck remembers that Mercedes is meant to be going on some family trip tomorrow, and Artie said something about going early since he'd never get a cab to take him home when he was drunk and he didn't like the idea of getting his dad out of bed to come and get him later.

Puck helps Artie out to the car, he might be drunk but he's the best at dealing with his drunken self out of all the guys and Mr. Jones could use the help getting Artie's chair in the car and everything. He has a fist bump with Artie, says goodnight to Mr. Jones and gets a cuddle from happy-girl-drunk Mercedes before wandering back to his house.

He half expects everyone to be doing something else, or clearing up to clear out -it's only just midnight, sure, but the fact that they were playing a sex game and go interrupted probably got everyone back to their senses. Instead, he walks in to find Brittany groping at Quinn's boobs over her cute little dress and frankly, he's almost floored.

"We're playing another round," Santana tells him with a smirk and Puck just nods, heading into the kitchen to grab another beer before retaking his place between Finn and now Kurt. When Britt eventually let's go of Quinn's boobs, her nipples now fairly evident under her the flimsy material of her dress, the pair of them are a little flushed and Britt's got that self-satisfied smirk on her face. Puck absently wonders if Quinn's a little closer to fulfilling one of Santana's kinky fantasies. She always did want to know just how unholy their trinity could be, and Puck's all for that so long as she shares the details later.

Tina clears her throat before spinning for her next turn, landing on Kurt and rolling a 'squeeze' 'body'. There's giggle from Tina, and really, her giggle is kind of cute, while Kurt blushes again, even as Tina ambles over to wrap him in a tight hug that gets all of them 'aww'ing at the pair.

Santana barely waits for Tina to be sitting down before she's taking her turn. What Puck thought about Kurt's blush is nothing compared to Finn's blush when the bottle lands on him and Santana rolls 'tease' 'dick' with her shot. Before moving, Santana leans over to whisper in Rachel's ear, and Puck's more wondering when they became friends than what she's saying, because the last that Puck knew, Santana was pissed at Rachel for the whole Nationals kiss thing. But chicks were way weird, so it looks like they've made up and got some kind of friendship going.

Which doesn't bode well for Finn if the way Santana plants herself in his lap and proceeds to grind on him is anything to go by. There's cheering from Britt, Tina and Mike while Puck cannot stop his laughter at the look on Finn's face, and he's amused by the fact that Rachel laughs as well. But the drunkenness and the laughing means that Puck ends up leaning against Kurt's shoulder rather than Finn's while Santana does a fairly tame -for her- lap dance on Finn in front of them all.

When she does go back to her own seat, Rachel ends up leaning her head on Santana's shoulder and smirking at Finn while Finn blushes and clenches his legs together. Santana is super sweet, smiling at Rachel, as she hands over the dice to their glee clubs resident diva.

There's still this blissful little smile on Rachel's face as she rolls the dice and spins the bottle. It doesn't actually go away when the bottle lands on Puck and the dice give her 'lick' 'lips' and she just looks over at Puck. Finn gives a laugh into his hand, even if he still looks a little uncomfortable and Rachel is up and over to Puck with just one nudge from Santana.

Honestly, Puck expects the quickest, simplest lick of his lips from Rachel, but she cups his head in her hands and leans in to lick at his lower lip, just barely, then at his top lip before her mouth closes around it and her tongue swipes along his lips again. He can't exactly help the way he tilts his head for her, Rachel's always been an amazing kisser, and he definitely doesn't mind the teasing. As she draws away, she catches his lower lip with her teeth, biting him sharply and he stamps down on the moan because Finn is right beside them and Puck doesn't want a black eye thanks.

When Rachel gets up, leaning to plant a chaste kiss against Finn's cheek, Puck doesn't really mean to glance over at Finn, but there's no anger on his face and he just shrugs as Santana starts encouraging Quinn's roll.

"It's a game, dude," Finn shrugs, glancing between Santana and Rachel, "she didn't mind San, I'm not gonna freak about a kiss, okay?" Puck just nods, because wow that's insanely deep and mature for Finn and he doesn't snap out of it until Kurt nudges his side.

"Zone out much?" That's when he notices that Quinn's actually taken her turn, it's just that the bottle stopped on him again and the dice just happened to roll on 'tease' 'lips' again. "Do you have a magnet in your pants?"

