This is a coauthored project between two authors: Kittenn1011 of and Allysen of Deviantart. We are real-life friends— yes, we're as shocked as you are that those exist— so do not worry about how that will affect the plot. We actually talk in person about it, so we won't lose it because there's two of us.

Allysen: If you haven't read My Immortal already, you might want to do so to enjoy this properly. We recommend you read it in parallel to this fanfic. We'll have the chapters we use cited at the beginning so you can know how far you'll need to read to understand up to the chapter. There are a couple missing chapters that we could not actually show in a protagonist's point of view, so you'll have to read those on your own time. We'll announce when we skip a chapter.

Kittenn1011: I apologize for the presence of a semi-"original character" in the inner circle of protagonists, but if you've actually read My Immortal, you know why it's necessary. Brittany is said to be Ebony's worst enemy, so we, of course, have to include her, despite her being one of Tara's OC. Think of her as a reader insert. Now you can defeat Ebony Dark-apostrophe-ness Dementia-causing Raven Way. Isn't that a dream come true?

Of Mary Sues and Mind Slavery

A dark force is working within Hogwarts in the form of a deluded teenage vampire. Now it's up to the most mismatched group in Hogwarts history to save it. This is the real story of My Immortal.

My Immortal Chapters One and Two.

Chapter One: Her Name's too Long to Use as a Title

Brittany's POV

There was something off at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Not that it surprised anybody: The Dark Lord had returned while Harry Potter, the chaos magnet, attended the school; for the first time in two hundred years, the school played host to a transfer student; and first the first time ever, a student had actually failed every single class in her sixth year and the teachers forcibly held her back to take them all again. It was a year of firsts.

Brittany missed everything about Salem Witches' Academy. She missed the campus, the ability to go home on weekends, the variety of people, the lack of 'house divisions', and (most of all) she missed the sanity of the students. Moving to Europe, she decided, was the worst decision my parents have ever made.

The school had seemed to be a normal, stable environment, at first. The students were welcoming enough, though suspicious because of the return of Lord Voldemort, The famous Harry Potter and his friends attempted to avoid her in case she might be working for him— not that she blamed him. If Voldemort was her worst enemy, she would be suspicious of anyone who appeared randomly, too. It was in her best interest to simply show no interest in the Boy-Who-Lived, lest people attack her in the hall for showing him too much attention.

She moved through the motions of school with a handful of people she could almost call friends. Lavender and Parvati were pleasant company. They reminded her vaguely of her best friends back home, whom she missed dearly. Brittany found Hogwarts not much different from her previous magical school, content enough for such a change in her life.

But then, things started to change.

The first time Brittany realized something strange had happened was when she walked down into the Gryffindor Common Room and found Harry Potter had spiked his so-called uncontrollable hair and streaked it in red. At first, she assumed he had lost a bet or someone had pranked him in his sleep. Everyone's lack of reaction concerned her more. Nobody laughed, and a few even made approving comments. In Brittany's opinion, no guy in their right mind could call that hairdo, "Hawt.," Except, apparently, Ron Weasley could. Then again, she could not claim that Ron was in his right mind at the time— the next day she found Ron had also streaked his hair. His, in blue. At least he dyed it black first; the only thing less tasteful than tacky blue streaks had to be tacky blue streaks in ginger hair. Hermione followed them on the path to insanity next, dying her hair black and beginning to grow it out at an unnatural pace.

Lots of strange changes continued to happen, but she drew the line on a dark, cloudy day in November. Heavy sleet fell from the sky, drenching Brittany's Gryffindor uniform as the Slytherin and Gryffindor sixth years walked back to the castle from the greenhouses. She ran into Draco Malfoy, and then he apologized to her. She couldn't claim to know much about Draco Malfoy, but she knew enough that it left her completely dumbfounded.

