Linda slammed the door after Sian then went in the living room where Michael was sat with his head in his hands

"Linda.." He began

"You wished you had never married me?" Linda said trying not to let the tears escape that were building up in her eyes

"I didn't mean it" he said getting up "I was just so angry.."

"Your angry!" Linda scoffed "Well your a fast mover!"

"I don't care about Sian, Linda.." He sighed

"Michael it's always been about her..." Linda said "Why don't you go after her! Your a single man now!"

"Linda, I was just trying to prove something to myself.." Michael sighed sitting down "That I could get over you...But I can't and I never will.."

"And you couldn't talk to me about this.." Linda said

"Talking isn't going to sort this..." Michael said "I'm just going to have to get on with it.."

"Michael, I need to tell you something.." She said

"What?" He said

Linda hesitated, she didn't want him to stay with her just for the baby, she wanted it to be for love

"But before I do...Are you serious, I mean like 100% sure..That your going to divorce me" She asked

"..Yes" Michael said although he was unsure of what he was saying

"If you loved me, you'd do what ever to fight for our relationship, so we could stay together.." She frowned

"I'll always love you...But I can't cope with you having another mans baby.." Michael said

"Right..." Linda said "You didn't ask how my scan went.."

"..Is it okay?" he asked

"...It?" Linda said raising her eyebrows

Michael sighed "You know...the baby"

"I was wrong.." Linda said

"About what?" He asked confused

"About a lot of things.." Linda said thinking "Us, you loving me, the baby.."

"What about the baby...Are you admitting that it's wrong to have it?" Michael said

"No.." Linda said "I'm keeping it.."

Michael sighed

"Do you really want me to get rid of this baby.." Linda said looking at him "Under any circumstances.."

"Circumstances?.." Michael said raising his eyebrows

"Just answer the question.." Linda said

"Yes..I do want you to get rid of it, I'm never going to change my mind" Michael said

Linda raised her eyebrows "..Even if the baby was yours"

"What are you on about.." Michael said

"At my scan..They told me I was 6 months pregnant.." Linda said

"What but..You weren't away that long" Michael said before pausing

"Do you get what I'm saying now" Linda said

"Are you sure?" He asked

"Yes, I asked the nurse if it was defiantly 6 months and she said yes, it can't be that loan sharks it was about four months ago when that all happened.."

"It's mine.." Michael said with tears in his eyes, then realised all the stuff he had been saying "I'm so sorry.."

"It's too late to try apologising now.." Linda said "The damage has already been done, you've already ruined our relationship.."