Author's Note: It's been a while since I've posted anything, and in celebration of the new EPIC chapter of Oga beating that new guys' ass, I wrote this :D It's set right before Oga and what's-his-face's fight, so it's when Himekawa, Aoi, Kanzaki, and Toujo are walking on the beach toward the meeting place. It's sort of a reflection piece for the four strongest teens in Ishiyama. Enjoy, reviews and faves are greatly appreciated sorry for any gramma/spelling mistakes.

Rating: K+

Warning: Some minor language and some slight OOC.

Disclaimer: I don't own Beelzebub, but I love it :D

Summary: They'd never seen Oga angry, had never seen his true wrath, and they never wanted to.


Himekawa raised an eyebrow expectantly at Kanzaki, his sometimes ally and sometimes enemy, but when nothing further was offered, he bristled, "What?"

Aoi didn't turn her head, keeping her eyes in front as the group drew closer to the two teens in the distance with the wind whipping her hair, but she was listening. Her mind was somewhere else, vaguely aware of how strange their little group must've seemed – four of the strongest teenagers in Ishiyama walking on the beach at sunset, how laughable. Toujo was in his own little world even as the small exchange flitted through his mind, but there was a spark of excitement for a fight that might or might not come as they drew closer to their destination.

Kanzaki slid his hands into his pockets and balled them into fists, but his half-formed thoughts kept him from grimacing from the cold wind that nipped at his face or the smell of salt and fresh air, "Have any of you ever seen that bastard get angry?" His voice was gruff, tired, but his eyes shifted to the side to gauge their expressions. "Not irritated or mad…but seriously about to kill someone angry?"

There was no question of who 'the bastard' was, but it drew Toujo's attention all the same, and a slow, predatory grin spread across his face at the prospect even as his gut churned uneasily. "Not me."

Aoi's indifferent, almost bored, expression never changed, but the way she drew her coat tighter around herself said enough. "No."

Himekawa opened his mouth to call him an idiot or say something equally demeaning but, when the question registered in his mind, it closed. Curiosity lit his eyes but his three companions couldn't see it with the rising sun reflecting off his glasses. It was an interesting concept, but one that he would not be willing to pursue. "Nope."

All eyes shifted almost unanimously to the topic of their silent discussion, bored and idly watching the waves while the strange baby clung to him, and one thought rang through their minds simultaneously.

And I never want to.

Author's Note: Well, there you go :D Hope you guys liked it! WE NEED MORE BEELZEBUB FANFICS! WOO I LOVE OGA! 3