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Extended Epilogue

POV: Jasper

Before I settled into bed beside Edward I bit his wrists, inner elbows, behind his knees and ankles. My goal was to get as much venom into Edward as possible to speed the change. I finally settled into bed beside Edward and pulled his naked body to mine and sent him waves of calm, and euphoria to help lessen his pain.

Edward whimpered as the venom burned through his veins. I felt horrible for causing him this pain, but in the back of my mind I knew that we both wanted to be together forever. Edward was right; I would never be able to live without him. The very thought of not having him in my life made my bold dead heart ache.

During the first day of the change, Edward slipped in and out of consciousness. Whether he was awake or asleep he would whimper and tense from the pain. Watching him burn was more painful then my own change. I wanted so much to take his pain away, but the best I could do was lessen it.

Things only got worse as we entered the second day. Edward no longer slipped into unconsciousness. His body would tense more frequently and his whimpers grew louder, but not loud enough to draw attention. I repeated to him over and over again how much I loved him and how we would be together forever.

As the second day progressed so did Edward's change. His new found strength began to display itself as his hold on me would tighten at times. He also kept his eyes closed most of the time, but eventually he opened them and the beautiful green eyes I had come to love we no more. Edward's eyes had shifted to a flat black color. I knew that by the end of the change they would be a bright crimson.

I would miss his emerald eyes, and the blush that would cover his cheeks when he was embarrassed. I would miss the softness of his skin and the warmth of his body. I knew that these features were worth giving up, but I couldn't help feeling sad at the lost.

'My chest hurts… the pain…' Edward whimpered.

'Your hands, and feet, do they still burn?' I questioned.

'No.' Edward whimpered while shaking his head.

I sighed with relief, 'It is nearly over, love. A few more hours and you will never feel pain again.'

That short conversation was the most that Edward has spoken since the change began, but it was also the most uplifting conversation I had ever had. Edward would soon be my equal, and I would be able to truly show him my love without fear of ever hurting him.

I listened as Edward's heartbeat increased with each passing second. Seconds became minutes and minutes became hours. Soon Edward's heart was beating with the speed of a hummingbird's wings. The end was near and I anxiously waited for the final beats.

Edward's hands held my arms tightly, his grip near the point of pain at times as the burn in his chest increased. Whatever pain I felt was insignificant, and I would gladly take it if it meant Edward felt some relief.

Edward's whole body tense, he threw his head back and ground his teeth. His eyes wide and his hands griping me painfully as the final onslaught of the venom pushed into his heart. Seconds passed and finally Edward's body slumped back into the bed with one final beat. Silence filled the room. Edward's eyes were closed and his breathing was slow and deliberate.

Edward opened his eyes for the first time as a vampire. I could feel in his emotions at how amazed he was by his surroundings. I remember the when I first opened my eyes and how clear and sharp everything appeared. I is both amazing and a bit disorientating.


Edward turned his head toward my voice and a smile graced his lips. "Jasper?"

I nodded my head and Edward pulled me into a tight hug. "umpf… Edward, too tight," I groaned.

"Oops." Edward released me but the smile stayed upon his face.

"You're just a bit stronger then I am for the moment," I said.

"I feel overwhelmed," Edward said.

"It will take a bit of getting use to, but you'll master it within a few days," I replied.

I gave Edward time to become accustomed to his surroundings. He lay in bed for a while just looking at all the different things in the room, before finally walking around and learning how to handle picking up items without destroying them. Unfortunately the glass bottle of olive oil did not survive the ordeal.

Thankfully Edward had learned enough control over his strength to dress himself without damaging his clothes. Carlisle, who had been away on a task for Aro, chose that moment to pay us a visit.

"Jasper," Carlisle said as he entered the room. "Aro said he hasn't seen you or Edward in over two days. I was concerned, but it appears you are ok. Is Edward alright?"

"I am completely fine, Carlisle. Although, I'm a bit overwhelmed," Edward answered as he entered the main room from the wardrobe.

Carlisle took in Edward's appearance and he was slightly shocked. "I must say that vampirism suits you well, Edward."

Edward smiled. "I could do without the red eyes, but I feel amazing. I just need to remember not to break things."

Carlisle chuckled, "We've all had to do that. Trust me I've broken my share of items when I was learning to control my strength. You'll soon manage."

"Speaking of control, Edward needs to hunt," I said. "Would you care to join us?"

"I would love to," Carlisle replied.

