SUPER late E/O Challenge: Remote

Word Count: 100

Summary: Sam observes Bobby's house. Spoilers for 7X10 Death's Door.

This takes place at the house that Bobby stays at after his own house is burned to the ground, Mmk?(:

Bobby's cabin is… different.

It's remote. There's dust settling on the furniture, and what little food is in the refrigerator has gone bad or is covered in a fine layer of mold.

The remote to the T.V. is settled on the arm rest of the couch, where it had last been left. Not that anyone could have moved it, but, you know…

Sam swivels around where he stands and takes it all in. It reminds him of the elder hunter's tragic death all over again, and he hates it. He sits down on the dusty couch and remembers.

And sobs.

Reviews? Love you all (: