GL: TAS fanfic

"A Day of Surprises"

Synopsis: Hal sends Kilowag and Razer out on a mission while he and Aya stay behind on the ship working on a secret project. Mostly Kilowag/Razer dialoguing. No ships, just a good, clean sidestory. R&R plz. Told mostly from Razer's PoV.

*Disclaimer* I don't own the rights to GL: TAS or any of its characters. However, if this was soviet Russia, we could all just share the rights equally and be happy. Jk.

Chapter 5: Surprise

At the Interceptor, Hal was waiting for them on the entrance ramp.

"Wow, you don't look so good," he addressed Razer. The red lantern didn't have enough energy for a biting comeback, which left the human even more concerned.

"Aya's waiting in the infirmary," he continued, "She'll get you fixed up."

Kilowag guided Razer into the central room where, just as Hal had said, the android was waiting with a pull-out cot and medical kit. She prompted Kilowag to set Razer on it while she began scanning for injuries.

The red lantern noticed something strange almost immediately about the multi-purpose room. His nose wrinkled in disgust.

"Ugh…what is that repulsive odor?"

Kilowag took two loud sniffs, "Huh…that's weird. I'm sure it didn't smell like this before we left."

"Turn on the central air vents, Aya. It reeks."

"I dunno, it doesn't smell half bad to me," Kilowag returned. He made eye contact with Razer for the first time since they got back to the Interceptor.

"Well…uh. I guess I better go talk to Hal about what happened back there and figure out our next course of action," said the general. He headed through the automatic doorway and into the control room without another word, leaving Razer and Aya alone.

"For this inspection, I will require that you relinquish your armor."

The red lantern grimaced, but did as he was asked.

Letting go of the red power was…uncomfortable, to say the least. It left him feeling hollow and vulnerable. If Razer was separated from his ring, it was downright painful.

Secretly, Razer envied the green lanterns that their power seemed so easy to give up. Someday, he knew that for the red lantern threat to be truly eliminated, he would have to give up his power for good as well. A part of him truly dreaded that day. Not just because it would mean losing the red power and the freedom it gave him, but because it would only be after he had made sure the threat Atrocitous posed was gone for good.

And then his life would be meaningless.

He would have absolutely no purpose. No present. No future.

And he would be alone…

Razer wrenched himself away from this line of thought.

It's no use thinking that far ahead, anyway. In all likelihood, I'll perish long before that day comes.

Aya was preparing a sling for his arm when her voice interrupted his thoughts.

"I am sorry you were injured, Razer. I feel that I am to blame."

The red lantern turned his eyes on her.

"What for? It was just an accident. It could have happened to anyone."

"Affirmative, but it could have been avoided. My sensors detected the seismic activity early on and calculated that a possibility of structural collapse in the volcano existed; however, because I chose to perform the task appointed by green lantern Hal Jordan before speaking of it, this was allowed to occur."

Razer sighed. He couldn't really be angry at her. The machine was just following its programming.

"Well, there's nothing you can do about it now. Just make sure it doesn't happen again in the future."

"Affirmative. I will exercise more caution."

Razor thought about that for a few moments.

"Aya…just what was it that Jordan had you doing that kept you from alerting us?"


There was a loud exclamation from the control room. Razer easily recognized Kilowag's angry voice.

"Say WHAT!"

There was the sound of an ensuing argument between the two green lanterns.

"What was that all about?" Razer asked, slightly alarmed. Was there a new problem?

"It would appear that green lantern Kilowag is taking the news poorly."

"What news?"

The automatic door slid open before Aya could answer. Kilowag tramped back in, followed closely by Hal.

"I've got some bad news, kid," he said, addressing Razer, "You know that 'element' we were supposed to be after? Well, now according to Jordan, the thing didn't even exist! Apparently, the same seismic activity that was causing our communication line to go wacky and made that tunnel collapse also messed with the compository scans the ship took. Whole thing was one big fluke!"

Razer's eyes widened slightly. He didn't know how to feel about this. On one hand, he had nearly died for nothing. But on the other, he was just kind of glad he wouldn't have to be going back underground.

Razer didn't make any kind or reply though. His head and muscles were still throbbing so badly that he couldn't really think straight. He just hoped Aya would give him something to make his pain ease up a bit.

"—Anyway, since that's the case, we'll be leaving this miserable planet immediately."

As he said this, Razer noticed a strange look on Jordan's face…


But Razer nodded. The sooner they left, the better as far as he was concerned.

Aya continued bandaging Razer's wounds as the ship lightly shuddered to life and took off. In minutes, the young planet was just a disappearing speck on the horizon.

"You may now resume the use of your power ring," said Aya as she completed her handiwork.

