So the Prince Fell in Love with the Peasant

Full summary: humans know about the existence of vampires. The royal family of vampires who rule the whole world are the Cullens. Vampires, like werewolves, can imprint, but only on human girls. These girls can become pregnant and have vampire babies. Because king Carlisle has ruled for almost 200 years he must give his throne to his heir, Edward Cullen. It is tradition for the king to marry a vampire woman and not imprint on a human girl so Edward has been kept from human women his whole vampire life. Now, two years before the king must retire, Edward must find a vampire wife. If he doesn't find a wife himself, he will be arranged to marry Lady Tanya. What happens when a peasant named Bella ends up in the prince's ballroom during his party, bleeding and close to death? How will the world react to the prince imprinting when a future king has never imprinted before?

Chapter 1

It stood there, the rope tied around my wrist rubbing away at my skin as I struggled against the bonds. My captures pulling me out of the lower class region of the city, closer to the palace, where I knew my torture would take place.

Usually I would have just been killed in the street, but someone from the Seem, who should have keep their mouth shut, actually knew the Law and stood up to the Guard and told them that if I didn't get me the proper punishment, she would report them. so instead of a quick death, I had to endure 50 wipes for stealing a class three item that will most likely cause my death and be a lot more painful.

Anything that someone can steal is put into a class that determines the punishment if you get caught stealing it. Class one items was any type of food and the guards cut a cross on the back of each of your hands to mark you as a thief. Class two was cloth, supplies, and animals. If you steal a class two they cut of one finger, starting with your thumbs. Class three is silver, money, medicine, and wine. Class four was gems, gold, or anything higher in value which was punished by death.

We walked through the streets of the middle class. I have never been outside of the lower class. The streets were clean here, the building weren't falling apart, and the people look happy. They all looked our way, probably noticing my ripped and stingy dress and my tangled mess of hair. I felt something hit my right shoulder and the people around started laughing. I turned my hand to see the red juices of a tomato staining my dress. Did they always waist food like this? That would have been a whole meal for my father and me. Then others bystanders joined in on the fun and throw more fruits and vegetables at me. When at least five perfectly good apples and other fruits hit me, a pear hit the biggest of the guards. "Enough!" he screamed at the crowd. The guard had blue eyes, but one of them was foggy. The people stopped throwing but they still laughed and pointed. I hanged my hand in shame.

The guard standing to my right gave me a small smile of pity. He was the first of the three to get to me. He heard me call to Alice to take care of my father. He knew the reason why I stole the medicine but he was a guard and he had to punish me. The man behind me pushed me and I stumbled, almost falling to the cobblestone. Two of the three men laughed.

"Keep going," the glassy eyed one said. The under his breath him added, "Good for nothing piece of thrash. Just trying to make our job harder."

Finally we arrived at a stone wall. Two watch towers enclosed a tall, metal gate. The metal was bent and twirled into different shapes and designs. I could tell that some of the designs were of runes but woman and most man from the lower class were never taught how to read and write.

I wasn't able to look at the gate any longer before it swung open and I was lead inside the upper city for the first and most likely the last time in my life. Thinking about it, I would probably never leave the upper city alive. I wanted to sob, knowing that today would be my last day on this earth. I wasn't a fool. I know I was too weak with hunger and the loss of blood would kill me but I wouldn't cry. When the guards got me, I promised myself I wouldn't cry. Alice was there and I needed to stay strong for her. She depended on me. She was the one who stopped them from killing me on the street. She was hoping that I would be strong enough to survive. I put on a brave face and promised her I would try, and I would try, but I didn't have high hopes. But I had to try to make it because Alice needed me.

When I was 15 I found Alice in an alley shaking like a leaf. Her raven black hair was chopped off and her once pretty dress was in ruins. I brought her home and fed her, trying to calm her down. Back then my father still worked in a butcher shop. We weren't anything close to rich, but there was food on the table every night. She would keep repeating. "Jay, I need my Jay." And I couldn't get her to say anything else all day. The next day she woke up and asked where she was. After talking to her I learned she didn't remember anything but that she thinks her name is Alice. She seemed to be my age but she was a lot shorter then I was at the time. I asked her who Jay was and she didn't know what I was talking about.

A month later she woke up in the middle of night, Alice was staying with us, and was screaming and crying. She repeated the same words she did a month ago and I held her tell she fell asleep in my arms. Again, she didn't remember anything about her episode. Every once in a while she would have an episode and I was the only one that could calm her. She never remembers them. Also when her hair started to touch her shoulders she would freak out. She would scream at me to cut it all off even though I wish to let her beautiful hair grow. When I cut it for the first time I notice that she had a strange mark on her neck, but I never got a close look at it. After I cut her dark hair she would cry in my arms and fall asleep. Alice was like a sister to me and I hated seeing her like that. If I wasn't there to protect her she would be alone with no one to cry into. At least father could cut her hair. If he lives, I voice in the back of my mind said. What would she do without either of us? Maybe the nuns at the church would take her in. I could only hope.

I didn't realize that we were now standing in front of another gate, this one even more complex in its design. I look behind me and saw two male vampires, glittering in the sunlight, each holding a girl around my age in their arms. One of the girls was rounded slightly with child. I have seen a few vampires in my life but never an imprint.

From what my father has told me, when a male vampire meets his soul mate, he imprints. It's a bond so strong that if the girl was killed the vampire would die. It was the greatest crime to harm or kill an imprint. If someone were to hurt an imprint, the Law did not bind the vampire and he was allowed to do as he wished to the person that harmed his imprint. Imprints could also become pregnant with vampire children. Imprinting was one of the only ways a girl from the Seem could ever get out from the lower class, but since very few vampires visit the lower class, it was extremely rare.

Other vampires and humans walking on the street glanced our way, but turned away to continue with their lives.

After entering the gate, the metal groaning while it shut behind us, I looked at the Cullen manner. It was so big, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. A grand fountain with a roaring beast I didn't know the name of produced crystal clear water, which splashed into the pool at the beast's feet. White stone cut into rounded squares created a path on the green grass to the mansion. The main part of the palace was three levels high with a dome decorating the top. That palace expanded on each side of the main piece of the building, making that palace extremely wide.

I always wondered what the palace looks like. As a little girl a dreamed of a vampire coming into the main square near my house, looking around, searching for something. I would walk up to him and ask if I could help him find anything. He would look at me and smile. "Well little girl, I think I just found what I'm looking for." Then he would take my father and me to a pretty, white castle.

I must have been day dreaming because without my notice, we were behind the grand house and about to walk into a set of steel, bar doors. I know these doors would lead to the dungeon.

"No!" I cried. "Please, I don't want to die in that darkness! Please let me see the sunlight before I leave this cruel world!"

The glassy eyed man was about to hit me when the guard who smiled at me stopped him. "Kurl, control yourselves. Does this girl not get a last request? Would you not honor your knighthood by denying her the warm glow of sunlight?"

"Fine," he said with a grunt. The guards open the doors for us and I was dragged inside. "Down the hall is a sound proof room with a window. We'll take it there."

Half-way down the corridor the guard behind me spoke. "Isn't the ballroom, where the Prince is hosting his party, down the hall from the room you speak of Kurl?"

"Not even the vampires will hear us through the walls. The room was made for secrete meeting, from what I know, but it is rarely used."

Rounding the corner we were met with a metal door. The man behind me can around and opened the door. The man had greasy, black hair that stuck to his neck. The men roughly pushed me into the room, causing me to fall to my knee. I lifted my head to look around the room. All four sides were made of gray stone. On the wall to my right was a small window with crisscrossing bars. Before I could stand up one of the men grabbed me by my hair and jerked my head back. Tears started to pool in my eyes and I locked my teeth. He moved my hair out of the way and looked at my neck. "No Marks here." Then the man with the glassy eyes grabbed my wrists and sharply twisted them. The rope cutting deeper into my blood stained skin.

"None here either. There's no real point in checking, we know the slut isn't an imprint." He dropped my hand with a look of discuss.

"It's the Law. Nayen check her feet."

Nayen, the only pleasant men of the three guards, gently pushed my shoulders so I was sitting on my bottom. With soft, warm hands, he lifted my feet, one at a time. He looked at my top of my feet and around my ankles. He was so much nicer than the other man and I hoped he had a good life to return to. A wife and kids that loved him. He didn't have to be nice to me, he could hit me and make fun of me, but he didn't.

I still didn't understand what they were looking for, and I didn't know what Marks were, but I didn't ask.

"Get on our knees you piece of scum," the blue eyed man said harshly. I did as he asked, but it was difficult considering my wrists were still tied. "What is your name?"

"Bella," I said in a whisper.

His dirty hand slapped agented my check. A gasped in shock and pain.

"Your full name you disgusting excuse for a woman!"

"Isabella Marie Swan," I answered, tears falling down my face.

"Isabella Marie Swan, you have stolen a class 3 idea witch is punished by 50 whips or death, witch even comes first. You possess no marks upon your body so you are fully responsible for your crime. If there is reason why you should not be punished then speak this reason now." A silence spread through the room. "Then we shall start the punishment now."

Then Nayen gave me a rod covered in black leather. "Open your mouth; it will help to bite down on it." I did as he asked and Nayen put the rod between my teeth. It tasted bitter in my mouth but I didn't complain.

