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Bella's POV

"Oh, I must order you this tea my mother drank when she was pregnant with my brother. It did wonders for his swollen feet. I can still remember before I started my Freezing stage how my father would carry her everywhere before she started drinking it. But he still carried her anyways just because he liked to spoil her." Esme gleefully said and she told me all the stories about his mother's pregnancy.

It has only been a few days since we had discovered I am with child and already the palace was in an uproar. Word was not allowed yet outside of these walls, but Edward said in one moon if everything was going well we would announce it to the kingdom.

The council were very concerned about the fate of the throne if anything happened to myself and the child. As a compromise, Emmitt would become second in line to the throne, since he is the only one of the brothers with a vampire mate, even though she is also an imprint. As the moment Edward, his father, and his brothers were meeting with the council about this matter.

Edward felt it would be a good opportunity for me to bond with Esme and get advice about being a Queen and a mother. Esme is very sweet, but it was somewhat hard to connect with someone who you have little in common with. She came from one of the riches vampire families and I came from nothing. She is a beautiful vampire and I am a normal human girl. I am only 18 and she is over 300 years old.

"It's ok Esme, I feel fine. Besides the morning sickness." I replied.

"Nonsense. It's imported from across the sea, so we should order it now so you have it later."

We were sitting in me and Edward's entertaining space on the couch together. It was strange to think that after all of these months here, this was the most time I have even spent with Edward's mother.

"So, is a vampire pregnancy different from a human one?" I asked.

"From what I know, it is almost identical to a human one. The human body can only take so much stress, so the growth of the child mirrors that of a normal baby. But once he is born, that's when things are different." She ended with a playful smile.

"I know vampire children age fast, but how fast exactly?"

"It's a little different for each child, but it takes about 7 years to reach adulthood. When they are about a year old they will look like 3 year old toddler."

"It must be hard, seeing your child grow up so quickly." Placing my palm on my abdomen.

"Yes, but normally even after the Freezing they will stay with the parents for a few decades to form social status, master their abilities, and search for an imprint or mate." Esme paused for a moment, then continued. "Bella, don't forget that your son will be in line for the throne, he will spend 100 years learning from Edward before he can take the crown. And after your son becomes king, you can still live in the palace. Carlisle's parents chose to go off to the far country like many older vampires, but you will always be welcomed."

"This is a lot to take in" I stuttered, overwhelmed by the thought of living to be over 100.

"I'm sorry if I'm stressing you dear, maybe I should leave so you can rest."

"I am tired, but I wish to ask one more thing."

"Of course."

"What if the child is not male? I know the chances are very low, but what if my baby is a girl?"

The spot between Esme's eyes crinkled as she thought. "I'm not sure. All of the kings have been chosen as male, but if the first born child was a girl… I'm not sure how the Council would react. Women are respected and can hold positions of power, but they might be against a queen ruling because of tradition. However, female born vampires are very rare, so why don't we not worry about it until we know for sure."

Esme wrapped an arm around my shoulder trying to offer my some comfort. And I guess she was right, no use stressing about the gender now.

Jacob's POV

"Enough!" I yelled over the crowd.

All of the wolves of the pack became quiet at my command. It was one of the advantages of being the Alpha. Before, my advisors were debating over the course of action the pack should take against the vampires. Once the advisors started to bicker like a group of pups, the rest of the meeting hall followed suit.

"Leah, please come up here and give a report on your findings. The Pack needs to understand all of the information before we make decisions."

She looked a little surprised, then climbed the steps onto the stage. She set her shoulders back and spoke with the confidence of an alpha.

"Hello my fellow warriors. I am Leah Clearwater, Alpha of the Blood Mission sub pack. This pack's mission is to observe the vampire royal family and to keep a peaceful distance between our two people. The next heir to the throne is Edward Cullen. By accident the Prince came into contact with a human girl who he imprinted on. We have continued to watch to see if the vampires would try to reserve their mistake by either removing Edward as the heir or by Changing the girl to a vampire, but they have done neither. Instead the prince has married the girl and claims that he will not change her. This girl makes the vampires weak and allows threats such as Aro to destroy the government again. Already there has been one assassination on the imprint. How many more will it take before they succeed and the kingdom returns to chaos? How many innocent humans will be impacted from a government over throw?"

The crowd cheered but I raised my hand in silence. "Thank you Leah," I nodded to her and she returned to her seat. "I see two options here. The first is for myself and my closes advisers and guards to go to the palace and speak with the vampires. We would demand for them to replace their heir or to Change the girl. However, with this plan we would be having bad timing. In the next few moons the throne will be transferred to Edward. We have a very short amount of time to convince them. If they do not listen to us and we decide to fight, they will already know of intentions and will have more time to prepare." I paused to allow the information to soak in. "The second option is that once Edward is crowned the king and officially breaks the treaty, we attack. It will be a total surprise and we will have a better chance of winning. Once we take down the royal family, the treaty would allow use to control the kingdom until we appoint another vampire family to rule. This way will be bloodier for both sides but we can actually become a powerful political force if we are able to influence the kingdom. We would not have to live in the shadows anymore and could explain our pack." I looked over to my advisers to see their reactions. Sam, Paul, and Quil seemed to agree with the second option while Seth and Embry seemed hesitant. "This is not an easy decision to make, and will take much careful consideration. Now I wish for everyone to think long and hard about each choice and tomorrow at sunset the pack will decide."

At this at transformed into my red, brown wolf form. Each wolf followed suit. Now the meeting hall were filled with black, brown, gray, red, tan, and white wolfs instead of men. As Alpha I was an extra foot taller than the tallest wolves. I could feel the thoughts of my pack. While nothing was decided, I could tell now that the pack was favoring the surprise attack option.

I howled and the whole pack joined in. Inside the cave the cry echoed so that everyone in the territory could hear our call. Since the end of the Black Wars, this would be the biggest moment for our pack, and I had to lead these wolves. What was to come would decide what type of Alpha I would become. I just hoped that I could make the ancestors proud.