"No," Puck can't help it, even grinning over at Quinn, he leans over to Kurt first. "I'm just happy to see you." The blush is amazing, the way it spreads right over Hummel's cheeks amazingly fast. Puck chuckles as he leans over at Quinn's beckoning, and she just kisses him. Her kisses are always teasing, the way she goes for almost more before drawing back, the little licks of her tongue before it's gone and the soft and then hard press of her lips. He kind of likes that he never really knows what she's going to do, when she has control of a kiss, she likes to play with it, and he's usually more than happy to let her.

She gives him another peck as they draw away, and it's sort of the most he's gotten out of Quinn since last summer, just in attention never mind kissing. She ignored him for long enough that it's a bit of a thrill just getting a smile from her.

His mouth isn't tingling so much as throbbing now. He's pretty sure he's going to have some wicked obvious bruising going on from all the sucking and nipping on his lips, but he's not sure if he cares right then. Drinking beer from a bottle isn't helping, so he just lets that sit beside him while Mike spins.

There's this whole girlfriend/boyfriend conversation with just looks going on between Mike and Tina when Mike rolls 'lick' 'boobs' and the bottle was on Santana. But whatever happens in their little discussion without words, Mike smirks and leans over towards San. He kind of coaxes her to lie back, unbuttons her shirt and Puck's mostly amused at the way Tina and Rachel are watching with fascination as Mike tugs the front of San's bra down to swipe his tongue over one tit and then the other. It's fairly quick, but as San half rebuttons her shirt, letting Mike pull her to sit back up again, her nipples are just as obvious as Quinn's and she's a touch flushed in the face.

Mike nudges Finn out of his trance with his shoulder, just as Finn slams back into the room with a 'oh, right' and takes his turn. Rachel doesn't even blink as Finn's turn goes to Quinn. He's more worried about it than Rachel looks, and Puck's sure that a little alcohol in Berry really does calm her crazy and relax her into this almost-secure girl that just chills out.

"Don't you think it's amusing how scared Finn looks?" Kurt leans over again, his breath cool against Puck's neck and Puck can feel his body heat. He's half watching Finn lean over to 'blow' Quinn's 'lips' and half leaning over towards Kurt.

"He's almost making out with his ex-girlfriend in front of his current girlfriend. I wonder what on earth he'd be scared of."

"You don't seem at all phased about making out with all of your ex's tonight." And it's true, since he's dated every girl except Tina, although he did make-out with her at a party one time before he joined glee club, but it's not exactly the same.

"Kurt, if I was nervous kissing a girl in front of an ex," just for talking sake, they'd assume that sleeping with a girl once made her his ex, "I'd never be able to make out in front of anyone again." Kurt just snorts, because Puck's man-whorish ways are very well documented and Kurt being the gossip that he is probably knows that. But as Finn moves back to his seat, leaving a smirking Rachel and a blinking Quinn in his wake, Puck just takes another drink of beer and reaches over to spin the bottle while picking up the dice.

The bottle stops on Mike before he's even rolled and Brittany seems incredibly excited about it. He rolls the dice and it almost seems like everyone is holding their breath for some reason. Tina's the first to make a sound, and it's an aborted laugh, when it lands on 'suck' 'body'. Puck just frowns.

"So, that means any part of the body, right?" Because it's impossible to suck a whole body, right? How would that even work? Britt just nods though, because she's like the rule book for the game, even if Puck's sure she's just making it all up as she goes along. So Puck figures he can make this mostly harmless, at least until he sees this glint in Tina's eyes and he figures that shit, quiet Asian is a kinky little thing.

So he doesn't go overboard, but he doesn't exactly make it harmless. He's fine with pushing himself into Mike's lap, especially as Tina makes a sharp inhale of breath and he pushes Mike's head up before latching on to the slim guys throat. He knows that Mike's got this one sort of 'spot' right under his jaw line, just where his neck, ear and jaw connect. Britt and San were talking about it one time, back when Britt and Mike were together and San was hooking up with Matt. And he knows he's found it when Mike's hands almost fly to Puck's hips to hold on and Puck sucks a hickey onto the smooth skin he has between his lips.

Mike swallows convulsively, his hips arching a little into Puck's and Puck can feel the erection pressing against him and he's startled by the fact that he really doesn't care. He is dimly aware of the noise the others are making and the low groan from Mike's throat that rumbles into his chest while his hands tighten on Puck's hips before Puck finally let's go.

He licks his lips, which are almost burning now, and studies the mark he's left before patting Mike's shoulder and climbing from Mike's lap. Tina doesn't look away from Mike once, and it is not jealousy or anger or anything like that in her eyes, but Puck's pretty sure that the hard on he left Mike with is totally getting taken care of.

