Prompt: Winter Winds

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They got married in late spring. It was beautiful weather; warm, not hot or chilly, sun bright, breeze gentle. There was the slight crashing of waves as a backdrop to their wedding vows, a soothing, comforting sound they both loved.

It was the best day of Shawn's life, hands down.

Juliet was stunning in white, Shawn dashing in his tux, if he said so himself (and he did).

Six months later, it was no longer the best day.

There was silence following her announcement. Stunned disbelief. The tears caught him by surprise, and he blinked rapidly to clear his eyes.

The bright sun of their wedding was now the muted light of winter, the gentle breeze of spring now the harsher, colder winter gusts that had always sounded lonely and forlorn to him. The sound provided a stark backdrop to her words, the rattle of the winter winds so different from the swaying, balmy whispers of early summer, and he took a deep breath.

The smile he next gave came unbidden, no thought behind the reaction to her words; just joy. Joy and love and excitement and peaceā€¦

"I'm going to be a father," he whispered.