Razer did so gratefully as she instructed what he should do to care for his injuries. On the whole, he hadn't been hurt nearly as bad as he could have been. Razer had plenty of scrapes and bruises from the fall, but the worst was the injury to his ring side arm. Aya explained that the force of the tunnel's collapse nearly tore the appendage out of its socket. However, his construct must have shattered just short of it ripping his muscles to shreds.

Other than that, there was a sizable lump on the back of his head that must have resulted after Kilowag fell with the red lantern still in his arms. Though it still throbbed painfully, the AI assured him it would not cause any kind of concussion. Then she gave him a small tablet she claimed would help ease his pain.

"All that your recovery will require now is medication and bed rest." Aya smiled.


Razer's eyelids involuntarily drooped an inch. Before now, he hadn't realized just how tired he was.

Razer moved back toward the pull-out cot, planning to follow her advice immediately, but to his surprise the android folded it back into the wall and bid him to follow her to the control room.

Odd…maybe she's suffering from some sort of malfunction…

In any case, he went with the android, planning to show the other lanterns he was okay, then retire.

Hal and Kilowag were in their normal spots when he entered the room. Thankfully, this one smelled normal. Both greens acknowledged him with a slight nod.

Only moments after Razer resumed his seat on the bridge, Hal stood up, stretched, and made some muddled remark about "sacrificing" and "a porcelain god" that was gibberish to the other two. Then the human exited the room.

Exactly one minute later, like clockwork, Aya also stood and left the control room, this time without explanation.

As the automatic door slid closed behind her, Razer fidgeted slightly. Now he and Kilowag were alone again.

After what had transpired that day, there was a new tension between the two. It was obvious that in light of the recent events, they couldn't go back to treating each other exactly like they had before.

But how should they treat each other now? An unspoken question hovered in the air.

What happens next?

A tangible silence extended.

Part of Razer knew that he was going to have to make the first move. He even knew what he had to say, but the words were glued to his tongue.

I can't…he'll make fun of me. I don't want to give him a chance to make me look like an idiot.

Oh who am I kidding…I am an idiot.

But I still won't say it…

Kilowag never liked awkward situations like these. They made the skin on the back of his neck crawl. What he wanted more than anything right now was for Jordan to waltz back into the control room and break the tension.

When finally he couldn't stand it any longer, the green lantern opened his mouth to say something that would clear the air.

"Thank you…"

Kilowag froze. Those words weren't his own.

He turned to look at Razer. The red lantern's body was tensed and his gaze fixed resolutely out the window, avoiding Kilowag's eyes. But neither Aya nor Hal had re-entered the room, so there was no doubt who had spoken.

Kilowag knew his face must be a mask of shock, so he was glad Razer couldn't see it. He struggled to recover his thoughts.

"Oh..what? For today? It was nothin'…" Kilowag scratched the back of his head, looking down at the floor, "Anyway, I owed ya from before. Back when I was falling towards that pin-hole and all…"

Razer's body relaxed ever so slightly, but when he turned to meet the other lantern's eyes, his own were grim.

"No. That's not true. Both you and Hal Jordan saved my life when I was held captive on Shard. If ever you returned the favor, it was then. Therefore, I am in your debt."

The perplexed way Kilowag looked at him now defied the red lantern's expectations. He had assumed to be answered with ridicule or condescension. When these things didn't come and the general just stared at him, bewildered, Razer was left unsure of how to continue. His momentary directness broken, the red turned his head away in humiliation.

Kilowag thought for several minutes about what the younger lantern said. He was pretty sure Razer had never thanked him for anything before. In fact, today the kid had done nothing but surprise him. The rookie was stubborn and hot-headed, sure, but in a way…

He's sort of like me…

Maybe…just maybe…Razer wasn't as bad as Kilowag had let himself believe.

When Kilowag replied, his voice was strangely soft.

"I'm not keepin' score, kid…"

Just then, the automated door glided open, causing Razer and Kilowag to jump slightly in their seats. It was only Aya, though.

"Green lantern Hal Jordan requests that the two of you meet him in the central chamber immediately."

Now what?

Without a word, Razer and Kilowag got up to follow her.

When they re-entered the multi-purpose room, Razer was stunned for just one moment by pure shock. It was as though he had stepped onto a new planet. Literally.

The domed walls of the room seemed to be completely gone. Instead, for what seemed like miles a foreign landscape stretched in every direction. Above, there was a crisp blue sky. In the distance snow-capped mountain peaks reached upward. Razer and Kilowag stood in what appeared to be a small meadow.

"What in Zark's name?" the general exclaimed.

Standing just a few feet away was Hal. The other lantern was wearing some sort of strange, green cone on his head. Aya walked up beside him and he placed a matching one on her, tying it down with a string.

"What the blazes is the meaning of this Jordan?" Kilowag bellowed, although not from anger but shock.

The human laughed at his bewildered facial expression.

"Surprise! Happy birthday, Kilowag!"