"Dude," Finn just sort of looks at Mike's neck before turning back to Puck, "is that a teddy?" And so what? Puck's got a slight thing about hickeys, and yeah, he can make shapes, he's really fucking good at it okay, so he may have left a teddy bear shaped hickey on Mike's throat, but what of it?

He just shrugs at Finn, smirking as he takes a sip of beer, and it's only a sip he can take because his mouth really fucking hurts at this point. The noise dies down while Kurt spins the bottle and rolls, watching the bottle avidly and not looking away, until it stops on Puck and now he's wondering if there's a fix or something. Not that he's complaining.

It's just that the dice say 'suck' 'dick' again, and there's this weird niggling in his mind that the sex game fairies what Hummel to give him oral or something. San just sighs, since Kurt isn't moving, and she rolls the body part dice again. Puck almost whimpers at the 'lips' that comes up, but Kurt finally moves so he figures that letting the guy kiss him again isn't a big deal.

What surprises him is Kurt climbing into his lap, since he didn't do it last time. Puck's been half hard since Rachel kissed him, only made a little worse by being in Mike's lap, so he's sure that Kurt will be scared off after a few seconds, but he doesn't say a thing as the compact body pushes into his and Kurt's mouth wraps around his bottom lip again. There's a slight whine from the small hurt, just as Kurt sucks, and Puck doesn't really think about wrapping his arms around Kurt's waist, it just happens on instinct, while Kurt shifts his attention to Puck's upper lip, which hurts less than the lower, but it's still a mite sore.

When Kurt licks at his lips, it's automatic to part them, and when Kurt starts to kiss him, well, it's just habit to kiss back. Kurt sucking on his tongue sparks more of a moan than a whine and when Kurt pulls back to suck hard on his bottom lip, Puck definitely feels the spark of pain, which is weird, because he totally just pulled Kurt down to rub against him.

That is what startles Kurt out of it, his throat being cleared awkwardly while he slides from Puck's lap to the floor beside him again and the first thing Puck notices is that Santana has her phone out. He's pretty sure she won't do anything stupid, since Kurt's dating someone and Santana's a shit stirrer most of the time, but she's not a total bitch. Kurt doesn't need to be labelled as a cheater on top of all the bullshit he deals with on a daily basis.

"So, this has been super fun," Tina's standing up, brushing down her skirt and grabbing her drink to drain the rest of it, "awesome party Puck, but I'm so tired and Mike, you should walk me home to my empty house where my parents aren't at." Puck snorts at the attempt, even as Mike scrambles to his feet nodding his head and no long trying to hide the stiffy in his jeans.

"Tee, you could just say you wanna get your sexy, Asian freak on." Puck smirks, getting a glare from Mike and a wink from Tina as she drags her boyfriend out the door. Rachel and Finn are making eyes at each other and she sort of looks like she's shyly suggesting something and Puck does not comment.

"We winding down then?" San asks, looking over at Puck before looking between Britt and Quinn.

"Looks like, you want a cab called?" Santana lives about a block and a half away from him, but Britt and Quinn are on the 'better' side of town, so it's possible that she's going back to Britt's. She nods her head at him and he gets up to dial. "You guys want one too?" He gets a yell of yes from Finn, so he asks the cab company for two cars, since Finn'll probably drop Rach off before him and Kurt head home or whatever. And Quinn literally lives five doors down from Britt, so two are enough.

He's not surprised that the trio are huddling together while looking for all their stuff -mostly Britt's shirt, which they can't seem to find, so Puck grabs a tee from the laundry for her to wear home and promises to find her shirt and return it. The cabs show up pretty quick and they herd out of his house, waving their goodbyes and what not while Puck starts the clean-up, because he's so not getting out of bed in the morning and if he sleeps too late his Ma'll have his head for the mess.

He's dumping empty bottles into the trash when a pair of hands run up his sides, boldly sliding under his shirt to stroke over his skin. He knows it's not Quinn, her nails are sharper and she liked to drag them down his ribcage, not that they did an awful lot after he knocked her up, but there were a few hormonal moments where she let him get her off. So he knows it's not her, and Britt and San are off to get their lady-freak on, and Rach is dating Finn again, so that means its Kurt.

Which is why it's a little bold of him.

Puck doesn't say anything as he turns around, raising his arms around Kurt so that the other boy doesn't need to pull away or shift. Puck can't exactly tell if Kurt's drunk drunk, or just mildly drunk. He's drunk enough that he's suddenly found the balls for this mind.

