A/N: I was bored so I typed this up. Disclaimer: I do not own any characters except Lori. The Greek mythology may not be all that accurate but I try.

Lori's pov

I, Lorian Campbell, am going to prom in less than three minutes. I was so excited! Robbie was taking me since I couldn't get a date. But even with my best friend as my date, it was still going to be fun. I went to the salon and got my hair done into a bun with several strands of hair hanging down to brush my shoulders. I was going to wear a light pink dress that was tight from bust to waist. Then, it flowed down to the floor with beautiful, intricate orchid purple embroidery covering the bodice. I had my nails painted the same shade of purple and bought a purple clutch to match. I had some purple, strappy, four inch heels.

There was a knock at the door. I opened it wide to find Robbie standing there with an orchid corsage. I smiled and let him slip it onto my wrist. He took my hand and led me out to the sidewalk. We had to walk to prom. It was a good thing I lived in front of the school. We crossed the street and entered through the double doors.

The gym had streamers in all different tones of blue. Balloons were all over the floor. Classmates danced on the floor and some girls were waiting for a dance invitation from the guy they liked (like that would ever happen). How pathetic. Just ask the guy to dance! I took in the scene and smiled.

They were playing my favorite song ever, It will Rain. I smiled and pulled my date to the dance floor. He shook his head and began dancing with me. It was a very beautiful song that we both loved. We swayed side to side. Before we knew it, we had danced straight through five songs. I sat a table, too exhausted to do anything. He smiled and sat next to me.

There was a bloodcurdling roar and a huge, black, demon... thing broke right through the door. It turned its huge head and stopped when it spotted me and Rob. It stomped across the gym and came to a halt a few feet away from us. "LORIAN CAMPBELL, WE HAVE COME FOR YOU. GOODFELLOW CANNOT SAVE YOU FROM US." Its voice boomed Goodfellow? Who's Goodfellow? Who is that? What is that... thing talking about? It reached out a long arm and held me in its huge fist. I screamed bloody murder. Rob ran forward, looking like a tiny red dot in the gym from the height I was at.

"Hey, Ugly! Let her go!" The demon fixed his eyes on Robbie.

"Don't look up my skirt!" I yelled as I kicked my feet. I was angry, scared, and desperate to be back on the ground. But I still want my decency.

"HADES REQUESTS HER PRESENCE." What the heck was going on here? And Hades? As in Greek mythology? Emphasis on the MYTH.

"Hades? Those Olympians never give up do they?" Olympians? I repeat, what the heck? There was a swirl of leaves around him and suddenly he wasn't in a suit anymore, he was in medieval wear. He took two bone daggers from one of his boots and stabbed the demon's foot.

"Can somebody tell me what the heck is going on?" They both ignored me. I wished I had never come to prom. This thing was going to kill me, I was sure.

"You think your puny weapon will hurt me? I am a Titan! I cannot be hurt by your little faery weapons!" He let out a roaring laugh. I beat his hand with my fists and tried to get free. He simply took his other hand and struck me in the back of my head. I felt extreme pain and cried out for Robbie to help me before I blacked out.

Puck's POV


The giant Titan carried off Lori and left me in a room with panicking teenagers. Some people screamed, others cried, some had blank expressions. Nonetheless, seconds after he disappeared, everyone was running to get out. Oberon was gonna kill me. I was literally going to have to go to hell for this girl. I found the nearest trod to the Underworld and left to find my princess. I hope Oberon's happy. I was freakin' saving his granddaughter! I should get paid for these things.

A/N: Me: You have a lot to worry about, Puck.

Puck: Why am I the one always being sent to the human world to take care of Oberon's family? Something like this always happens.

Me: They're always carried off by giant demon creatures sent by Hades?

Puck: Oh, ha-ha. You know what I meant.

Me: No, I don't. *smiles innocently*