GL:TAS fanfic

"A Day of Surprises"

Synopsis: Hal sends Kilowag and Razer out on a mission while he and Aya stay behind on the ship working on a secret project. Mostly Kilowag/Razer dialoguing. No ships, just a good, clean sidestory. R&R plz. Told mostly from Razer's PoV.

*Disclaimer* I do not own Green Lantern: The Animated Series or any of its characters. If I did, I would be DC comics. And instead of a fanfic, this would be an actual episode of GL. Common sense, people.

Chapter 1: Awake

In the deep void of space, time distinctions like "day" and "night" are meaningless. But on the Interceptor, it was the beginning of a day for its four occupants. When Aya's auto-wake settings activated, she detected a small abnormality on the ship. Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who usually slept well past her automated alarms, was already awake. He sat in the main controls room, staring at a small screen. Curious as to the cause of this data abnormality, Aya activated her vocal program.

"Green Lantern Hal Jordan?"

"Yes, Aya?"

"Is something the matter? It is unusual for you to be up at this hour."

"No, nothing's wrong. I'm just doing a bit of research, that's all."

"Research? Perhaps I can be of some assistance. What is the subject matter of your interest?"

Hal tapped on a few keys and a virtual display of a calendar came up. On it, the current date was highlighted in green. He then touched the virtual display and two words materialized. Aya processed this.

"On my planet, it's a pretty special occasion. That's why I wanted to do something about it. I might need an extra set of hands though. You up for the job?"

Aya transferred her consciousness into her android form and assembled beside Jordan in seconds.

"Simply instruct me in what you wish to accomplish."

Hal flashed a smile at his eager new assistant.

"Well, for starters," he said, directing his gaze toward where the other lanterns still slept, "We need a way to keep those two out of the house for a while…"

After a brief and meager breakfast, Razer made his way to the control room. All the rest of the crew were already seated there. Hal, usually the last to arrive, was also present. But that didn't interest the Red Lantern in the slightest. He took his usual spot on the bridge, a seat purposefully apart from the others, and rested his chin on his fist. This had the effect of making him look like he was sulking, but really Razer just brooded.

Will we encounter Red Lanterns today? What is Atrocitous plotting next? Will we have the strength to face his numbers?

Nowadays such thoughts played through his mind in an endless cycle. Unanswered, they pestered him like the buzz of insects he couldn't swat. And this uncertainty made him irritable, feeding his anger. This, some part of him knew, would help fuel his ring and make him stronger. But mainly it just brought him torment that stretched minutes into hours.

"Hey, Poozer!"

Oh yes, and there was one other thing that grated on his nerves.

"Yer late, runt. What's the big idea making us wait?"

Razer didn't turn or face the lantern general, but his tone was colored with annoyance.

"Just because I was the last to arrive does not mean I am late."

"Razer's words are accurate," Aya chimed in, "There are, in fact, still three minutes remaining until the morning assembly was scheduled to start."

Kilowag grunted, "Well, whatever. In any case, we'll be continuing our search for allies in the next inhabited sector. Plus, if we see any more dirty Reds skulking about, we'll bash them up and haul them off to the nearest penitentiary."

Razer's eyelids drooped and he sighed. Same as always. Every day for the last week had been like this, travelling on and on with no action. His limbs ached to do something rather than sit slumped in a chair all day. From the postures of the other two lanterns, he assumed they felt the same. If it were not for the damaged ship they travelled in, their destination could be reached in minutes and they wouldn't have to suffer this problem.

"Wait a sec," said Hal, "There's actually something else we might need to do today."

Both Razer and Kilowag fixed their eyes on the Earthling questioningly.

Hal turned to the android form of the AI, "Aya, tell them what you were telling me earlier."

For a moment, the android gave Hal a blank, uncomprehending look. Then, seeming to remember something, she straightened.

"Yes. There is good news. On a nearby planet, I have detected trace signs of an element that may speed the repairs of the damage sustained by the ultra-warp coil."

Kilowag jumped out of his seat, "What? Well why didn't you say so sooner! Take us there Aya."

The AI accepted the commands and altered the ship's coordinates, veering toward a ruddy colored planet in the distance.

Razer didn't let his relief show, but he was really almost giddy at the prospect of getting off the ship and stretching his legs. At this point, he would take any excuse as long as it meant some exercise. Getting back up from the chair, he headed for his room, intending to make sure he had a fully charged ring before departure. As he left, he caught sight of Hal Jordan. Was it just him or did the human look…smug?

No matter. It's none of my concern. He brushed off the observation carelessly.

As the automated door closed behind him, the rust colored planet loomed closer, casting a faint, mysterious glow.

It took roughly fourty-five minutes for the Interceptor to safely land on the alien planet. Enough time for Razor and Kilowag to fully prepare themselves, recharge their power rings, and come up with a plan for action.

"Remind me again why it is you can't come, Jordan?" Kilowag said.

"I hardly think this job requires three lanterns," he replied, "Besides, remember what happened the last time we left the ship unguarded?"

He was referring, of course, to the incident on the planet Mogo where the Interceptor was nearly hijacked by bandits.

"Yeah, alright. I see yer point. But I still don't like it if it means I have to be alone with Poozer…"

He shot a nasty glance at the red lantern who was once again sitting as physically far from Kilowag and Hal as possible. His glare was returned with equal malice.

"Believe me, I take no more pleasure in your company than you do in mine."

Kilowag turned back to Hal and lowered his voice slightly. "There's really no need for this guy to come, Jordan. I can find this stuff all by myself."

Hal fidgeted, trying to come up with a reason both needed to go. However, Razer still overheard what was said and, not wanting to remain on the ship, saved Hal the trouble.

"Oh Please. You probably just don't want me to come so you can waste time lollygagging without anyone around to see."

Kilowag's ears flattened to his head in irritation.

"Dream on, Poozer! Just shut yer trap and get moving. I don't want you holding me up."

As Kilowag and Razer made their way down the exit ramp, Aya gave the two a little more information about the planet.

"This is Orbital 2174 in the Qua-rayn Sector. Because it hosts no native life forms, it does not have another designation. My databases instruct that it is a fairly young planet, only twenty to thirty million years old. The surface is barren, but geothermal activity earlier in the planet's life has left thousands of underground tunnels and caverns where lava once flowed."

"Duly noted," said Kilowag, "Now where are we headed?"

"Your destination is there," she said, pointing toward a looming, cone shaped mountain in the distance, "A long dormant volcano. My sensors indicate that the element in question is somewhere in its depths. Seismic activity has made the exact location difficult to pinpoint, therefore I will require you to use your power ring as a secondary sensor for triangulation."

"Got it," the green lantern general replied, "Be back soon, Aya, Jordan. C'mon, Red."

The lanterns' auras glowed green and red respectively, then they took off, flying towards the mountain.

Hal gave Aya a pat on the back, which earned him a questioning look from the computer.

"Good job. That should keep them away long enough. Just keep feeding coordinates that will lead those two in circles until we've finished. Then we'll make up some excuse about faulty sensor readings and bring them back."

"Very well."

"Now then, we've got some work to do…"

End of Chapter 1

Hey guys! I'm back, sort of. Actually, I just recently discovered GL:TAS, and fell head over heels for it. It'll probably come as little surprise that the main attraction for me was Razer. He's just such an awesome character. Antiheroes like him always tug on my heart-strings.

Anyway, the series is still ongoing, so I didn't really want to tamper with the plot a lot. That's why this fic will be fairly short and play out sort of like a filler episode. I'm estimating we're only talking about three or four chapters, most of which I've already got written down. Mainly it'll just be a Razer/Kilowag fluff piece.

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