So remember that time I said I wanted to post a chapter a week until I was done? And now it is like…six months later?


New Year's Resolution – Finish this up for you lovelies


Hermione gritted her teeth as the Dark Lord hovered over her, his mouth tracing a path of kisses down her neck to her breasts. It hadn't taken long for him to pull off her clothes and leave her only in her underwear. He was currently only clad from the waist down, his arousal evident. Choking on her disgust Hermione forced herself o groan as if she enjoyed Voldemort's ministrations, praying Draco was on his way.


Draco ducked around the each corner as quickly as he could, running as fast as he could to his love before something worse than being touched by Voldemort could happen to her. He could hear chaos behind him fading into silence just as the outline of a door appeared in front of him. Slamming his palms into the wood, he burst through. Draco threw himself out into the hallway, sending the cue to Hermione that he was outside her door. It was up to her to get started now.


Feeling the slight twitch in her magic from her wand, Hermione knew it was time. She pushed slightly on the Dark Lord's shoulders, rolling until she was straddling his pelvis.

"Oh…" He smiled darkly up at her, his black eyes flashing, "Feeling a bit dominating love?"

"You could say that." She replied with a smile. She began kissing his neck, gently brushing her teeth over his skin.

"Ah love. You do like it rough." The Dark Lord chuckled deep in his chest his hands at her waist urging her onward.

Smirking against his neck, Hermione lowered her mouth to his jugular, brushing against it once more. "You could say that." With no hesitation Hermione pushed her fangs into the Dark Lord's neck and immediately felt his blood surge into her mouth. Realizing what was happening, the Dark Lord started to thrash beneath her, trying to use his superior body weight to dislodge Hermione from atop him.

"You lying….little…bitch!" He choked from beneath her. Finally getting a grip on Hermione's arms, he tossed her from the bed, clapping a hand over his bleeding neck. Hermione wiped the blood from her chin with the back of her hand, spitting it onto the floor just as Draco burst into the room, fangs bared in anger.

"Both of you?" Voldemort's eyes narrowed as he glared at them. Magic filled the air with electricity. Weak from blood loss, the Dark Lord staggered to retrieve his wand.

"I wouldn't." Draco said quietly, summoning Voldemort's wand with a flick of his wrist.
The greatest Dark Lord of all time, brought down by a little blood loss." Draco smirked at the Dark Lord, slowly edging his way forward as Hermione picked herself off the ground.

"You haven't brought me down quite yet Malfoy." The Dark Lord spat, removing his hand from his neck. Blood still ran from the two puncture wounds in his neck. Hermione glanced at Draco and the two locked eyes. Completely noiselessly, the pair ran at Voldemort at the same time. Prepared for a frontal attack, the Dark Lord dodged, leaping effortlessly to the sound. He was no vampire, but he was a powerful wizard.

Seeing the change of course this was taking, Hermione and Draco stopped before they hit the wall. The Dark Lord was now edging his way toward the door, his back to the ebony wood.

"Nice try little vampires. It will do me a great pleasure to have you both killed." Voldemort smirked triumphantly, raising a hand to no doubt perform some grotesque magic on them.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, the door flew open from the outside, completely shattering the wood in a shower of splinters and green light. The Dark Lord flew forward, landing on his hands and knees in the middle of the floor as a dark figure came through the shattered door.

Staring in shock, Hermione immediately recognized Bellatrix Lestrange standing over the Dark Lord on the floor. Bellatrix shoved a foot underneath the fallen wizard, harshly flipping him onto his back on the carpet.

"You slimy snake." She hissed through her teeth. "You tried to kill me. I was your most loyal supporter when Potter was alive and now you try to kill me?"

Voldemort laughed in her face, spitting blood at Bellatrix. He appeared to have hit his mouth particularly hard when the door imploded. "You fool. I never loved you. Never cared for you at all. You were just another piece of ass to me."

Bellatrix's eyes narrowed in hate as she stared down at Voldemort. With a flick of her wand he was tossed in the air, landing unceremoniously on the ground. She flicked her wrist again, sending him once more flying.

"Enough!" The Dark Lord bellowed. Landing lightly on his feet, Voldemort advanced on Bellatrix. Despite continued movement from her wand, nothing happened to the Dark Lord in front of her. Voldemort grabbed Bellatrix's throat in his hand and started to squeeze.

"Now you will see how much I truly cared for you, Bellatrix Lestrange." He spat angrily, bloody spit flying from his mouth.

All the while, Draco and Hermione had watched in shock from the other side of the room, unable to move in their confusion and surprise. Seeing an opportunity to act, Draco whispered in Hermione's ear.


The pair threw themselves forward, landing on opposite sides of Voldemort. Each sunk their fangs into his neck on opposite sides continuing where Hermione had started. Voldemort dropped Bellatrix, moving to try to dislodge the vampires latched onto his throat. However he couldn't reach one without hitting the other. With a choking groan, the Dark Lord fell to the ground, dead and drained of blood. Moments later, the two vampires responsible also collapsed, having drained the last drop of blood from Lord Voldemort's veins.


That was not how I planned on this ending but it sort of ran away with itself. Apologies for the sub-par writing. Recovering from a tonsillectomy. :P