We left the village through one of the secret passage and proceed north into the large forested areas that surrounded the village. Teaching Edward to hunt proved easier then expected. His ability to read minds had been significantly enhanced.

Deer were plentiful in this area and that is what we hunted for Edward's first meal. Getting down the basics such as finding our prey and capturing it proved very easy for him. However, staying clean proved to be a bit more difficult for him. Newborn vampires are very messy eaters. By the time we had completed our first hunt Edward was covered in fur, blood, dirt, leaves and other debris. It was humorous for Carlisle and me to witness.

Before we returned to the Citadel I recreated the blocks in Edward's mind to keep all knowledge of the Apollo prophecy and his minding reading abilities hidden. However, before I finished I discovered that Edward had another gift.

Like me Edward possessed several Psychokintec abilities, but unlike me his were not limited to Telekinesis and Energy Shielding. This new gift included the ability to control energy, speed up or slow down an object or person. And finally the ability phase through matter, or allow matter to pass through him.

I knew that I had to hide the signatures of these abilities immediately. I setup more mental blocks to keep Aro out. I also instructed Edward to not speak about these abilities or use them until I could train him.

Part of me wanted to speak to Eleazar about the extent of Edward's new abilities, but that would make it more difficult to hide them. The more people that new about his abilities the more likely that Aro would learn of them, and that was unacceptable.

Carlisle thought it would be best to Edward before Aro upon our return, instead of waiting. It would also give me the opportunity to plan the seeds of our leaving in a few months.

Aro was in the audience chamber when we returned. "Major! You had us concerned we had not seen you in several days," Aro greeted.

"My apologies Master Aro, but I was busy," I replied while gesturing toward Edward. Edward pushed the hood off his head to reveal his pale skin and bright crimson eyes.

A smile graced Aro's lips and it was slightly unnerving in a way. He seemed extremely pleased by Edward's new appearance.

"Immortality suits you, Edward."

"Thank you, Master Aro." Edward stepped forward and offered his hand. Aro smiled brightly and quickly grasped Edward's hand. To my knowledge Aro had never read Edward mind, this would be a treat for him.

Using Edward as a conduit I planted the necessary seeds into Aro's mind. Aro was fascinated by Edward's mind and was unaware that I had altered anything.

"That was most interesting," Aro said after finally release Edward's hand.

"If you will excuse Master Aro there is much I must teach my mate about this life," I said. I emphasized the word mate to make it clear to all that Edward was still mine.

As we proceeded to leave Caius decided to speak, "Be sure that Edward is here this afternoon during feeding time, we don't need any more deviancy in our ranks."

Angry flashed in my eyes that Aro clearly saw, but said nothing. "How and when Edward feeds is my prerogative. You will learn to keep your comments to yourself or I will remove your tongue."

"How dare you!" Caius growled.

I slammed Caius with a massive wave of terror causing him to drop to his knees. "Don't fuck with me Caius I am stronger, faster, and more powerful then you. Aro will not blink an eye if I rip off your head and feed it to a pack of werewolves."

None of the guards moved to help Caius. Few if any of the guard had any loyalties to him. Of those who were present almost all of them were amused to see Caius on his knees.

I turned to Aro, "If you will excuse me Master I have much more important things to look after."

"Oh course Major."

I motioned for Carlisle and Edward to continue out of the room and I followed. Only after I had left the room did I release Caius from the terror that gripped him.

"I am a little confused," Edward said as we entered our suite. "Why was most of the Guard pleased with what you did to Caius?"

"Caius commands no loyalty from the Guard. Their loyalties lie with Aro and some with Marcus. Caius bloodlust and his brash attitude toward the Guard earns him little in the way of respect. The more educated members of the Guard view him as a bumbling fool that Aro keeps around for amusement," Carlisle said.

"I see, so that is why Aro did not say anything when you confronted Caius," Edward reasoned.

"That is partly correct. Aro has great respect for me, but he also fears me. As I told Caius I am stronger, faster and more powerful them him, this also include Aro. Also unlike Aro I have earned the trust and loyalty of the guard. The loyalty that the guard feels for Aro was placed there by Chelsea. Earned Loyalty is more powerful then any relationship ties that Chelsea creates."

Edward felt relieved by what I said and it seemed to set his mind at ease.

"Don't let that knowledge make you complacent, Edward. The Volturi are still dangerous and we must continue to be cautious. In a few months we will leave here and they will be come a lesser concern for a time," Carlisle added.