"Forget something?" He can't hear a car idling outside, and cabs don't like waiting, and neither does Rachel Berry, so there's a good chance that Kurt sent Finn and Rach on without him.

"I told Finn I didn't like leaving you with everyone's mess." Kurt keeps his voice low, and Puck's never really heard that tone from him before; the low, husky kind of sex voice. "That I'd stay and help you clear up before I head home." Kurt's hands are still under Puck's shirt, stroking over his sides and up his ribs and Puck's mostly in awe of just how fucking soft Kurt's hands are. "He's staying at Rachel's anyway." Good for Finn, right? Puck's mostly wondering just why Kurt decided to stay, because it sure as shit isn't to help clean up. Then Hummel takes a step closer and Puck notices how they're almost the same height, like there's barely even an inch between them, and Kurt's almost pressed against Puck's chest, so it's perfectly natural for Puck's hands to brace themselves of Kurt's sharp, supple hipbones. (Puck's just a little distracted by how nicely they fit in his hands.)

"Living room needs the most work." There's no reason for them to whisper, or lower their voices, or be standing so close, but they are. There's still the light sounds of the music in the living room, Puck's iPod still docked and cycling through his favourite music, and there's the blare of sirens in the distance that almost always acts as the backdrop ambient sound in his neighbourhood. But Kurt's keeping his voice lowered and Puck's half worried he'll snap out of it if Puck doesn't match the volume.

"You know, twice tonight I rolled a certain thing on the dice." And Puck is aware, yes. The way that Kurt sucked on Puck's lips, the press of the boy against him, Puck's not exactly finding it difficult to imaging those lips and that mouth sucking on something else. It's enough to reawaken his dick, causing a twitch in response to the implication. "The first time, I was just a little embarrassed." Puck couldn't help the snort, even as he pulled Kurt closer because those long fingers were starting to trail up his chest.

"Your cheeks were brighter than Brittany's car." And Britt's car is the most luminous shade of pink imaginable. "I think you were a bit more than 'a little' embarrassed." Kurt ducked his head, a tiny smile on his lips and Puck seriously wondered if this was going where he thought it was going.

They were in his kitchen, alone, after a party that involved a lot of alcohol and a few risqué games. Kurt was slightly drunk, Puck was coming back from being entirely drunk, and they had some kind of new sexual charge between them. Puck wouldn't be lying if he said he'd never really thought of Kurt like that. He hadn't. But they practically had their tongues in each other's mouths, and Puck had almost humped Mike earlier and it wasn't like he was about to have some sexual identity freak out over the possibility of Kurt's mouth around his cock.

"So maybe it was really embarrassing the first time," Kurt admitted, looking up and Puck really couldn't help himself when he leaned in to nuzzle against Kurt's warm cheek, there was still the hint of a blush there. "But you didn't freak out, you just smirked and shrugged and, God, your mouth." Kurt sort of melted in towards Puck, turning his head and catching Puck's mouth again. There was a low moan in Kurt's throat, one he hadn't made before and Puck found himself really liking that. He was the only one that got to hear that, it wasn't some direction from a bottle or the dice, it was just them right there and Kurt bit gently on Puck's lower lip as her drew back.

"I figure," Kurt licks his lips, pressing his forehead against Puck's and taking a breath. It almost looks like he's trying to steady himself, like he needs the moment to remember what he's about to say, and Puck kind of likes the feeling of being the one to do that. "I figure that maybe now would be the perfect time to follow through on what I wanted to do the second time I rolled that dice." And yeah, Puck's pretty sure that Kurt's meaning to give him a blow job from the way that one of Kurt's hands trails down to stroke over the straining press of his dick lining the front of his jeans. He's not like Kurt, wearing those insanely tight jeans that showcase everything for the world to see, and there is no way Puck's gonna complain because Kurt's ass looks fantastic in those jeans, but it's not like even Puck's baggy jeans are hiding the fact that he's full blown stiff for the guy.

Kurt's got this half-coy, half-confident smirk on his face as he unbuttons Puck's fly, their eyes not leaving the other, as if it's some kind of dare, when really, Puck's trying to make sure this is definitely what Kurt wants. He's not about to turn down head, no way, but he's not about to let Kurt drop to his knees over some sense of obligation to some stupid game that Brittany thought up. He doesn't need to spend the summer with Kurt avoiding eye contact with him because he wakes up tomorrow and regrets the whole thing. Puck's been that drunken regret far too many times to go through it again with a friend.

