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Lori's POV

I groaned, opening my eyes. I was soaring high above the ground, strapped to the chest of a giant flying creature. I screamed, my fear of heights taking hold. I heard a scream and I turned my head, seeing my aunt also strapped to the creature. We shrieked as the creature tucked in its wings and dropped until we were inches from the ground, then spread out its wings and swooping back up, keeping us from hitting the ground. I swallowed a large lump in my throat and yelled so that Meghan could hear me. "Don't worry, the guys are looking for you! They'll find us!"

"I doubt they will!" She yelled. "They'll just think that Eris has her minions scouting for you!"

"What about Puck?! He can turn into a raven and fly! Won't he scout from above?" I continued with my raised voice.

"I don't know!" She shrieked as it dive-bombed again.

"STOP TALKING!" The creature raked a claw across my stomach, not enough to make me bleed to death, but drawing just enough blood to shut me up. I gasped for air as blood stained my clothes. My aunt gasped and began to try to kick her feet. "DO NOT TRY TO ESCAPE! YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH NOTHING!" It let out a loud, deep, laugh. I groaned, my eyelids becoming heavy.

"Stay with me, Lori. Stay with me. Puck's coming. He won't let this jerk kill us." Meghan spoke, her voice lower. "We've only been here for three days." My eyes closed and I passed out from the pain caused by my wound and the difficulty of breathing at this height.

Puck's POV

If we didn't find them today, I would die of worry, knowing my Campbell is somewhere without me. I looked down, circling over the trees and looking for the girls. I couldn't find them anywhere. A giant shadow passed overhead and I looked up. There was a giant blue and white ice griffin, but something was off about it. I casually flew closer to the creature at saw there were two unconscious bodies strapped to it. Lori and Meghan. My heart almost forgot to beat when I saw Lori. She was stained with blood, her t-shirt torn. I swooped down and turned back into my faery form. I quickly told Glitch and Ash what I had seen. They nodded quickly and we ran beneath the griffin, keeping pace with them. I looked at them. All we had were swords and daggers. We needed to get closer. But how? How on Earth would we get closer to them? The creature landed. Great timing. We picked up speed and hid behind trees, watching as Eris

dramatically emerged into the clearing.

"My darlings, wake up. It's simply too early to be dozing off like that." She clapped her hands. Meghan jerked awake but Lori remained still. My heart ached and I was about ready to give up my hiding place in order to go and hold her close. Please be alive. Please be alive. She began to stir, moaning and mumbling something. Yes, Lori, I knew you'd be okay. I started to leave our hiding spot but Glitch and Ash held me back. Eris grinned. "Oh, sweetheart, are you still going on about that boy?" I noticed tear lines on her cheeks. I growled. Something happened to her. "He's not coming, I'm afraid. Hades took care of that." That little liar. "Right about now, his skin should be hanging on a cave wall." Lori broke into choked tears. I couldn't hold it any more. She began to shake her head, her words indistinct and no more than a whisper. I heard her last word. It was my name. I narrowed my eyes.

"No! He's coming! He's coming." Her voice was full of pain. "I know him. He's coming."

"I'm afraid he's not, dear. He's dead." I turned into battle mode as she began bawling. "If he wasn't, would I have this?" She tossed my daggers onto the ground. I checked my boots. I had them. Those were replicas. Lori shook her head, screaming, straining against the ropes, face twisted in pain and despair.

"We have to kill that griffin without hurting them. It's most vulnerable spot is its chest where the girls are strapped. Then it's the stomach, eyes and throat. Let's do this." I took my daggers out of my boots and emerged, ready to rip the head off of this griffin, Hades, and Eris. We took an attack stance and began sizing up our competition. Eris grinned at the ladies.

"I'll be right back, girls. I just need to do my makeup for when I plunge this," she lifted a silver dagger "into your little heart." She squeezed Meghan's jaw. "Don't go anywhere." With that, she left.

Ash growled as Eris went into a purple tent. Lori yelped as the griffin raked his claws across her chest for the second time, judging from the rips in her t-shirt and flesh. She coughed and gagged. Meghan looked away. I was ready to spring into action but Glitch stopped me. I glared at him. He shook his head.

"Look behind you." He gulped. I looked back and saw none other than a person I personally thought was dead. Rowan - with his face back to how it was before iron or scars - smirked at us and crossed his arms as Hades came up behind him.

"I brought him back. He had a pure evil inside of him that would truly help me with my cause. He makes a great consultant with how to break fey. He can really think about evil, vulgar, sneaky, disgusting ways to break girls like Lorian. She will be mine, Goodfellow. She will never speak to you again." Hades lifted me off the ground by my shirt collar.

"Hello, brother. I'm back." Rowan looked at Ash.

"What are you going to do to Lori?" I narrowed my eyes.

"None of your concern." He sneered, dropping me. I heard Lori scream. I turned and saw her being carried away by the same demon as before, Ragba. I cursed under my breath. But before I could possibly do anything, Hades and Rowan bound our wrists with twine and pushed us through a trod.

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