Due to Edward's recent change he was unable to join me during my morning and evening inspections of the village. This did not draw attention until nearly a week had passed without Edward being at my side. By the end of the week the braver villagers approached me to ask about Edward. My reply to them was that he was recovering. Most of them took this to mean he had been ill and was recovering from sickness. I of course did not correct them.

The end of the second week without Edward by my side drew the attention of the one man who had I gone to great lengths to avoid, Bishop Romano.

I cursed under my breath in several languages as I saw him approaching me. There was no way to avoid him today.

"Knight-Commander," he greeted but his tone was hard and I could sense the anger in him.

"Bishop Romano, what can I do for you?" I asked.

"For one who claims do be different you are no better then the rest of the devil's horde that resides in the Citadel. Tell me did you make him suffer before you ended his life?" The bishop demanded.

I rolled my eyes, "If you are referring to Edward then you have been miss informed of his death. Edward is alive and well. He is within our suite recovering."

I emphasized my point by directing the Bishop gaze to the window of my room in the north tower that overlooked the village square.

"I was told by several villagers that you claimed Edward had been ill, but it has been two weeks and he is still not by your side during your daily inspections."

"I never claimed that Edward had been ill. I told the villagers that he was recovering."

The bishop took a moment to scrutinize my words before he spoke again, "You turned him into a soulless monster and damned him to hell."

The anger in his voice was most evident.

"Only sinners are damned to hell, Bishop. Edward is not a sinner nor is he a soulless monster. He told you I was different and a simple glace at my eyes is proof enough that I am not like the devil's horde that resides within the Citadel. I feed upon the beast of the forest, and so does Edward. You can take your self-righteous bullshit and shove it up your ass."

I walked away from the bishop angry and annoyed by his all holier than thou attitude.

I did not speak to Edward or Carlisle of my conversation with Bishop Romano. From that day onward I avoided walking by the Cathedral and the Bishop did not seek me out.

Three months after Edward's change his eyes had shifted almost completely to the deep rich gold color that they would be for the rest of our existence. His eyes were darker then mine but in another month or two they would shift almost completely to gold. It would still take the rest of his first year before all the red in his eyes was completely gone.

Edward's control was also far better then either Carlisle or I had expected. We had reasoned that by living among us for so many months before his change that he had some understanding of what to expect and how to behave.

We tested his control by having him join me for late night inspections when only the City Guard was out and about. This proved to be an excellent way to test Edward's control. Each night Edward would join me and each night he seemed more and more at ease around the humans.

We then shifted to morning walks. We'd leave the Citadel just as the sun would make its appearance over the horizon. Our inspection normally ended by the time that a decent number of villagers were starting their work day.

We continued this gradual introduction to the human world over the course of two months. By the end of the second month Edward was back to being at my side as we did our morning and evening inspections at their normal times.

Carlisle had also continued Edward's language lessons, but soon found that as a vampire Edward was consuming the material at a remarkable pace. Carlisle was now sending away for materials every few days.

I knew that I could find Edward in the library when he wasn't with me. He had been reading through the numerous books that filled the Volturi library. It was one of, if not, the largest library in the world.

Caius also avoided me as much as possible and never commented on Edward's feeding habits, but I knew that Caius was planning something. I had not survived this long as a vampire just because of my abilities. Having supernatural abilities is pointless if one does not have the wits about them to know when something is not as it seems.

I had received a summons from Captain Valentino. He had replace Captain Luca as the leader of the City Guard after the Captain had died defending the barracks during the werewolf attack. Captain Valentino had also been the man who investigated the death of Edward's mother.

However, upon reaching the barracks and speaking to the Captain he was adamant that he had not summoned me. It was then that I had a sinking feeling something was wrong. As I walked back to the Citadel my mind tried to figure out what was going.

I was on the second floor of the Citadel when I passed by Carlisle. He asked what was bothering me, but before I could answer I heard several loud screams. I looked at Carlisle and he had a sad look on his face, and that is when I knew what was wrong. Today was feeding day.

"Edward!" I said, "I'm going to fucking kill Caius!"

The last part had been said with a deep angry growl. I rushed toward the audience chamber.

Edward was standing by the second doorway with his back pressed against the wall. His eyes were frantic and terrified. He was still breathing, and I could sense the bloodlust rising in him.