But there's nothing that hints towards it, and Kurt doesn't seem to find whatever he's looking for in Puck's eyes, not as he slowly slips to his knees in front of Puck and smirks up at him before running his tongue along the underside of Puck's cock before taking the head into his mouth and holy Moses, it's incredible. He can't help sucking his bottom lip into his mouth, stifling the moan a little as his hand runs through Kurt's always immaculate hair, cupping the back of his head while Kurt moans around him and sucks in more of Puck's length. It's agonisingly slow, but Puck refuses to press into Kurt's mouth any faster because, fuck, it's so good. He's grateful for the wall behind him for support, even as Kurt holds to his hips before finding some kind of steady rhythm. It's fucking amazing, and Puck stops holding in the moans he makes when it seems to spurn Kurt on more, groaning at the flicks of his tongue and hissing through clenched teeth as Kurt swallows around him.

Puck can't actually figure out if this is Kurt's first time giving head, but the possibility is there, even with the insanely awesome little tongue trick and his willingness to practically deep throat and the apparent lack of gagging. But Puck's biting his lip to keep from thrusting into that blissful heat and he's purposely trying not to clench his hand in Kurt's hair to speed him up, because fuck, he's right on edge and his gut is nearly cramping from the need to just let go.

"Fuck, Kurt, babe," he's rather well versed in the blow job etiquette, and just blowing your load is totally not cool and likely to get you slapped, so he's all for warnings. "Shit, I'm gonna-" either Kurt doesn't care, or he's seriously not listening, cutting Puck off with a hum around his cock and that's all she fucking wrote. Puck's head falls back to knock against the wall as his hips buck just a little and he feels the awesome wave of orgasm pulse through him.

Kurt, fucking amazing, diva-like Kurt, just fucking swallows around Puck, licking and sucking until Puck has to whimper slightly and pull away because it's too fucking much and he's about to go fucking blind from it or something. He's getting his breath back as Kurt stands up, just a little dazed as he gently tucks Puck back into his jeans and even that manages to coax a little twitch out of Puck's dick. Its right then that Kurt seems to lose that confidence from earlier and it looks like he's ready to bolt. Puck's not sure why it's so important that he doesn't, why Puck wants Kurt to stay, at least a little longer, but he does.

He's a little cautious, since he's not a hundred percent sure why Kurt looks ready to bail; embarrassment, regret, insecurity, realisation as to what he's just done. But Puck reaches out to pull Kurt closer again, his heart still thumping in his chest, partly from the orgasm, partly from apprehension over what could happen, but Kurt steps closer, blinking up at Puck as he does. Puck's tasted himself in other people's mouths before, it's not an issue for him, Kurt half backs away from the kiss before Puck just nips Kurt's lip and he sinks into it again. It's like all Puck's nerves are firing a little sharper, when Kurt's hands dip under his shirt again, there's like a trail of heat over everywhere that Kurt's fingers trace.

Moving slowly, Puck turns them until Kurt's the one pressed against the wall, Puck's bulkier frame almost caging Kurt in as he leans into the slighter boy. If anything that seems to please Kurt, the way his hands run up Puck's back until they both cling to his shoulders under his shirt, and Puck's wondering why he hasn't just taken the damn thing off, just to feel more of Kurt against him.

Kurt sucks on Puck's lower lip again, just as Puck grips to Kurt's ass to pull them together and they moan against each other when Kurt's hard cock presses into Puck's hip. It causes Kurt to bite just a little sharper on Puck's painfully swollen lip, making him whimper into Kurt's mouth before pulling back just a little. Pressing his forehead against Kurt's, Puck swallows past the lump in his throat as he trails a hand around to unfasten Kurt's pants, smirking slightly at the way Kurt exhales a sigh and pushes his hips forward.

"You- You don't have-" Puck's well aware that he doesn't have to, but he's not really in the business of taking and not giving; he's not usually in the business of guys but there's a first time for everything in Puck's opinion and he's not going to start doing that and just being a taker. He shushes Kurt softly, just giving a small shake of his head as he pushes Kurt's skin tight pants down off his hips and smirks at the lack of underwear. "Well, I kind of hate lines showing really."