Before she could formulate a response, Malfoy had walked away and hurried towards a Slytherin girl dressed in a non-uniform, disgusting muggle outfit. For the first time that day, Brittany caught sight of Ebony's makeup. Like always, she had covered her face as like a member of KISS. In the terrible weather, what had once been a bad imitation of stage makeup looked like a runny mess; no wonder people stared. Ever the clever wit, Ebony put up her middle finger in the direction of the Gryffindors.

"Hey Ebony!" Draco shouted.

She looked at him and stared blankly at him for a moment before asking, "What's up, Draco?"

"Nothing," he replied, his voice shy, like a self-conscious teenage girl having the first conversation with the guy she likes.

Odd, thought Brittany.

She had met Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way once before, and the moment she introduced herself, Ebony immediately began calling her a "prep". Whenever they passed in the hallways, Ebony would obnoxiously try to catch her attention and then flip her off. (These exchanges tended to feature loud yelling of Brittany's name by Ebony until she looked over and then ensued such obnoxious swearing that Brittany began to suspect the girl had Tourette's Syndrome.) The odd-looking girl never came off to her as somebody a guy could possibly like. Any guy at all— let alone the aloof Draco Malfoy.

A Slytherin girl called Ebony's name and, anticlimactically, she walked away. How boring, Brittany thought. She had been hoping to see an exchange with more than three sentences, and maybe a couple of rude gestures on Draco's part and a rejection of Ebony.

That moment was the first time Brittany connected the transformations of everyone to Ebony.

By the next morning, Brittany had almost forgotten about the strange incident. At least, until Ebony entered the Great Hall yelling, "No I so fucking don't!" She paused, and stared at an empty space.

Seriously, thought Brittany, can she be more obnoxious? There are people around who can here you shouting at your imaginary friend. Frankly, she held no interest in what Ebony wanted to tell 'Willow', whom likely existed as a figment of her warped imagination. Nobody ever saw Willow except Ebony herself; most of the school had become accustomed to the minor hallucination; older students instructed first years to ignore it.

Before Brittany could turn her attention back to her breakfast, she noticed Draco approaching Ebony and decided to first watch the train-wreck that would ensue. "Hi," said Draco.

"Hi," she replied, her voice rising about two octaves as she pulled a strand of hair out of her messy attempt at a bun and twirled it around her finger.

"Guess what," he replied.

"What?" asked Ebony.

Are they going to ever have a conversation with full sentences? Brittany wondered. Eavesdropping is only fun when something private— and interesting— is going on. Then again, can this even be eavesdropping with the volume of that conversation?

Uninterested, she turned back to the Gryffindor table and spared a glance a few seats down to Harry Potter and his entourage, all dressed in clothing just as muggle and unorthodox as Ebony's. Where could they even buy that type of thing around Hogwarts? She rolled her eyes and continued to eat her breakfast.

"Well, Good Charlotte are having a concert in Hogsmeade," Draco said, loudly enough for Brittany to hear him despite her lack of interest in the conversation. Brittany turned and gaped, unable to formulate a complete thought on the idea.

"Oh. My. Fucking. God," Ebony screamed. Most of the students in the hall cringed at the sound, and Brittany had to cover her ears to block out the frightening screech. She did not know if she should compare the sound to a banshee or the mermish language.

"Well," said Draco, pausing for dramatic effect and failing to deliver any real climactic feeling. "Do you want to go with me?"

Ebony gasped loudly, then turned and walked away.

Brittany stared blankly. "What just happened," she wondered out loud. After all, she knew Good Charlotte was an American, muggle band; they should have nothing to do with Hogsmeade at all. As well, as far as she knew, on Hogsmeade weekends, students needed to be back by dinnertime. On top of that, there was not even a Hogsmeade weekend in the foreseeable future.

Were they sneaking out?

A wicked smile crossed Brittany's face. As far as she knew, nobody had ever been caught sneaking out of Hogwarts; it could possibly be the worst crime the idiotic Slytherin girl could commit. If Brittany played her cards right, Ebony could get expelled.

And that would make her life— and probably the lives of everyone else in the castle— a whole lot less painful.