The floor was covered in blood and most of the guard had finished feeding. There was only human left alive. Caius was standing with the human girl only a few feet away from Edward. Caius was trying to convince him to give into his instincts and feed upon the girl, or take her back to our suite and have his way with her before feeding upon her.

Caius was unaware that I had entered the room, but that would soon change. I rushed over to him and grabbed hold of his arm and threw him backwards clear across the room. The wall of the chamber cracked where his body impacted against it.

"Alec, numb Edward now," I ordered. Alec did not hesitate and immediately engulfed Edward in a mist. I could hear Edward sigh with relief.

"Carlisle, take him to my room."

I ignored the human girl and turned my attention to Caius. I was furious and would teach him not to fuck with me again.

"Jane!" Caius called out.

"Don't do it, Jane," Alec said. Janet paid her brother no mind and attacked me with her gift. Jane was confused and so were many of the other guards. I was still standing and appeared completely unaffected by Jane's ability.

She focused harder on me, but still she had no success. I had been prepared for Caius to use Jane against me. My mind was fully protected by the blocks I had setup when I first arrived. Jane would not get through unless I let her. I had other plans for Jane's ability.

I closed my eyes and redirected the pressure that Jane was trying to exert on my mind. When I opened my eyes and looked at Caius he screamed loudly in pain and fell to his knees.

Aro who had been observing the confrontation was shocked, worried, but also very amused. Aro thought that the extent of my abilities ended with my empathy. He now knew that my claim to being more powerful was very true.

"Enough, Jane," Aro ordered. Jane immediately stopped attack me and Caius stopped screaming.

I marched pass Aro without a second glance and grabbed Caius by the throat. I slammed him into the wall behind him cracking it further. "I warned you not fuck with me by you didn't listen. I will not warn you again. If you so much as look at Edward, Carlisle or I again. I will tear you apart and spread your remains across Siberia."

I tossed Caius aside, "That is but a fraction of the power I possess."

I tuned to Aro, "If he crosses me again I will destroy hm."

"He will not trouble you again, Major. You have my word," Aro said. I nodded. I left to find Carlisle and Edward.

Edward was quite upset over what had happened. He had not harmed the human female, but it had scared him mentally to be confronted by the horrors of this world. He had not been fully prepared to deal with what our kind was truly capable of.

Carlisle and I made the decision that night that we needed to leave.

In the morning I spoke with Aro. I first apologized for my behavior the prior day, but he dismissed it. I informed Aro that Carlisle and I had decided that it would best for us to leave Volterra. With the return of the guard and the threat posed by Maria silenced there was little left for me to do here. The Romanians were in hiding, and of no threat to the Volturi.

I could sense that Aro wanted to protest, but the seeds I had planted superseded his desires. He reluctantly agreed.

We packed what little belongings we had and prepared to leave. I had recommended to Aro that Alec, Demetri or Santiago take over my role as Knight-Commander. He agreed, and selected Demetri as my replacement.

Before we left we were visited by several members of the guard: Santiago, Eleazar, Carmen, Alec and Demetri.

All of them wished us farewell and a safe journey. Demetri thanked me for recommending him as my replacement. He had already appointed Alec, who turned out to be his mate, and Santiago as his lieutenants.

After our short farewell with friends we left Volterra behind. Carlisle was eager to return to Esme and Alice, but also wanted to show Edward some of Europe. We spent a little over a month traveling through the European countryside. Eventually we found our way to England and journeyed by ship back to America.

Alice and Esme were waiting for us when we arrived in Boston. Hugs, and kisses were shared all around as they greeted each of us and welcomed Edward into our family. After a short hunt we returned to our home.

We spent the new few decades traveling across the east coast of the America. It was the early half of the nineteenth century when Alice surprised us all one evening.

"We're moving to the west coast," Alice had proclaimed.

"We are?" I replied skeptically.

Alice smiled, "Yes dear brother."

"Why are we moving to the west coast?" Carlisle asked. He had already accepted that Alice was right.

"New Allies," Alice answered. I had the feeling that Alice was holding back, there was something she wasn't telling us. Whatever it was thought had Alice both nervous and excited.

Edward wouldn't tell me what he had seen in Alice's visions. He'd only say that it was nothing for us to worry about, and that Alice would tell us when she was ready. Edward seemed relaxed about whatever had been in the vision, so I didn't push for answers.

Moving to the west was a journey all of it's own, but the true story laid on the west coast of America. That story is yet to come…

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