Unexpectedly, a hot burning pain hit my back. I screamed out in pain and bite the leather hard. I now understood the purposes of the rod and was grateful for it. All my life I have never felt pain like this. The constant emptiness of hunger was nothing compared to this. This was only the first whip, how would I survive the next 49. I knew the answer, I wouldn't.

Again and again the burning pain of the whip graced my back. I have already bitten into the inside of my check many times, tasting the copper like blood in my mouth. I have already stopped trying to keep my eyes open and holding the tears in. the man named Kurl brought back his whip again, but this time it missed its mark. The whip didn't hit my back but grazed my cheek. I cried out and dropped the leather. I could feel the blood running down my neck and falling to the front of my dress.

"Kurl, my good man, should we not give the girl a short break. Surely you wish for a break yourself as to wet your lips. And I myself must go to serve as a guard for the Prince's ball. The Party is already half over and I must give another guard his leave. You both will be fine without me correct?"

"Nayen, do you think we cannot handle this thing alone?" then I was kicked in the side. My knees gave out and I fell to my stomach. Finding the strength to open my eyes, I saw that the sun was well gone into the night. "But yes, we will take a break. I myself am parch, as I would guess Lakon is as well." The man with the greasy black hair nodded.

The man with the smile, Nayen, walked out of the room. I wished that I could call to him, so I could look at his smooth, kind face before I die. This man was the only source of hope in my life in this moment and he was leaving. More tears fell down my already wet face.

Think of Alice, think of Alice I said over and over. Now that Nayen was gone, I had to think of her. Since my father became ill, she has been the only light of hope in my life. No matter how hungry we were when we went to bed, no matter how bad her episodes were, she always had a positive attitude about everything in our life.

I closed my eyes and listened to the two men in the room. I started to feel light headed so it was difficult to hear, but I understood most of what they were saying. One man was talking about a prostitute he was with the night before. They were both laughing. "Kurl, me water sack is dry, let go refill them. Then we'll come back and finish off the girl."

Laughing, the man said "I'll take you up on that." Then both men left me, bleeding on the cold floor. I tried to stand up, but was only able to get on my sore knees. I tried to block out the pain, but I hurt so much. I didn't even know how many more whips I had to endure.

I lifted me head and gasped at what I saw. The metal door that held me inside this room was open. A crack of light flooded into the cold room. I wasn't trapped. I could be free.

With all my power I got one foot under me so I was only kneeling on one knee. Pain shot through my back but I didn't allow it to stop me. Using both my hands and my feet I pushed myself to full height. More pain hit me and the room spins around me. I almost fell again but I balance myself on the wall next to me. The coldness of the stone chilled me to the bone and I shivered. I waited until the room was still to take my first step. My legs felt heavy.

Slowly, step by step I made it to the metal door. I could see the light of the torches in the hallway. I knew it was foolish to run, I knew I wasn't thinking clearly, but I had to try. I promise Alice I would try.

Before I walked into the hallway I looked behind me. In the middle of the room was a pool of crimson blood. My blood. I felt my knees give out so I held the door frame for support. Come on Bella, be strong.

I looked both way and decided to go right. I walked slowly, praying to God that there was a door to the outside world. I rounded the corner then I heard voice from the corridor I can from. A male voice yelled and loud footsteps approached me. I knew it was the guards so I ran. The pain was so much worst from my body moving so quickly, but I couldn't stop. They would kill me on the stop for trying to escape. Rounding another corner, the footsteps and voice coming closer, I could hear music and laughter coming from a wooden door at the end of the hallway.

My vision became blurry as I neared the door, my only hope of escaping the men. They were so close behind me. I could feel their breath on my neck.

I couldn't open the door with my hands because they were still tied behind me so I used my shoulder to open the door. My shoulder screamed in protest as it pushed open the heavy wood door.

As the door opened I tripped over my feet and landed on the floor in the open space. I look up and saw golden eyes. They all stared down at me in confusion or bewilderment. Looking around I saw most of the people in the room were vampires. They all wore the most beautiful dresses and tunics. The music stopped and a hush surrounded the room. Then my eyes meet the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They were more of a topaz then gold and were so deep. The owner of the deep eyes had hair the color of bronze. But I couldn't see him clearly because my vision was still a blur.

A pain shot up my scalp as one of the guard grasped me by the hair. I yelped in pain. Then, all of a sudden the pressure was gone and I slumped to the floor. A pair of cold arm caught me before I hit the floor. The arms didn't touch my bloody back but held me by the shoulder blades and behind my knees. "My beautiful angel, look at me, please" a velvety voice begged in a whisper. I looked up from my knotted hair and saw a blurry mess of bronze, topaz, and pale white before the darkness overtook me.

I have had this idea in my head for the longest time and I finally found the time to write it. The next chapter will be Edwards POV. If you have any question PM me or review=) a lot of answers will be in the next chapter.