Kilowag and Razer's faces fell slack.

"Birthday? What're you talkin' about Jordan, it's not…" Kilowag counted in his head and his eyes lit up, "Wait a second…you're right. It is, isn't it?"

"Indeed," said Aya.

Kilowag shook his head as if to clear it. "But how did you know? Even I didn't remember…"

"He accessed the information from my databases. Hal Jordan seemed to think it was very important."

"That true, Hal?"

The jet pilot scratched the back of his neck self-conciously, "Yeah. It's true. You see, back from where I come on Earth, we make a real special occasion out of someone's birthday. They're given gifts by their friends and eat good food and wear stuff like this,"

He pointed to his ridiculous green hat and handed another one to Kilowag. The general sniffed it suspiciously, then, with a shrug, placed it on his head.

"So what is all this anyway?" Kilowag asked, motioning to the landscape around them.

"It's your birthday present! A holo-template I had Aya whip up. Doesn't it look familiar?"

Razer watched as the older lantern's brows furrowed in thought. Then his eyes widened with recognition.

"Wait a sec…is this?"

"Bolovax Vik" said Aya, "Or rather, a model of it I assembled from the data in my archives."

Kilowag beamed as he took in the sight, looking strangely emotional.

"I recognize it now…those mountains…the sky…It's like I'm home again…"

"Thought you would like it, big guy."

And Razer knew from the look on his face that Kilowag really did. The emotion his features showed made the red lantern a little embarrassed to look, so he averted his gaze.

He could see the attraction of this blue planet. The colors were admittedly quite beautiful. Soft pink bulbs lilted back and fourth on the virtual ground. They seemed so real Razer sniffed at the air. Something he immediately regretted.

UGH… What IS that SMELL?

Hal caught sight of the face Razer made and remembered something.

"Oh yeah! Wait here a sec, Kilowag. I've got one other thing for you."

When Jordan came back, he was toting a large platter. On it rested a large, gelatinous glob of gray slime.

Razer gagged. A stench unlike any other permeated the room, obviously emanating from this goop.

However, Kilowag inhaled deeply, sighing with pleasure.

"Aaah… I'd know that heavenly smell anywhere. Hal, is that Ga'argush?"

"S-sure is…," said the other green lantern, struggling not to breathe in.

"I also found this in my data archives. It was a celebratory food on your planet that was the closest equivalent I could find to the earthen food 'birthday cake'."

"Heheh, thanks Aya! You did great. I love Ga'argush. Haven't had it in years…"

He stuck his finger into the gray mass, pulled our a small blob of the sludge, and popped it into his mouth.

"Mmmm… just like I remember it…"

"Aya did most of the cooking. I made a mess of it when I tried."

"Thanks Aya," Kilowag said, addressing the android, "And you too Hal. This…this means the world to me…"

The older lantern sniffed loudly. Hal set the Ga'argush down on a table Aya pulled up from the floor and patted Kilowag on the back.

"Hey, c'mon, buddy. Don't do that. Your food will get cold—err—warm."

Kilowag nodded, and both green lanterns took a seat at the table. Aya left the room briefly and then returned with some food for Hal before sitting down beside them.

Razer stood awkwardly to the side, not really knowing what to do. He realized that now there was no longer a reason for him to stick around, and he could easily slip out at any moment without the other three caring in the slightest.

Besides that, his aching body yearned to seek out the comfort of his own bed.

But…why did another part of him want to linger?

Kilowag briefly looked up from his food and noticed the red was still standing there.

"Wanna sit down and try some of this, Poozer?" he said, motioning to the gray slime. "It's good."

Razer furrowed his nose.

"No thank you. Even if I could digest it, which something tells me I can't, I'm not hungry. I don't need to eat as often as you two."

But instead of leaving, Razer used this as an invitation to sit down beside the other lanterns and Aya. Neither Kilowag nor Hal commented on this, just carried on with their food and conversation as if nothing was different.

As both green lanterns finished eating, their conversation became more animated. Hal and Kilowag took turns telling stories about home, travel, and colleagues. Some of the initial awkwardness Razer felt about sitting between them began to melt away, and he eventually joined in. Most of the input was still Hal's or Kilowag's, but occasionally Razer would throw in a question or snide remark. The greens took it in stride, laughing off the sarcasm and throwing in their own quips.

And then, the strangest part of all was that Razer began to feel…warmth.

It started slowly, building up in his chest. Then it crept throughout the rest of his body with a tingling sensation. Undoubtedly, it was some side effect of the exhaustion and trauma of that day…

But it left him…oddly happy. For the first time in a long while, he sat without worrying about the past or the future. All that occupied his mind was the joke Kilowag was telling and the way Hal laughed, clutching his sides and doubling over.

Being here...sitting alongside these people…it felt right.

Razer had long lost track of how much time had past. Thirty minutes? An hour? Two?

