One would think that as men get older, they wouldn't be able to perform as they used to. At least that was what Alice was told, after hearing complaint after complaint of servicing dirty old men that could barely last for a few minutes. Well the prostitutes were wrong! Angus Bumby was certainly a dirty old man, but somehow he manages to have sex with her at least 3 times a day, every day for far longer than a scant 5 minutes. He's not even a man, he's an absolute beast. The whole world is conspiring against her. She must have done something awful in a previous life; she can't remember what she did as a child that could warrant such an awful punishment. She didn't murder her family, she couldn't save them either, she was a child then. Surely they didn't expect to have an 8 year old child to do an adult's job now did they?

Unfortunately life doesn't see it that way. What utter bullocks.

She actually envies the prostitutes prowling around the streets. At least they could pick and choose whenever they want to work, unlike poor her. She was stuck with cleaning the orphanage, help with laundry, clean the yard, tending to unruly orphans, running around for various errands and servicing the relentless brute. She can't even recall the last time she actually had a decent night's sleep. And no amount of tea or hot baths could help remove the tiredness in her bones. One of these days she'll stop being afraid of him and run off whoring herself to his competitors just to show him he can't treat her like rubbish anymore. Ok…well she wouldn't anything that drastic but, she's still her own person and she deserves to be treated as such!

Or at least get a day off to recover from his "affections." She's sick of being tired and sore. Even sitting proved to be a problematic task.

Today was even more troublesome. The selfish brute had been too rough and now she's been ordered to scrub the floors on her hands and knees. That's the last time she sings at the Mangled Mermaid for some extra pocket money. How was she supposed to know that he was there watching her strip her some of clothing off for a laugh?

She wishes she was in bed, she desperately needed sleep. Her entire body ached; she could feel his seed dripping out of her whenever she had to lean forward. Alice bites her lower lip to stop the whimpers of pain from coming out of her mouth. Bumby, the utter bastard is too busy enjoying leering at her behind. Her vision is dimming, 'rest, just for a few minutes. Sleep is good.' Too tired to fight her body's desire, Alice collapsed onto the floor.

Dr. Bumby was not amused at the scene before him. Shooing off the nosy orphans and telling them that they won't have a few therapy sessions for a while due to Alice not feeling well. At least he doesn't have to deal with his regular customers this week. Cursing at her lack of stamina, he promptly picks Alice up and carried her to the bedroom. Perhaps he was working her too hard, well no matter. He has a better use of her time. After dropping her to the bed, he quickly strips Alice's clothing. A sharp slap promptly woke Alice up. A few curses and a couple spankings later, Alice was wide awake and biting her lip to keep her mouth shut.

"It seems I've been working you too hard. You can barely do your basic duties without falling over. From now on, you're no longer going to do anymore chores to earn your keep…"

This is going to cost her. Alice just knows it; on the one hand she doesn't have to work as hard anymore. But she's been tricked before, damn him and his slippery tongue. "Does that mean I get some time to myself then?" Please let him grant her some respite, anyone up there take pity on her!

An evil smirk, "No Alice…you'll be going through some special training. We need to build up your stamina after all. I've already cancelled my appointments because of you. We're going to spend our free time in this bed. Isn't that generous of me?" Hands quickly pinned her down on the bed, grinding his hips against hers.

Alice mentally curses every single deity in her head. The whole universe is against her.

No amount of pleading and begging would make him stop his relentless assault on her bruised body. Hands, lips, and tongue massaging and teasing her privates, hips buck and her muscles clench painfully. Impaled once more, he's buried himself to the hilt. The fierce grinding of hips, fierce kisses slowly going back to the sucking on delicate skin. The exchange of bodily fluids and the cycle repeats again. It was only after sundown that he finally stopped and announced that they will continue again in the morning. Alice openly weeps at hearing the news.

Never had she thought his lust could drive her to complete exhaustion.

A/N: Well that went into an unexpected direction. Poor Alice… I really should give her a break… then I read a certain fic and just went NOPE! Bumby's going to stay as a complete bastard and that's that.