A/N: It's just another day at the home. Written as a birthday present for Kaytee.


'Another day, another nightmare.' Alice Liddell thought as she tries to escape from one very naked and very clingy Angus Bumby's clutches. Every day is the same to her. It's depressing really, how she's gotten used to it. She no longer thinks about how unfair life is for her (it's a waste of time and energy, energy she doesn't have); her body just goes on by itself regardless of what her mind's desires. 'Might as well get this over with.' She starts to tackle on her daily chores of the day.

6:30AM Suck off the bastard.

She's gotten quite good at it, the sooner he comes, the sooner she can leave. It is better that he wakes up in a good mood rather than start the morning with a large fight. She learned that the hard way when she tried sneaking out of his room. For the life of her, she can't understand how the man just knows of her leaving the bed when he's asleep.

7:00AM Shower and dress.

It's one of the few times of respite she has. She bathes more often now, wishing that the water could clean the grime he inflicts upon her. Thank God he doesn't join her today. More often than not, she feels dirtier whenever he "helps" her clean up.

8:00AM Breakfast

She doesn't eat with the other children. She eats whatever Bumby gives her. Being his lover does have some perks. Fresh fruit, pastries, freshly baked bread with jam, along with a nice cup of Earl Grey. Alice doesn't say anything about the gross inequality between him and the other children. She rather enjoyed eating real food; it was better than whatever they served in Rutledge. Plus she needs the energy to keep up with his sexual appetite. The meager amounts of food she was used to was no longer any appetizing.

9:00-11:00AM Daily Chores

Laundry, cleaning, the usual drudgery she was used to. Before she hated doing them; now she loves the repetitive and dull work. At least it gives her something to think about other than him. The children are still cruel as ever but she doesn't mind. At one time, she would have argued and fought back. Now she just takes their insults, cherishing their last bits of free will. She pities their eventual fate.

12:00PM Nooner

She claws the desk as she feels him thrust in a particular spot. Bent over on his desk, Dr. Bumby isn't wasting anytime pounding her. She tried to not enjoy it, she really did. She hates her body for betraying her. Damn human desire to copulate. And damn Bumby for making her beg for her release; making her come so hard that she sees stars. She winces as his hands gripped her hips hard as he reaches towards completion. Hot sticky fluids shoot up inside her innermost walls. Dr. Bumby never wanted to make a mess on his desk, but it was perfectly alright for him to make a mess of her. Having his seed dripping between her legs, having to feel him whenever she walks. She prays she never gets pregnant with his spawn.

12:30PM Lunch

At least she gets to eat alone at lunch. Dr. Bumby would leave her alone with her meal as he washes up. Said he didn't want to be filthy whenever he eats. No amount of cleaning would wipe him off the face of the planet. Still she's grateful for the merciful silence.

1:30PM Bathe

She sighs as the hot water relaxes her very sore muscles. Once more she curses the large inequality gap between the two of them. Communal bathing with tepid water, with no sense of privacy. The invention of a bath never ceases to amaze her. To soothe soreness and to wash away the grime. She'll never take it for granted ever again. She'll have to thank the Romans for that.

2:00-3:00PM Go to Market

She ignores the prostitutes' jeers as she tries to collect whatever Dr. Bumby asked for her: medicine, bandages, and the occasional foodstuffs. Sometimes she has extra time to purchase a pastry from the brothel matron's café. She insists on paying but the matron never accepted the money. Instead the matron keeps it in a small box for her to use in case she does run away. Ingenious really, Dr. Bumby would never find out about where her meager allowance went and she would have a small amount of money on hand if she manages to escape. She avoids men in general; she thinks they're all the same as him. Their disgusting leers, their disguised hideousness, and their presumed superiority. Once a while; she meets someone who insists on wooing her. She tries to avoid them, fearing for their lives. She never wanted them to suffer the same fate as…she can't bear to think about him anymore.

3:00-5:00PM More Chores

The children are intent on leaving a bigger mess for her to clean ever since they found out that she gets to spend more time with the doctor more often than they do. Walls covered in paint, toys scattered about, the screaming and crying of children. Dr. Bumby, the useless bastard thinks it's funny. She sighs and gets a bucket and sponge. She's never having children…

5:00PM Tea

She misses the Hatter's tea parties…well before he went mad. She misses all her friends, but Wonderland isn't an option for her. She suspects Dr. Bumby is doing this to punish her for the tea incident. Tea time with him is usually a silent affair with the exception of him interrogating her where she went and what she did for the day. She takes a sip of tea, it's gone cold.

6:00PM Gather the children to eat

The way the children eat, she wonders, is really no different than a pack of wolves. Grabbing whatever they can find, snarling at each other, gorging themselves silly. She congratulates herself for persuading Dr. Bumby to give them other than whatever they used to serve. Granted she had used her body and threatened to whore herself to Jack Splatter. But at least the children can enjoy perhaps one good meal before they leave. It's the least she can do since she now eats far better than they do. Though she wishes Dr. Bumby could have at least given them some manners before he turns them into mindless drones. She's getting tired of the mess they leave behind. Pack of wolves indeed…

7:00PM Cleaning up the mess

She curses Ollie for starting the food fight. The little bastard. At least she doesn't have to wash the dishes. The cook took pity on her, for once.

8:00PM Dinner

When she was a child, she would often pitch a fit whenever she had to eat something she didn't like. More than half the time, she would often waste food. Then there was Rutledge with their inedible concoctions. Always starving, she dreamed of eating decent food for 10 years. Houndstitch, it was nothing but thin gruel. Now looking back, she realized that she was one spoiled little brat back then. Dr. Bumby serves her food that reminded her of her childhood dinners. Succulent roasts, white bread, fresh vegetables, dessert. She always polishes off her plate. She feels guilty for eating it, but it's been so long since she has gotten something so normal.

9:00 Bedtime

All the children have gone to bed. She wears one of the indecent nightgowns Bumby has bought for her. It doesn't matter what she wears, he's going to tear it to shreds soon. She was right. At least he tries to make the experience pleasurable for her as well. She will never admit it, at least to him. She enjoyed trying new positions whenever he feels adventurous. She understands why sex is hugely frowned upon. It feels so good, it's sinful. People would want to have it every day, nothing would get done. The urge is great; it consumes your entire being. That is why London has such a large glut of prostitutes roaming the streets; to provide a service to people with their voracious appetites. Her mind goes blank as Bumby touches a bundle of nerves that makes her melt. Hours passed as the lovers collapsed from exhaustion. Alice spoons herself against Dr. Bumby; his arm wrapped around her waist. She drifts off to sleep as another day has ended, just another routine at home.