His eyelids were drooping so low now it took a conscious effort to hold them open. Kilowag issued forth a massive yawn.

"Time for bed, I think," said Hal.

The older lantern grunted and got to his feet. So did Razer. Each one of them began heading for their respective rooms.

"Thanks again for the party, Hal," said Kilowag, "When did you manage to put all this together, anyway?"

"Well, I had just enough time while you and Razer were out searching for that phony element."

Kilowag's eyes widened suddenly as he (finally) put two and two together, then they narrowed into slits.

"Waaaaaait a second…."

Hal gulped. Uh oh…

"Jordan…did you…?"

"Uh, night guys!" the human said, hurrying out the door.


As the voices faded behind him, Razer realized just how late it must be into the "night" hours of his sleeping schedule. His small, unadorned bunk looked far more inviting than it had any right to. Careful not to disturb the sling on his arm, he sank into it gratefully.

Aya's voice emanated from the walls around him.

"Good night, Razer. I wish you 'sweet dreams'."

Being told "sweet dreams" by a robot was so absurd that the side of his lip nearly curved up in a half smile, but his exhaustion got the better of him.

The AI unit dimmed the lights in his chamber.

Razer fell asleep almost instantly, but just before losing conciousness, an old memory of this same calendar day many years ago crept its way back into his mind. This time, his lips did crack a faint smile.

Razer took one last look at the small oasis he and Illana had called home. Just then there was a small tug on his arm. He looked down at Illana's face. She smiled mischievously.

"I have a surprise for you, Razer," she teased, "Now, close your eyes."

He did.

"Good, now put out your hands."

He held them out.

There was a faint rustling sound and something soft was placed in his outstretched palms.

"Alright, you can open them now."

As Razer opened his eyes, he perceived in his hands what appeared to be a halo made of light. After several awestruck moments, he realized the bright pin-pricks were tiny glowing flowers, woven together by their stems. How the thin, fragile filaments had been braided so finely he couldn't fathom. Only incredible patience and skill could have accomplished it. Only Illana…

He looked up into her beautiful eyes. Tears were brimming there. With a start, he realized they they were filling his own as well."

"Oh Illana…"

"Happy Birthday…Razer."

End of "A Day of Surprises"

Well, that's all! Hope you guys liked it. Usually my fanfics stretch out pretty long, but I should this would make a cute little side story.

Now I'll address some things that might have needed explanation or clarification.

For starters, I didn't do any dramatic reveals like having Razer tell Kilowag and Hal about his wife. The main reason for this is that I didn't want to go anywhere that I think the show producers probably will in the future. It seems very likely to me that somewhere in the series they'll have that moment themselves. And probably, the real writers will do a much better job at it than me. In fact, almost every base I thought might come into conflict with later episodes was left untouched, or only mildly touched on.

Secondly, I wanted to clear up what the deal was in chapter 2, in case anyone didn't already guess. The "abnormality" Aya's scans picked up was the presence of actual seismic activity. Before then, she had been lying about it. Of course, she didn't want to tell Razer or Kilowag before consulting Hal about it, fearing it might cause them to come back too early and mess up his surprise party.

In chapter 3, when the static was cutting Aya's voice off, what she said first was

"Negative. There are no other life forms present on this planet."


"My apologies. Minor seismic activity seems to be interfering with my communication systems."

And last


Third, the reason Hal and Kilowag didn't know it was Razer's birthday was because he never told anyone. Unlike Kilowag, his personal background isn't entered on Aya's data files. But the reason Hal still wanted to get him off the ship was because he was afraid the red lantern would think the idea of having a birthday party was stupid and blow his cover to Kilowag, insisting that they continue with their mission.

Fourth, The dream Razer had after the roof of the tunnel collapsed was actually a real memory of Illana from the same day and place as the one he had at the end of the fic.

Fifth, I know it's kind of a long shot for Razer and Kilowag to have their birthdays fall on the same day. After all, living on different planets, they would have completely different calendar cycles, so the chances of it happening are like, one in a million. But if you ask me, that's just what makes it so cute.

Lastly, I want to explain why Aya couldn't find any time after the hours that Razer and Kilowag were in the tunnels to inform Hal about what her sensors picked up. It's because after she found Hal with his mess in the kitchen, he put her to work full time making Kilowag's "cake" and designing his present, the holo-template. Originally, Hal had planned to do those things himself, but found himself miserably bad at it. Finally, he just shoved it all on Aya. The only thing he did do? The paper cone "birthday" hats. Good job, Hal

They just barely managed to finish preparations for the party before Kilowag contacted Hal telling him that he and Razer were returning.

Anyway, I hope everyone who read this liked it, or at least didn't think it was completely horrible. I really enjoyed writing this fic, so who knows, maybe I'll venture into the world of GL:TAS again in the future.

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