It kind of lightens things a little, even as Puck feels the apprehension come back as he slips his hand down to wrap around Kurt's cock. It's sort of strange, having an other dudes junk in his hand, but it's not at the same time. He's not sure if that makes sense, but he's not about to ask Kurt anyway. He keeps his fist loose at first, stroking slowly just to gauge Kurt's reactions before tightening his grip a little. Kurt whines, his eyes slipping shut and his fingers digging in to Puck's shoulders, so he's pretty sure he's doing okay. A hand job is like jerking off on someone else though, right? And he's probably got it easier than some inexperienced chick, because he knows how tight is too tight and what feels good, so he just sort of does what he knows he likes.

Kurt seems to like a fairly tight grip, he gets pretty vocal when Puck slows his strokes just to hear that whine again, and he seems to crazy enjoy a twist of the wrist as Puck drags his thumb over the leaking tip of his cock. And the noises, God, it's almost enough to get Puck off on their own. The little whines and the gasps and the moans.

"Noah, oh God, so close," Puck swears his name never sounded so good before. Even as Kurt's back arches, pushing him closer and his mouth drops open with a long, low moan passing from his throat, Puck doesn't care one bit as Kurt comes over Puck's jeans, shirt and hand. It's fucking hot just watching him orgasm, the way his eyes go all fuzzy and glazed over, the flush on his cheeks, the drop of his lip. Fuck, Puck can't stop himself from sucking Kurt's lip into his mouth and moaning against him.

Wiping his hand on the back of his jeans (they're stained down the front anyway, what's the point?) Puck follows suit with Kurt and tucks him back into his impossibly tight jeans while he just kisses at Kurt's mouth. He's still got a living room full of plastic cups, empty beer bottles and dishes that once held snacks to clean up, but he really doesn't want to pull away from Kurt right then.

"Spend the night." It comes out of nowhere, he's not sure why he asks, but the thought of sending Kurt home at ridiculous o'clock in the morning, when he could just drag him upstairs and keep him for the night is just a little bit chilling.

"I'm not...I mean, I don't think I'm-" Puck just shakes his head.

"I just mean stay, not, y'know, let me fuck you or whatever," and God does his cock twitch at the thought of that, "just stay." It's weird. He's gone from never really thinkingabout Kurt at all (other than agreeing with Santana that one time that yeah, Kurt and Britt were probably tied with for the hottest ass in glee) to getting hot at the thought of burying himself in the kids ass.

"Okay." Kurt barely even breaths it against Puck's mouth, but it's enough. Puck pulls them away from the wall, flicking out the kitchen light as they leave and turning off the music and lights in the living room before checking the door was locked and pulling Kurt, by the hand, towards his bedroom.

Kurt's kind of quiet when they get there, looking around at the slight mess of Puck's room; CD's over the desk, game console wired into the small TV, bed pushed up against the wall from a half-assed attempt at rearranging his room, guitar case up against the wardrobe, hamper overflowing with clothes. Puck strips out of his shirt and kicks off his jeans, tossing them both to the hamper before grabbing a pair of basketball shorts to wear. Normally he'd not bother, but he doesn't plan on totally freaking Kurt out.

But Kurt's still just standing in the middle of Puck's room, so Puck grabs a pair of sweats that'll be far too long in the leg and far too wide in the hip for Kurt, and a tee that'll drown his smaller shoulders, and crosses to stand in front of him. It's possibly more intimate than downstairs, the way Puck carefully peels Kurt out of his fancy layers, draping each item over the back of his desk chair before offering the sweats and the shirt to Kurt. There's a small smile on the paler boys lips as he takes the shirt, pulling it over his head, and ignoring the sweats.

Flicking off the bedroom light, leaving just the bedside light on for now, Puck tugs Kurt over to the bed, letting Kurt crawl in first before Puck joins him. Kurt's stiff at first, until Puck pulls him back against his chest and wraps an arm around his waist, nose pressed to the back of Kurt's neck. There's a moment where Puck wonders if it was too much too soon, or if he should just leave Kurt to the bed himself and haul his own ass down to the sofa to sleep. But then Kurt relaxes, every muscle just letting go as he leans back into Puck with a sight and one of his hands moves to sit over Puck's on Kurt's stomach.

Stretching back, Puck flicks off the light, plunging the room into darkness and soon he hears Kurt's breathing level out until he's asleep. He figures they can talk in the morning or whatever, if Kurt wants to. He just didn't want the whole thing being brushed aside as part of a drunken game when it felt a little more important.

Besides, they've got the whole summer to figure things out. And if that fails, Santana's having a party in a month, Puck's more than happy to encourage Britt to bring the sex dice along again.