Alice was the complete opposite of her older sister. He would have never chosen Alice, mad as she was. They are nothing alike.

Despite having Elizabeth as his lover once, he remembers every touch, every kiss, and taste of the lovely woman he bedded. But he finds that he prefers Alice suited to his taste more so than Elizabeth.

Alice's demeanor was cold but her touches are searing hot. She leaves him begging for more when she strokes him ever so softly. She tastes of madness and sweets, a taste he craves. Her kisses were full of wickedness and temptation. He discovers how he can make her scream his name when she's under him. Having her fight him, hands desperately clawing his back, her inner walls clenching around him. He wants to dominate her fully, this feral woman. Alice loves leaving her mark on him, showing the world who he belongs to. Nail marks on his face, love bites on body, the scratches on his back permanent. In turn, he branded her with his name written on her thigh. A woman he can finally call his own. He's always surprised on how well they fit close together. She was made for him.

Alice concluded that Angus Bumby was the complete opposite of the kind doctor persona in the privacy of the bedroom. His demeanor is only warm to strangers but completely cold to her. His touches are freezing, but his touches are so cold that they burn. He tastes like poisoned wine, luscious, rich and dangerous. His kisses are full of sin and wicked promises. He chants her name like a prayer when they fuck. She discovers how much control she has over him, he's driven into madness and lust. He sought no other whenever he's with her. She bears his mark, just like he wears the scars on his back. Having him inside her is a second nature for her. She's not the Alice she used to be, she's a broken doll for a broken man.

A/N: It's doing a play on fire and ice. Bumby's all cool, calm, and collected (as expected for a doctor), Alice is fiery, passionate, and hot-headed. They're really alike and not alike in so many ways if you think about it. Both are selfish, have no real friends (most likely), can't stand people for so long, isolated, and they wear a mask to hide their true nature, and they're both insane. While Alice is more kind and caring to people who she calls friends and she possibly believes that everything is in black and white. Bumby on the other hand is the exact opposite, he probably has no concept of good and evil.

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