A/N: Recalled that Alice was afraid of the dark when she was a little girl. Plus I had Alice cooped up in a small dark room. Somewhere mentioned in one of those drabbles I put up. Oh well, smut-free here so enjoy!


Alice hated the dark. The feeling of being helpless and utterly alone made her weak. She always slept with a candle on, to chase the monsters hiding in the shadows. The monsters that always lurking about; always waiting, waiting to devour innocent children. Always having nightmares when she's alone in the dark; even with Dinah and her rabbit keeping her company. Ever since she was a little girl, she had a small nightlight to keep the monsters at bay. No more bad dreams, until the fireā€¦

Since then she never lit another candle in her room.

Nightmares plague her; memories of the fire haunt her every time she closes her eyes. She refuses to light a candle, fearing for another fire to consume her. Only this time leaving her body into ash and bone. She denies herself sleep, her own self-inflicted punishment for abandoning her family. A coward's punishment, she'd rather not see the faces staring at her, accusing her for their deaths.

Unfortunately being a slave at Bumby's made the monsters seem tame compared to him. Throwing her into that room with no human contact, no light, and no sound with only the dark to keep her company. At first she thought it was a slight reprieve from having to constantly put up with his "affections." She notices just how alone she is in that small dark room. Then she lost the sense of time, not knowing how long will she stay there. Will he forget her? Leave her alone to rot in this cell with nothing but the memories to finish her off? She can't breathe, the silence is deafening. She feels the dark will take her.

She screams and she cries but her pleas fall on deaf ears. She'll behave, she promised. Just let her out, don't leave her alone. She fears being alone now more than ever. Not safe here, where's the light, oh she's sorry, so sorry, she'll be good-

Her chest constricts, she's having difficulty breathing. She's going to die here. He's forgotten her. She's going to die, alone and forgotten. Who will miss her?

She struggles to keep consciousness; will her family welcome her with open arms? Just as Alice was about to pass out; the door opens.